Honeymoon in Istanbul: A Romantic Escape

What do you think about Istanbul as a honeymoon destination? Istanbul is waiting for you for a wonderful honeymoon intertwined with history and romance. If you are wondering about the honeymoon packages in Istanbul, be sure to check this list out!

1. When is the best time to visit Istanbul?

Best time to visit istanbul, Kız Kulesi

For Istanbul Türkiye honeymoon packages, you can come here every month of the year. However, September – November or April – June are the best times if you do not want the weather to be too cold or hot. There are many treasures to visit in the city, full of magnificent churches, centuries-old mosques and elegant restaurants. Istanbul unites two continents and the magic of the city connects everyone in a timeless manner.

In spring the entire coastal landscape becomes pink due to judas trees. You can see tulips everywhere because the tulip festival starts in Istanbul this season. Children welcome the spring running around the beach with kites in their hands. Cats all over Istanbul begin to stroll down the street with their kittens. If you come in the spring, a colorful city welcomes you.

Nightclubs organize spring parties. Restaurants call their customers by putting tables and chairs in front of their doors after the cold winter days. The best thing to do in Istanbul in spring is to watch the cheerful people on the streets full of florists, to get on the ferry to the city lines and throw bagels at the seagulls while making your journey across the continents or to have a picnic in the parks right next to the beach and enjoy the fresh air.

If you come in the autumn, romantic walks in the parks, cafés where you can escape from the rain, nice meals to enjoy while watching the unique view of the Bosphorus will be the little surprises of the city. In Istanbul, activities for couples do not have an end!

Istanbul is also ideal for summer lovers. Let’s say that your honeymoon is in summer and you came to Istanbul. Touring in the city is nice but you want to swim. Very easy! Go to the Princes’ Islands from the pier with the city line ferry.

If you want to have fun in the choppy waters of the Black Sea, go a little out of town to Kilyos. You can also join all day and night parties on the beaches of Kilyos. For lovebirds who prefer not to swim in the summer, we also recommend the Bosphorus tours by ferry.

Kartepe will be waiting for you when you come to Istanbul in winter. After visiting the historical and touristic places of the city, you can go to Kartepe on the Anatolian side to do snow sports, play snowballs or make snowmen.

Whenever you come to Istanbul, don’t go without watching Kızkulesi (Maiden’s Tower) at sunset. Maiden’s Tower whispers completely different secrets to newly-married couples watching it at sunset.

Whenever you come, you can be sure to carry many good memories in your luggage on the way home. In short, honeymoon hotels in Istanbul offer many opportunities for newly married couples who want to have a pleasant time.

2. Which are the best hotels in Istanbul for your honeymoon?

Sunset istanbul

If you come to Istanbul for your honeymoon, you should prefer the hotels in Sultanahmet or the old city especially to visit historical places.

Some of the romantic hotels to stay in Sultanahmet are Alzer Hotel, Ottoman Hotel Imperial, Sultanahmet Palace Hotel, Dosso Dossi Downtown. There are many romantic hotels for those who want to stay elsewhere in the city: The House Hotel Karakoy, The Grand Tarabya, Divan Istanbul, Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamis Marina Hotel, Daru Sultan Galata, Radisson Blu Sisli, Ciragan Palace Kempinski.

Every morning, you will open your curtains to the centuries-old buildings and magnificent views of Istanbul, and you will sip your drink every night with a brilliant view. If you wish, you will start your day energetically with health therapies and you will have romantic moments in the pool. Dear lovebirds, it’s all for you!

3. Hotel information and suggested activities

Princes Islands' house

Here we have compiled information about some best hotels in Istanbul for your honeymoon. You can also find suggested activities from our locals for you to have great memories from your honeymoon in Istanbul. If you want to search in detail, you can look at our other articles.

1. Alzer Hotel

Alzer Hotel
Alzer Hotel is located in a place where you can easily visit the whole old city. It is a friendly hotel just across the Blue Mosque. In Muslim countries, the call to prayer can be heard from mosques at various times of the day. It is possible to listen to the call to prayer very closely at the Alzer Hotel.

More Information

Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0212) 516 62 62
Foursquare: View

Suggested activities

  • You can reach Hagia Sophia and Topkapı on foot very quickly.
  • It is charming to watch the sunset from the terrace of the hotel, which has a honeymoon suite.

2. The House Hotel Karakoy

The House Hotel Karakoy

All the comments about the hotel are superb. The hotel, which has a historical structure, has been restored in harmony with today’s technology, but the original structure stands. Very nice rooms for a honeymoon. It is definitely one of the most romantic hotels in Istanbul.

More Information

Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0212) 244 64 34
Foursquare: View

Suggested activities

  • If you want to explore the bohemian life of Pera, Galata and Sultanahmet, The House Hotel is in the middle of this area.
  • You can relax and unwind in the hotel’s fully equipped spa.

3. Grand Tarabya Hotel

Grand Tarabya Hotel

If you are looking for a luxurious hotel away from the crowds of the city, The Grand Tarabya is for you. The view across the Bosphorus is incredible.

The people of Istanbul love the bars of the Tarabya Hotel. It is very nice to drink something while watching the sea view, especially in winter.

More Information

Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0212) 363 33 00
Foursquare: View

Suggested activities

  • From Tarabya Hotel you can go to Emirgan and have breakfast or brunch.
  • Or you can go to Sarıyer and try fish in a tavern by the sea.

4. Ciragan Palace Kempinski

Ciragan Palace Kempinski

Ciragan Palace is the only palace and hotel located on the Bosphorus, whose history dates back to the Ottoman Empire. Without a doubt, it is one of the best hotels to stay for your honeymoon in Istanbul.

Ciragan Palace has the luxury and charm of a real Ottoman palace. Here you will feel like a real sultan. The hotel has 20 suites. The historic palace section has 11 suites.

More Information

Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0212) 326 46 46
Foursquare: View

Suggested activities

  • You can taste Ottoman and Turkish cuisine in the restaurants.
  • Ciragan Palace is very close to Dolmabahce Palace.

Istanbul honeymoon packages are the most important services of the hotels. If you are coming to Istanbul, you should say that you are coming especially for your honeymoon. So you will be greeted with many surprises and gifts.

Istanbul honeymoon destination changes completely depending on how you want to spend a honeymoon. If you tell your dream honeymoon in Istanbul, our professional Tripster team will find it for you from within various plans designed by locals.

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