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Famous Beauty Brands of Turkiye

Turkish beauty brands in Turkiye have so much to offer as well as Turkish makeup brands. From affordable dupes to expensive brands to top-quality makeup, beauty or hygiene products, Turkish cosmetics brands are more than enough; they are affordable, high quality and come in all desired shapes and sizes. Here is a Turkish makeup brands list you should definitely consider when beauty shopping while visiting Türkiye.  Many tourists visit just to buy some famous beauty brands in Turkiye. Continue reading to learn more about the famous Turkish cosmetics brands listed below!

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Flormar Cosmetics


Whatever beauty product you as for, Flormar Cosmetics has the product. If you are looking for variety in color with beauty products such as lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polish and many more, Flormar Cosmetics is a great brand to consider. As a company, they are the top Turkish cosmetic brand with a 21% market share, and they compete in the beauty markets of 104 other countries. For top-quality and affordable products with a colorful variety, make sure to shop at Flormar. You can check their website here.

If you are having a shopping-oriented trip in Istanbul (souvenirs, clothes and accessories as well as beauty products), make sure to check out this trip plan and do not miss a chance for a good deal.



When it comes to Turkish cosmetics brands, there are many Turkish makeup brand list options. Pastel Cosmetics has a history of making quality beauty products for nearly 80 years. It has been operating under the name of Pastel Cosmetics since 1989 and provides Turkish and global customers with a great variety of beauty and makeup products. You can find any color variation in the products you use and love daily at an affordable price in Pastel. Surely, you will find dupes of extra expensive products with the same quality here! You can access their website here.

Golden Rose


Golden Rose is another terrific makeup Turkish brands that specialize in products such as foundation creams, compact powder blushes, eye shadows, mascara, lipstick, lipgloss and nail polish, as well as other products in their palette. It is a company founded 100% on Turkish capital and contributes to the Turkish beauty market greatly. The brand was established in order to provide Turkish and global customers with the best selection at a reasonable and affordable price. You can access their website here.

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Gratis is the go-to beauty market for any beauty, hygiene or makeup product you want in Türkiye. It is the chain beauty store of Türkiye, selling more than 30,000 products in 13 categories. The brand Gratis shops are widely common, so you will come across one if you stroll around the crowded parts of the city for sure! All of the workers in Gratis shops are women, as the brand cares very much about women’s employment in Türkiye, which makes it an even better choice for shoppers. As well as the variety in shape, size, color and all of the similar categories, Gratis also houses brands of different price ranges, making it a place where all shoppers can enjoy. You can access their website here

If you are dreaming of the cozy baths you will have as you are buying bath bombs and shower gels, make sure to check out the best Turkish baths in Istanbul here!

Farmasi Cosmetics


Farmasi Cosmetics products bring together pharmaceutical and dermatological attentiveness and care to beauty products of a wide variety. From dermo-cosmetics to makeup, perfumes, accessories, nutrition products and hygiene products, Farmasi Cosmetics provides every service possible for a beauty brand. With a great emphasis on health and well-being, Farmasi Cosmetics also provide special offers and gatherings for their customers and provides an inclusive experience for a full-on health and beauty project. If you want to make a conscious choice with your beauty shopping, you should look into the products of Farmasi Cosmetics. You can access their website here.

Fon Cosmetics


Last part of our blog beauty brands in Turkiye. Fon Cosmetics is a Turkish brand that focuses on scent, with a great collection of makeup products. Fon Cosmetics has a varied and excellent collection of scents for women and men, as well as reed diffusers, candles, colognes and hair & body mists. They have various lines of perfume series and each comes with different mixtures of scents. If you are looking for a great variety in a scent collection make the best choice on what scent you want to wear in the future. You can access their website here.

You can also check their blog where they share useful information on how to use their own products but also general tips on using and choosing perfumes more effectively.

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