Unforgettable Memories Await: Stay At Charming Cappadocia Hotels

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Being one of the most popular destinations in Turkey, Cappadocia attracts tourists from all around the World. Its significance is apparent in unique landscapes, exceptional rocks, cave dwellings and historical cities built underground. Therefore, Cappadocia hotels offer a unique experience.

Years of volcanic movement and erosion resulted in the Cappadocia’s particularly marvelous topography, which is hard to see elsewhere. Ash, lava and basalt mix together through the effect of water and wind, and that is how fairy chimneys took their incredible form.

Wandering in underground cities is such a phenomenal activity in Cappadocia. The early Christians carved the ancient below-ground complexes into the volcanic rock. Derinkuyu is the most known of these old underground cities. Its labyrinthine tunnels and airing cylinders are exceptionally worth-seeing.


Another highlight of Cappadocia is its rock-cut churches and monasteries. The region’s history is intertwined with the early Christianism, and many churches were carved into the cliffs during the Byzantine period. Such churches often include well-protected frescoes and sophisticated ornaments which give a glimpse into the religious and artistic customs of the time.

Cappadocia is also known for its hot air balloon rides that provide stunning landscape views from above. The sight of colourful balloons floating over the fairy chimneys at sunrise or sunset is a thrilling image associated with the region.

Aside from its natural and historical appeal, Cappadocia is home to several glamorous towns and villages, such as Göreme, Ürgüp and Uçhisar. These neighbourhoods are full of traditional cave houses, boutique hotels, handicraft shops and local restaurants.

Accommodation plays a crucial role in elevating your trip to the next level. So, do not finalize your trip plan before reviewing our detailed best hotel recommendations below.

Tips for a Memorable Stay in Cappadocia

Here is our must-try list that makes you stay unforgettable in Cappadocia.

  • Definitely take a hot air balloon ride and plan earlier.
  • Wander around the valley and see unique rocks. Rose Valley, Love Valley and Pigeon Valley are the most popular ones you should see. Wear comfortable shoes and take your camera with you to take snapshots of panoramic views.
  • Explore the Göreme Open-Air Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Astonishing ancient churches and monasteries whose history lies beyond the Byzantine era will amaze you.
  • Make sure you see underground cities. Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı are the most famous ancient underground cities. Wander there with the guided tour to learn more about their unique history.
  • Enjoy the sunset and sunrise. No need to mention it further, but Cappadocia’s landscape is one of the best views. Get your lovely dress and favourite drink, and take your best photos.

Cappadocia Cave Hotels

Museum Hotel

Museum Hotel Capadoccia

Photo Credit: @museumhotel

Located in Uchisar, Museum Hotel attracts travellers with its deluxe cave suites, whose antique appliances and décor are exceptionally fascinating. The hotel is notable for its comprehensive collection of Anatolian artefacts and art exhibited throughout the complex. You can enjoy all-encompassing views of the surrounding valleys and hot air balloons from the hotel’s terraces and outdoor pool. You may even find fire place in some of the rooms though such rooms cost a bit higher than usual. During your high-quality stay, consider visiting Zehve Open Air Museum and El Nazar Church which are near to your accommodation.

More Information

Website: View
Phone: +90 384 219 22 20
Location: View

Gamirasu Cave Hotel

gamirasu hotel

Photo Credit: @gamirasuhotel

Situated in Ayvalı Village, Gamirasu Cave Hotel appeals to guests with its ancient cave dwellings. The rooms are beautifully designed, mixing modern well-being with traditional cave architecture. The hotel presents an elegant courtyard, a swimming pool, and an on-site restaurant where you can taste the best local cuisine dishes. The staff can also direct you to attend exceptional activities such as yoga and massage therapy, Sufi Sama performance that signals a long-living cultural and spiritual practice, and agricultural activites such as home-made wine making, cooking grape jam and baking bread in traditional manners.

More Information

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Phone: +90 384 354 58 15
Location: View

Sultan Cave Suites

sultan cave suite

Photo Credit: @sultancavesuites

In the centre of Göreme, Sultan Cave Studies provides cushy cave rooms and suits with verdant charm. The hotel’s terrace offers astonishing views of the Göreme landscape, including the infamous fairy chimneys. You can enjoy a buffet breakfast and relax in the outdoor hot tub while relishing the scenic surroundings. But there are more you can find in Sultan Cave Suites. For instance, you can attend the local cuisine workshop in Kings Valley or get a jeep and enjoy safari tour. Or you may ride horse in such exceptional surrounding.

More Information

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Phone: +90 384 271 30 23
Location: View

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

kelebek hotel

Photo Credit: @kelebekhotel

Located in the village of Göreme, Kelebek Special Cave Hotel provides a range of cave rooms and suites. Some rooms are carved by the Christians who escape from the Byzantines in the 8th century Each of them is uniquely furnished with traditional Turkish motifs. The hotel offers beautiful gardens, a terrace with panoramic views, and a cave restaurant serving local and international cuisine. Kelebek Special Cave Hotel is known for its warm hospitality and personalized service. You’d also be pleased by the traditional Turkish bath in the complex.

More Information

Website: View
Phone: +90 384 271 25 31
Location: View

Kayakapı Premium Caves

kaya kapı hotel

Photo Credit: @kayakapi

Located in Urgup, Kayakapı Premium Caves is a luxury cave hotel set within a historic neighbourhood. The hotel offers spacious cave rooms and suites featuring modern amenities and stylish décor. You will appreciate the hotel’s swimming pools, spa center, and panoramic terraces overlooking the charming Cappadocia landscape. Kayakapı Premium Caves is awarded many times by the Traveller’s Choice Awards throughout years. So be sure you will meet the high-quality service and do not hesitate book your stay. Moreover, you can explore Cappadocia while riding ATV and feel adventurous.

More Information

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Phone: +90 384 341 88 77
Location: View

Boutique Hotels with Historical Flair

Argos in Cappadocia


Photo Credit: @argos

In Uchisar, Argos in Cappadocia is a famed historical hotel that combines ancient cave dwellings with a contemporary hotel experience. The hotel is set within the ruins of an old monastery. It offers a range of rooms and suites, each individually designed with traditional Turkish interior design. Argos in Cappadocia also has an underground labyrinth, a wine cellar, a restaurant, and a terrace with panoramic views of the surrounding valleys. You can also attend moonlight walks with the team, or visit the local cuisines in the company of guides.

More Information

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Phone: +90 384 219 31 30
Location: View

Esbelli Evi Cave Hotel


Photo Credit: @esbelli

Situated in Urgup, Esbelli Evi Cave Hotel is one of the oldest cave hotels in Cappadocia. The hotel includes a collection of historic stone houses and cave dwellings, carefully restored for guests to enjoy comfortable accommodations. The rooms are uniquely decorated with antique furnishings, and the hotel’s courtyard offers a peaceful atmosphere. Esbelli Evi Cave Hotel provides a glimpse into the region’s architectural heritage and offers a smooth and authentic Cappadocian experience. If history is an indispensable part of your stay, then you should book your rooms from Esbelli Evi.

More Information

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Phone: +90 384 341 33 95
Location: View

Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel

yunak cappadocia

Photo Credit: @yunak

Located in Urgup, Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel is an alluring boutique hotel that offers a glimpse into Cappadocia’s historic and natural beauty. The hotel includes several restored cave houses and ancient rooms, blending ancestral architecture with modern luxuries. Each room is exquisitely decorated, and the hotel has an enchanting terrace with panoramic scenes. You will also be amazed by the large pool surrounded by historic walls. Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel provides a warm and historical setting so that you engage in the region’s exclusive cultural heritage. Last but not least, they also direct you for various exceptional activities such as trekking, sufi performances, and hot air balloon rides.

More Information

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Phone: +90 384 341 69 20
Location: View

Budget-Friendly Accommodation Options

Heybe Hotel

heybe hotel

Photo Credit: @heybehotel

Located in the heart of Goreme, Heybe Hotel is a budget-friendly alternative hotel with cosy rooms and a hospitable atmosphere. The hotel has satisfying rooms with simple décor and modern facilities. You can have a complimentary breakfast served daily and make use of the hotel’s terrace, whose views of the surrounding fairy chimneys is fascinating to any eye. Heybe Hotel provides excellent value for money and is within walking distance of many attractions, restaurants and shops in Goreme. Lastly, you can also get traditional Turkish bath in hotel.

More Information

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Phone: +90 384 271 30 80
Location: View

Antique Terrace Suites

Situated in Göreme, Antique Terrace Suites is another budget-friendly hotel with comfortable accommodations and a friendly ambience. The hotel features well-appointed rooms with traditional Turkish décor and modern amenities. Guests can enjoy a breakfast buffet and relax on the hotel’s rooftop terrace, in which panoramic views of the Cappadocia landscape are amazing. The hotel’s central location is another pro, so you may easily find local transportation and explore nearby charming places. You can experience so much ranging from hot air balloon rides to trekking while staying in clean rooms for a fair price.

More Information

Website: View
Phone: +90 551 645 90 90
Location: View

How to get there?

There are multiple routes to Cappadocia. They depend on your starting points and the choice of transportation. To get to Cappadocia by air, you should check the available flights to Kayseri Erkilet Airport (ASR) and Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport (NAV). You can get there from Turkey’s major cities if you choose a bus. It typically lasts 10-12 hours from İstanbul and 4-5 hours from Ankara. You can also rent a car in such major cities and drive by.



How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in Cappadocia?

The cost depends on several factors, including the location, the kind of accommodation, the level of luxury you desire, and the season. Typically, Cappadocia provides a range of accommodations for various budgets, from budget-friendly to high-end luxurious ones. Most budget-friendly ones may start as low as 30 to 50 US dollars per night for a standard room. You may access basic amenities in such spaces but do not expect outstanding features. For a standard room, mid-range accommodations in Cappadocia typically range from 70 to 150 US dollars per night. Additional amenities such as complimentary breakfast service, free Wi-Fi, and pools can be found there. Luxury hotels, on the other hand, are mostly cave resorts, and prices range from 200 to 1000 US dollars per night. Of course, it depends on the level of luxury and exclusivity. You can find spacious and designed cave suites, excellent facilities such as spa centres, top-quality restaurants, and astonishing views of the Cappadocia landscape. Lastly, the season is an essential factor when it comes to pricing. The period between April and October, when the weather is more excellent and suitable for hot air balloon rides, is known as the tourist season. So the prices may be relatively higher. In parallel, you may stay for a fair price during the off-season. How many days in Cappadocia is enough? The answer depends on your wishes, the activities you want to experience, and your schedule. Yet most tourists spend 2 to 4 days in Cappadocia to engage in recommended popular activities such as exploring the ancient underground cities such as Derinkuyu, hot air balloon rides, and local shopping.

Which area is best in Cappadocia?

It is hard to answer because Cappadocia has distinct and fascinating settlements where each attracts tourists. However, let us give some basics of the well-known and high-demand sites. Göreme is known as a central hub in Cappadocia. Astonishing landscape with bizarre rocks and iconic fairy chimneys make Göreme a must-see destination. Göreme Open-Air Museum is also another fantastic place. Generally, you can find many accommodations, restaurants, shops and tour activities in Göreme. Uchisar is a charming village famous for its imposing rock castle that delivers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. It’s a quieter area compared to Göreme. Urgup is instead a more significant site in Cappadocia and a widespread settlement if you want to explore the region. Historic mansions and Temenni Hill are famous in Urgup. Avanos, located on the banks of the Kızılırmak River, is renowned for its pottery-making custom. Travellers can see demonstrations by local craftsmen and even try making their own pottery. Avanos also has a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere than Göreme and Ürgüp.

Is it better to stay in Goreme or Uchisar?

To decide depends on your preferences and the experiences you want to engage in during your stay. Suppose you are looking for a central location, a wide range of accommodations, services, restaurants, tours, bars, nightlife etc. In that case, Göreme is the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you wish for a quieter atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy the outstanding landscape in a chill mood, then Uchisar seems the proper settlement.

Which month is best in Cappadocia?

In truth, Cappadocia is a must-experience destination in all seasons. So, the best month to explore Cappadocia depends on your desired activities. Spring season is generally between April and June. The weather gets warmer, and nature shows its beauty with flowers blooming. Temperature is neither cold nor hot to be disturbed. Wandering in the valleys, hiking, and hot air balloon rides are better in spring. The day temperature is higher in the summer, starting from July to August, and the region is more crowded than usual. In Autumn, you can still experience outdoor activities while the heating begins slowly. In winter, sharing outside is more challenging, but the view is still astonishing with the snowfall.
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