Valentine’s Day in Istanbul: The Most Romantic Day

Valentine’s Day has a long history; today we associate it with cards, flowers and chocolates, as well as romantic dinners and surprise travelling. Istanbul is the most magical city in the world hosting Istanbul romantic places, and it owes its magic to its rich history, beautiful sightings and some of the best food, service and shopping. Everything you want for a perfect Valentine’s Day is present in Istanbul on 14th February Istanbul, along with many more delightful experiences you would not anticipate.

If you have more time, you should consider flying to Cappadocia day trip via these tours and enjoy your time with your valentine in a romantic atmosphere!


Here is a list of topics to consider if you are considering spending Valentine’s Day Istanbul this year with your loved one in Istanbul; make sure to pick and choose the best options that fit your plans.


Istanbul Bosphorus Tour on Valentine’s Day in Istanbul


Bosphorus is the heart and soul of Istanbul; on a day like Valentine’s Day, there is no better way to explore the sensual and mystical part of the city than to spend your time with your loved one on a cruise down the strait. You can pick and choose from several tour guides as there are many options to choose from.

Istanbul is unique, a bridge between Asia and Europe! Why not experience it with your valentine on a special day like this in February in Istanbul? If you want a Bosphorus sunset cruise with dinner, you can look at these programs for unforgettable 14th February in Istanbul on Valentine’s Day.


Historical Peninsula Istanbul – Sultanahmet


The Historical Peninsula of Istanbul is located on the south of the Golden Horn, and the neighbourhoods located there are Beyazıt, Eminönü, Fatih, Kumkapı, Sirkeci, Süleymaniye, Sultanahmet, and Tahtakale. As the Historic Peninsula is the area you are most likely to be able to submerge yourself in the timeless yet historical part of Istanbul, it is bound to be a perfect romantic place to visit and see on Valentine’s Day.

Palaces in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Grand Bazaar.. There are various Istanbul attractions to discover when you are in the historical peninsula Sultanahmet! If you want to save time, consider these tours I recommend:


Watch Istanbul from the Top of the Galata Tower


Galata Tower is one of the most historically romantic places in Istanbul. It is said locally that the person you climb the tower with is the one you will marry, which makes the Galata Tower a perfect spot for a romantic proposal, or any significant moment you may have planned for your loved one.


If you want to see a view of the Galata Tower, as well as the beautiful view of Istanbul from the top of it, you can stay at Galataport Hotel which is located just near the tower. You can access their website here, also the shopping in Istanbul options to find out more about shopping places in Istanbul!

Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts


We express our love partly through the gifts that we exchange on Valentine’s Day. If you want truly memorable and authentic gifts from one of the most magical cities in the world, shopping in Istanbul will be a great experience for you, and will make for an amazing gift to your loved ones.


Some of the gifts you can buy are Turkish coffee sets and the famous coffee itself, as well as tea glasses and tea, mosaic lamps, samples of some of the most delicious Turkish delights, gold, jewellery, handmade scarves or clothing, carpets and many more. You can find the best quality materials in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, and make a historical and joyful day of shopping in Istanbul as well.

If you want a trip plan that centers shopping and buying gifts, you can access this HeyTripster trip plan here.

Massage-Spa-Turkish Hammam


If you want to be relaxed and ready to enjoy your Valentine’s day trip in Istanbul, you have to try out a massage or spa in the world famous Turkish hammam in Istanbul. Istanbul is filled with facilities that offer top-quality service, however, if you want to add a historical sighting of traditional hammams there are several places you should not miss.

You can see the historical Cağaloğlu Hammam, Hürrem Sultan Hammam, Çukurcuma Hammam, Kılıç Ali Paşa Hammam and many more in the historical boroughs of Istanbul. A massage or spa in Istanbul option will make sure to keep you warm as you spend February in Istanbul. You can check out these two entry options with tickets.


A Romantic Dinner in Istanbul

The go-to option for a romantic Valentine’s day surely will include a romantic dinner. What could be a better location to have a romantic dinner than Istanbul? The city is filled with some of the finest restaurants in the world. There are several places you cannot miss if you get a chance to have a romantic dinner here. Also, best viewpoints in Istanbul are to be seen as well as Istanbul restaurants with scenery!

The historical Agora Meyhanesi is just the spot if you want a taste of the Greco-Turkish tavern culture while having your romantic dinner; the authenticity of the place will dazzle you and your significant other, just right for Valentine’s Day. Similarly, authentic and dazzling places include 1924 Istanbul, Sarnıç Restaurant at the Cistern, dinner at the Maiden Tower, Lokanta 1741 and many more.

The best fine dining restaurants in Istanbul blog post can help you out choosing the ideal restaurant in Istanbul for you!


Alternative Entertainment Places of Istanbul for Fun Couples


Museums in Istanbul


If you want to spend time doing things a little out of the ordinary, you have just as many options in Istanbul as a trip that includes the usual historical spots. Istanbul is filled with museums, and some of those include niche and interesting topics for exhibitions. The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art is one of them; you can see the world’s richest Islamic Art collection in this museum. You can check out their website here.

Another interesting museum in Istanbul is the Museum of Innocence, built after the novel by Orhan Pamuk of the same name. Even if you haven’t read the book, you will be swooned by the storytelling of the museum itself. You can check out the website here.

If you want to feel like the city of Istanbul is beneath your feet, you ought to see Miniaturk. Miniaturk is a museum where you can see a miniature replica of Istanbul. This is the perfect place to see if you are a newcomer to the city, as you will be able to trace your steps and ground yourself in the experience of your trip. You can access their website here.

Shopping in Istanbul

There are various options for couples to shop in Istanbul. Malls, boutiques, bazaars and more! From vintage stores to luxury stores, from Nişantaşı to Taksim, Istanbul shopping places blog of ours can help you out!

Concerts and Events

There are bars, nightclubs and event places in Istanbul where you can enjoy our night of February in Istanbul! Beşiktaş, Kadıköy, and Şişli areas are the best ones for you to choose among your interest in songs. Because plenty of options are ready for you such as Turkish Pop, the 90s, 80s, and even 70s! Check out this blog to discover more about rooftops in Istanbul to enjoy your night having the Bosphorus view!

Princes Islands Istanbul


Prince islands Istanbul comes to mind when romantic activities are questioned! Having the aura of nature, beauty, history and memories, these islands have a lot to offer! You can have a trip to these islands, book a hotel and enjoy your Valentine’s day Istanbul more authentic! The artists lived on these islands, this is why you can smell the artistic air!

You can also rent a bike in the center, and bike all the way to the top! Check out the blog to learn more about Prince islands Istanbul to discover during your visit.


Istanbul Valentine’s Day Romantic Accommodation Recommendations


If you are spending Valentine’s Day in Istanbul, you should find a place to stay that is best suited for the precious time you will spend in the city. You can stay in Istanbul palaces that are also luxury options!

You can choose from many hotels in Istanbul, and some of those stand out as ideal choices for a romantic time around Valentine’s Day in Istanbul. Romance Istanbul Hotel, Pera Palace Hotel, Four Seasons, Ciragan Palace Hotel, Hilton Istanbul, Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus, Garden House Hotel, Six Senses Kocatas Mansions and many more are perfect choices for a romantic Valentine’s Day stay.

Also, spa hotels in Istanbul can be a good option for you to relax and enjoy! Read other hotels in Istanbul options to choose from and select the ideal one for you!

Even if you don’t have too much time to visit the city, the hotel you choose to stay in is crucial for how well the trip is going to turn out. If you have a limited amount of time to spend in Istanbul, check out this 4 day itinerary that is planned just for your wishes.

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