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Istanbul’s Gluten-Free Restaurants

Gluten is a substance that combines two proteins called gluten and gliadin with water. Since it is flexible and thick, it takes its place in many dishes from pastries to soups. For those with celiac disease, especially those who are sensitive to gluten, eating out is a risky issue. If you have a body that is more affected by gluten than anyone else or you just don’t want to exhaust your intestines, you can get a better quality life by applying gluten free foods.


The 5 Best Ice Cream Shops in Istanbul

Especially on hot summer days, everyone wants to eat delicious ice cream while continuing their trip to Istanbul. When you come to Istanbul it’s wise to choose the ice cream shops most popular with the locals. There are many places in Istanbul which are famous for their excellent ice cream, especially in the seaside neighbourhoods. Most of these boutique venues serving ice cream specialties produce the ice creams themselves. If you want to eat ice cream while having a pleasant walk in the city, check out this informative article about The 5 Best Ice Cream Shops in Istanbul.