Minimal Pleasures: Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Istanbul Once Again

Beautiful Istanbul… A bridge between two continents. A city with over 8000 years long history where the eastern and western cultures join together, creating a melting pot. Throughout the history, Istanbul has witnessed many victories, wars, happiness and even sadness. Therefore, this wise city is full of emotions and memories in every single side of it. Crystal clear that you must have heard/visited many places in Istanbul, but never been aware of the historical places of Istanbul, which offer you minimal, but full of emotional experiences. This post will take you a journey around the hidden beauties that you find nowhere else, but in Istanbul!

1. Going up to Galata with Your Partner

1500 years ago, Galata Tower was built as a lighthouse to lead ships and watch around. This tower has also the honour of hosting the Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi’s first flight, who is a legendary Ottoman aviator. Nowadays, Galata Tower is used as a cafe and restaurant, where you can grab a drink or some food while enjoying the stunning view of Haliç. An interesting thing (myth) about the Tower you have probably never heard is that you get married to the person whom you go up the Tower with. Thus, bring your lover to the Tower to show him/her your love once again in the accompany with this beautiful view. Do not forget to give him/her a kiss on the top of it!


2. Eating Fish and Bread-Feeding Pigeons in Eminönü

Eminönü is a central district including Egyptian/Spice Bazaar. After visiting these stores inside the bazaar, you will surely have a great hunger and here is the most authentic options for yourself!
Instead of eating in luxury restaurants, there are many small boats along the Eminönü’s seashore, selling fish and bread at very affordable prices. Depending on, your preference you can either take it away or eat your fish and bread at the tables in front of these small boats.

3. Fishing in Golden Horn

Golden Horn, also known as Haliç in Turkish, is a major waterway in Istanbul. There are many fishers on this primary inlet of Bosphorus and you can be one of them! While fishing there with the joy of the stunning view, you have even a chance to see dolphins swimming in the inlet!


4. Tasting Boza and Leblebi of Vefa

Vefa basically means “Faithfulness” in Turkish and it is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul. Besides this history, this district is famous for “Boza and Leblebi”.
Boza is a fermented beverage served with cinnamon on top of it and Vefa is surely the best place to taste it the first time, where the prices are quite affordable.
Roasted chickpeas are called “Leblebi” in Turkish. You can take a packet of Leblebi and enjoy it while having a walk on the historical streets in Vefa!

5. Enjoying a Cup of Happiness in Kanlıca


Kanlıca is a district located on the Asian side by the Bosporus. It is known for its old-fashioned houses, peaceful residents, and yoghurt! A local producer has been manufacturing Kanlıca yoghurt for over 100 years and uses daily milk only. Taste this traditional food by the pier under the age’s old trees. Look for the original brand and add powdered sugar on top. Yummy!


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