Sip, Play, Repeat: Ultimate Halloween Drinking Games

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Are you ready to get into the spooky spirit this Halloween? It’s time to grab your friends, some seasonal drinks, and play some Halloween drinking games! In this post, we will set the mood for a night filled with bone chilling fun by creating Halloween-themed cocktails and decorations. We have also listed 10 thrilling game ideas that are sure to keep everyone entertained throughout the night, including scary movies. From classic games like beer pong and truth or drink with a spooky twist to unique games like costume bingo and monster mash dance-off, there’s something for everyone. So let’s get started on planning an unforgettable Halloween party with a little bit of hocus pocus!

Setting the Spooky Mood for Halloween Drinking Games

Halloween Drinking Games

Set the stage for a hauntingly good time at your Halloween party with a little hocus pocus. Transform your space with eerie decorations and dim lighting. Serve chilling cocktails like witches’ brew and vampire blood to really get everyone in the spirit. Play scary music and movies in the background to add an extra touch of spookiness. And don’t forget, safety first – make sure to have a designated driver or arrange transportation for the end of the night. Get ready for a night of thrilling Halloween drinking games!

The Charm of Seasonal Drinks

As Halloween approaches, it’s the perfect time to embrace the charm of seasonal drinks. Get creative with spooky and festive drink recipes that incorporate flavors like pumpkin spice and apple cider. Halloween drinking games can add to the fun by bringing friends and family together in a playful and competitive atmosphere. Just remember, safety should always be a top priority when consuming alcohol, especially during holidays. Experiment with themed cocktails to explore new flavor combinations and make your Halloween night even more memorable. Don’t forget to try a spooky soda for a non-alcoholic option! And if you’re hosting a party, make sure to stock up on rolls of toilet paper for your guests.

Creating Halloween Themed Cocktails

Halloween Themed Cocktails

To get into the Halloween spirit, you can create spooky twists on classic drink recipes for your Halloween party. Enhance the atmosphere by using themed garnishes like candy eyeballs or spiderweb straws. Consider incorporating seasonal ingredients such as pumpkin spice, apple cider, or black vodka. Popular Halloween cocktails include blood orange margaritas, poison apple cocktails, and mummy Halloween skeleton zombie punches. Don’t forget that Halloween drinking games can also be a fun way to enjoy the night with friends.

Game 1: Bone Chilling Beer Pong

Bone Chilling Beer Pong

Set up a spooky Halloween-themed beer pong table with spiderwebs, pumpkins, or skeletons for a fun game. Use Halloween-themed cups and ping pong balls to enhance the atmosphere. Make it even more chilling with spooky rules like the “witch hat” where the opposing team wears a witch hat while shooting. Take a shot if a ball lands in a Halloween-themed cup like a ghost or skeleton. Play with Halloween-themed drinks such as pumpkin ale or apple cider for an extra eerie touch. For a non-alcoholic option, consider using soda as a Halloween-themed drink.

Adding a Twist with Eyeball Ping Pong Balls

Get ready to add a spooky twist to your classic Beer Pong game with Eyeball Ping Pong Balls. Instead of aiming for regular cups, players will now have to sink their balls into eerie eyeball cups made out of toilet paper mummy. This added difficulty makes the game more challenging and entertaining, especially when using glow-in-the-dark eyeball ping pong balls. It’s the perfect party game for a fun Halloween night.

Game 2: Creepy Kings Cup

Creepy Kings Cup

Creepy Kings Cup is a Halloween twist on the classic drinking game, adding spooky rules like “Zombie Apocalypse” and “Werewolf Transformation.” Perfect for a Halloween party, this card game can be played with any number of players and adds a fun, interactive element to your celebration. It’s easy to learn and provides a unique way to enjoy the holiday. Drink responsibly and have alternative transportation available.

Special Halloween Rules for Kings Cup

For an extra dose of Halloween spirit, replace the standard rules of Kings Cup with spooky Halloween-themed ones. Assign actions like “howling at the moon” or “zombie walk” to each card. Each round, use Halloween-themed drink names such as “witch’s brew” or “bloody Mary” and add a shot of whiskey to each drink. Encourage players to dress up in their favorite Halloween costumes to add to the fun. And don’t forget to have non-alcoholic options available for those who choose not to drink.

Game 3: Terrifying Truth or Drink

Trick or Treat

In the spirit of Halloween, add some frightful fun to your party with Terrifying Truth or Drink. This spooky twist on the classic game of Truth or Dare is sure to get everyone in the spooky spirit. Players take turns asking each other bone-chilling questions, and if they refuse to answer, it’s time for the last person to take a sip. Just remember to set boundaries and drink responsibly. Get ready to reveal your deepest fears and have a great time!

Halloween Edition Truth or Drink Questions

Looking to add some Halloween-themed fun to your TV party? Try playing a Halloween edition of Truth or Drink! With questions ranging from spooky to silly, you can cater the game to your group’s preference. Discuss favorite horror movies, scariest experiences, and supernatural beliefs while sipping on your favorite beverage. This game is perfect for Halloween parties or virtual gatherings, and can be enjoyed with alcoholic or non-alcoholic options. Let the Halloween spirit guide the conversation and have a ghoulishly good time with your TV on!

Game 4: Frightful Photo Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Halloween

Teams will be divided and given a list of spooky items to find and photograph, such as Halloween decorations, costumes, or objects related to horror movies. The first team to find all the items, including a plastic skeleton, wins. To up the challenge, include harder-to-find or specific location items. This game promotes teamwork, creativity, and fun Halloween spirit.

Halloween-themed Items for Scavenger Hunt

For a hauntingly fun Halloween scavenger hunt, include spooky decorations like fake spider webs and pumpkins. Look for Halloween-themed candy and treats, such as candy corn or mini chocolate bars. Find items that relate to popular horror movies, like a Freddy Krueger glove or a Jason Voorhees mask. Incorporate classic Halloween symbols, including witches’ brooms or black cats. Don’t forget to add a unique item like a glow-in-the-dark skeleton or a fake tombstone for an extra thrill. And for the bravest of seekers, include a clue that leads to a hidden stash of corpses, adding an extra level of spookiness to the hunt. Get ready for a ghoulishly good time, seeker!

Game 5: Spooky Would You Rather

Spooky Would You Rather is a fun Halloween game that can be played with friends or family. Players are asked to choose between two spooky scenarios, ranging from gross to scary. It’s a great game for adults and kids alike, with options to play with alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages. Get into the Halloween spirit and have some fun with loved ones.

How to Craft Halloween-themed ‘Would You Rather’ Questions?

To craft Halloween-themed “Would You Rather” questions, think of spooky scenarios and incorporate popular characters, movies, or traditions. Make sure the questions are fun and creative, without being offensive or inappropriate. Let your imagination run wild with these Halloween-inspired dilemmas!

Game 6: Bobbing for Apples with a Twist

Bobbing Apples Halloween

For a fun Halloween twist on the classic game of bobbing for apples, fill the bucket with apple cider and vodka instead of water. Blindfolded participants take turns trying to grab an apple with their teeth. Increase the challenge by adding more alcohol or requiring them to bob for multiple apples. Remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive. And for an extra spooky touch, try adding a good witch shot to the mix.

Adding a Splash of Spirits to the Classic Game

Take the classic game of bobbing for apples and give it a spooky twist for your Halloween party. Add a splash of spirits to the water to make it more challenging and entertaining. Players will have to bob for apples while avoiding getting a mouthful of spiked water. It’s a thrilling game that’s perfect for adults looking to add some excitement to their Halloween night. Just remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

Game 7: Costume Bingo Mayhem

Costume Bingo Mayhem is a fun Halloween drinking game that adds excitement to any party. Customize the game to fit your Halloween theme by creating unique bingo card categories and prizes. Ensure smooth gameplay by providing clear instructions and guidelines. Costume Bingo Mayhem is a great addition to any Halloween drinking game lineup, making for a memorable and enjoyable evening.

Creating a Bingo Card for Halloween Costumes

To add an extra element of fun to your Halloween party, try creating a unique bingo card filled with various Halloween costume options. As guests arrive in their spooky attire, encourage them to fill out their cards with the costumes they encounter throughout the night. Offer prizes for the first player to complete a row or fill out the entire card, and consider adding bonus options for rare or creative costumes. This Halloween party game is a great way to keep the festivities going while everyone shows off their amazing costumes.

Game 8: Horror Movie Trivia

Horror Movie Trivia Game for Halloween

Gather a group of friends who love horror movies and prepare a list of trivia questions. Players take turns answering a question. Correct answers earn a sip, while incorrect answers require two sips. Include obscure questions or quotes for added challenge. Keep the game going for a spooky Halloween night.

Sourcing Questions for the Horror Movie Trivia

When sourcing questions for the horror movie trivia, it’s important to consider various sources like classic horror films and modern cult favorites. Take into account the knowledge level of your players when choosing the difficulty of the questions. Online resources such as IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes can provide inspiration, while mixing up the question formats keeps the game interesting. Don’t forget to include fun and light-hearted questions to balance out the scarier ones.

Game 9: Monster Mash Dance-off

Monster Mash Dance-off Halloween

In this exciting Halloween party game, players need a bit of room to dance and show off their moves. The goal is to out-dance the other players by following the Monster Mash dance instructions. Each player takes turns leading the dance, while others try to follow along. If someone messes up, they take a drink and are out of the game. The last player standing gets to choose the next game.

How to Judge the Monster Mash Dance-off?

When judging the Monster Mash Dance-off, consider creativity, enthusiasm, and overall performance. Look at how well the dance fits with the music and party theme. Encourage participation from all guests and have a prize for the winner. Keep it light-hearted and fun for everyone involved.

Game 10: Good Witch, Bad Witch

Good witch and Bad witch halloween game

In this Halloween drinking game, players take turns being the “good witch” or the “bad witch.” The good witch assigns tasks to other players, like singing a Halloween song or doing a spooky dance. The bad witch assigns drinks, such as taking a shot or sipping a Halloween-themed cocktail. Play responsibly and have a designated driver for a great Halloween party!

The Good Witch

In The Good Witch, a Halloween-themed drinking game, players engage in positive actions to create an uplifting atmosphere. Complimenting others and taking a drink for positive traits are examples of these actions. The game can be played with non-alcoholic beverages, allowing everyone to participate. It is also customizable, enabling players to add their own positive actions and rules.

The Bad Witch

In the Bad Witch version of the game, players take turns drawing cards with Halloween-themed prompts. If a player completes the prompt, they get to assign a drink to another player. Prompts can range from telling a spooky story to doing an impression of a famous horror movie character. The game can be played with any type of drink, but it’s important to drink responsibly and know your limits. Bad Witch is a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit with friends and family.


To conclude, Halloween drinking games add a fun and spooky twist to your celebrations. Whether it’s bone-chilling beer pong, creepy Kings Cup, or terrifying truth or drink, these games are sure to elevate the Halloween spirit. Don’t forget to indulge in Halloween-themed cocktails and seasonal drinks to set the mood. From bobbing for apples with a twist to a monster mash dance-off, there’s something for everyone. So gather your friends, dress up in your best costumes, and get ready to have a wickedly good time. For more Halloween events option, make sure to check Derry Halloween! Cheers to a hauntingly memorable Halloween!

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