It’s Formula 1 Time in Istanbul!

Don’t we all love some speed? Of course, we do! We also love lavishing single-seat, open-cockpit, open-wheel racing cars. So, it may be a great time to visit Istanbul to witness all of these at the Turkish Grand Prix 1-3 October 2021!

1. It Has A History!

Formula One has actually been around for a really long while; At the beginning of the 20th century, motor racing events called Grand Prix held in France. These events evolved to one of the most significant global races today: Formula One. After World War II, in 1946, a set of rules, called formula, to which all participants’ cars must conform, was determined. And, in 1950, the first event named Formula One was held.


2. Formula One Is Important, Even If You’re Not into Racing!

Okay, cars and that, it’s cool, but what makes Formula One important? Actually, Formula One is a notable development powerhouse for both producers and users. Even though Formula cars are pretty different from our road cars, they actually impact our everyday cars. Paddy Lowe, Executive Director at the Mercedes F1 team, states: “Is there technology transfer between race and road car engineering? Resoundingly ‘yes,’ but it’s subtler than bolting bits from one car onto another.” Sometimes there may be a direct transfer from race cars to road cars. However, most of the time, Formula One serves as a research laboratory and helping brands develop new solutions, notes Lowe.

3. Why Did It Come to An End, and Why Is It Back?

In 2011, Türkiye’s contract of F1 had finished; hence Türkiye stopped participating in the race. Nevertheless, things have changed when Covid-19 has struck the world and forced many countries to introduce restrictions. Türkiye highly succeeded in fighting against the pandemic, making the country a perfect fit for such a global event. So, the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix was the first F1 Turkish Grand Prix after all those years. The F1 Turkish Grand Prix is also back in 2021, since Singapore Grand Prix was canceled.

4. Diabolica! About the Istanbul Park Circuit

Istanbul Park Circuit poses some difficulties to participants. The infamous Turn 8, which was called diabolica, has a pretty hard turn on the tyres. Plus, the natural contours of the land provide some dramatic gradient changes.

There are also some changes in Formula One rules and regulations. FIA has warned teams it will introduce new rear wing flexibility tests from June on. Plus, this year, the minimum weight of the Formula One cars has been increased to 749kg, while the minimum weight of the power unit has been increased to 150kg. Of course, you can read the list of 2021 changes on the official F1 website.

5. What about the weather?

Istanbul Wheather

October, neither the beginning nor the end of Autumn, in my opinion, it’s the best time of the season! So, if you want to attend Formula One Turkish GP 2021, which will be held on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October, you need to know a few things about the weather. It is expected to be around 16°C in İstanbul in October 2021, and Yandex says it won’t rain until the 13th of October. So, (hurray!), you’re probably safe. But remember: It can be a tad cool around these times of the year, not freezing cold, though. You can wear thin clothes, but you should take some thicker clothes when going out -it may be a little chilly or/and rainy.


6. How to Buy F1 Istanbul 2021 Tickets?

Information about the ticket sales for the f1 Istanbul park tickets will be published on soon. You can reach the page from here.

7. How to Get to Istanbul Park?

You can take the 133GP bus line from Kartal to arrive at İstanbul Park. Plus, İstanbul Park is actually pretty close to Sabiha Gökçen Airport; it takes only 15 minutes by car to İstanbul Park from the airport.

8. What to Do in Istanbul?

“Holy Istanbul! Your name is the most enchanting one of all names enchants me.” -Pierre Loti

Have you ever wanted to compete in F1? If you came here for the big race, you definitely did! Unfortunately, we cannot help you make this dream come true, but there is a Go-Kart track near İstanbul Park. You can experience the speed and atmosphere of Formula One there.

You may want to visit Istanbul for Formula One. However, bear in mind that Istanbul is an unusually historical city with more than Formula One to offer! Istanbul served as the capital of many cultures and empires -We call such cities “a history-smelling city”- you can see the marks of different civilisations, religions and even languages everywhere in Istanbul. Then, why don’t you get a little away from İstanbul Park and discover the marvellous city of Istanbul? I’ll advise you three places that I love the most in Istanbul, but for a better adventure in this beautiful city, I definitely suggest you check out the plans HeyTripster offers.

Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia)

As a starting point, you may visit the marvellous Hagia Sophia, the honorary symbol of the two largest faiths, Christianity and Islam. You may dive into another spiritual world by just standing under her massive, transcendent dome, closing your eyes and feeling the history in your veins in this architectural marvel. Or you can gaze at its stunning Christian icons and witness the shocking harmony between them and Islamic symbols all around the mosque.

Topkapı Sarayı (Topkapı Palace)

Have you watched Magnificent Century? Or read “My Name Is Red?” by Orhan Pamuk? Regardless of your answer, I’m sure you would be interested in seeing the saray (palace) of the Ottoman Sultans who ruled over the Mediterranean for centuries.

(P.S. You should definitely read “My Name Is Red“)

Yerebatan Sarnıcı (Basilica Cistern)

Under Istanbul lies several hundred ancient cisterns, cool, dark, and mysterious… And hypnotisingly beautiful. In this magical underground complex, you will see neat examples of Byzantine architecture -and plenty of shaped columns.

9. What to Eat in Istanbul?

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First of all, you should definitely begin with a Turkishfast, it’s a word I created, by the way, but it is just so impossible to describe Turkish breakfast as simply “breakfast.” (Fun Fact: Turkish for breakfast is “kahvaltı.”)

I’m sure you’ve heard or tasted kebab before, but what are the odds that you tasted a real one? When you’re already in Istanbul, you should definitely try Turkish kebab. Plus, there are many other delicious foods made with meat. Nevertheless, if you’re vegan, don’t worry; we’re not all carnivorous. You can taste other traditional Turkish dishes such as kuru fasulye, pilav, simit, gözleme, çiğköfte and so on.


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