Tuğçe Şen Baş

I was born in 1988 in İzmir. My discovery curiosity, which was the most beautiful thing that happened to me at a young age, has always made me travel to discover new places, set out to meet new people and always be on the move. In the continuation of this, with people around me asking "Where should we go to Tuğçe?", "What to eat here in Tuğçe?”, my enjoyable journeys, which turned into discovering more places and meeting more people with the happiness of their questions, continued. After my university education, I realized that being able to explore new places only on weekends did not make me happy in my business life, which lasted for 6 years in local and international production and export companies. After realizing that this is not where I should actually be, towards the middle of my 27th, I put an end to my Foreign Trade career and said goodbye to corporate life and decided to start off again for my travel consultancy career. During this period, I work as a travel consultancy, discover new places, and write a column to bring the excitement and route of the places I have discovered to more people. I continue to convey my articles to wider media so that travelers won’t travel without looking.
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