Amusement Parks in Istanbul

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Everyone loves amusement parks! They reveal the true childish part of us, which we look forward to a lot when we grow old. Thus it is not only a fun event yet also a way to connect to ourselves. You can also check our post on family activities in Istanbul to discover more!

If you want to have this adventure therapy in Istanbul, we have good news. With its unique and varied range of parks, Istanbul is the number one choice for amusement parks. We created an Istanbul amusement park list for you in this blog. Let’s see amusement parks in Istanbul!

1. Moi Park

MOI Park is one of the theme parks in Istanbul. It is found inside the Mall of Istanbul (MOI) which gave it its name. MOI lies in Başaksehir, known as the entrance to the lively part of Istanbul.

This 4-star establishment offers a small roller coaster, Çuf Çuf, which is suitable for young children, and a parkour course called Kahkaha Geçidi where they can run and jump to their hearts’ content.

Adults can experience a huge roller coaster which takes you around the whole park, and of course, a haunted hotel full of gothic decor and terrifying live actors hiding somewhere inside waiting to scare you. You’ll need an MOI Fun Card which you can pick up for free and then add credit to.

More Information

Open Hours: 12 am to 10 pm
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0212) 801 10 60


2. Vialand

Vialand, the first-ever 4-star theme park in Istanbul and in Türkiye. It is located in Eyüp, Istanbul. The park is huge and hosts a street called Once Upon A Time in Istanbul showing Istanbul in the 80’s and 90’s, which you can enjoy while sipping Turkish coffee.

The apple of Vialand Theme Park’s eye, Jungle Park, offers a terrific tunnel surrounded by exotic animals called Zindan, and a safari. Check out shopping places in Istanbul to see what Vialand offers more!

At the entrance to the park, you’ll find a castle where the little ones can have an adventure and let their imaginations run wild! And of course, there are great rides such as Nefeskesen for adults and the mighty King Kong for the kids!

One of necessary treats at amusement is of course popcorn. But if you are not there right now and already feel the buttery smell of popcorn, this popcorn popper will help you make some popcorn at home.

More Information

Open Hours: 11 am- 9 pm
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0850) 210 85 63

3. Bostancı Amusement Park

This traditional amusement park in Istanbul will bring back childhood memories and create new ones! This lovely 3-star park is located in the lively district of Kadıköy and is less expensive than many of the other parks.

It’s got all the classics; merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, the gondola, and you’ll be filled with nostalgia as you introduce your kids to your past.

More Information

Open Hours: 1.30 pm – 12.30 am / 11 am 12.30 pm on the weekends
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0216) 384 72 10


4. Viasea Theme Park

If you’re looking for a modern amusement park in Istanbul offering a unique experience for all ages then Viasea is the place to go. Viasea, located in Tuzla boasts adult rides made in miniature for kids to enjoy. Red Fire is a must for thrill-seekers, and the family train is a cozy and exciting experience.

More Information

Open Hours: 12:00 – 23:00 Closed on Mondays
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0216) 560 18 88

5. ParkAda

The perfect amusement park in Istanbul for a fun day out on a budget. Why not relax and enjoy a picnic in the beautiful surroundings of the lake while the kids spend time in the amusement park? As well as the park there are cafes, bowling and much more!

This beautiful yet affordable attraction sits in Bayrampaşa.

More Information

Open Hours: 9 am- 12 am
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0212) 640 95 50

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