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Dental Implant in Turkiye 2023 Guide

A dental implant is a great alternative to complicated dental surgery. It is a reliable, long-lasting, and affordable way for a perfect smile. And Türkiye offers the best places for a dental implant!

There are many advantages of a dental implant. It has not only just an aesthetic purpose, leaving you satisfied with a perfect smile, but it also helps you with your ability to chew food, helps preserve nearby teeth, and prevents your jawbone from losing its natural shape. It is safe to say that a dental implant improves your overall quality of life.

If you are wondering about the marketplace for dental implants in Türkiye, you are definitely on the right post! Here, you will find all the information you need about dental implants in Türkiye.

1. What is a dental implant?


A dental implant is needed when the tooth is damaged or missing. When this is the case, the root of the tooth is replaced with a metal post which is usually made out of titanium. On top of this metal post, an artificial tooth is placed that looks and functions like a real tooth. Most of the time, a dental implant is used when dentures or bridgework are not a suitable option for the patient.

Because the metal root is very durable, it provides a great foundation for artificial teeth. Thus, a dental implant has a long-lasting life span ranging from 20 years to 30 years.

2. How much does it cost to get a tooth implant in Türkiye?


The average cost of dental implants in Türkiye is about $650. This price is considerably more affordable than in other countries. In comparison, the average cost of dental implants in the US is $4 000, whereas, in the UK, it is £3750. Therefore, for many people, Türkiye is the new hot spot for dental procedures, as well as a paradisiacal holiday destination.

3. How much does a full set of veneers cost in Türkiye?


Veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry treatment. Their purpose is to grant the patient an aesthetically-pleasing, pearly white smile. In order to do this, a portion of both sides of the patients’ natural teeth is shaved down. Then, the veneer is placed on the filed down teeth. This fast treatment usually is completed in under a month.

In Türkiye, a full set of veneers costs $3 000. This price is considerably lower when compared with other countries. In the USA, a full set of veneers costs on average $20 000. Some dental clinics in Türkiye even offer packages consisting of veneer treatment, hotel accommodation, transfers, and breakfast under $6 000.

4. Why do people go to Türkiye to get their teeth done?

Türkiye-to-get- teeth-done

Well, this question is not really challenging to answer. Türkiye offers exceptional dental service with skilled health care professionals and affordable prices. Many people actually book a holiday in Türkiye and get their teeth done. It is two birds with a single stone!

For example, if you get a dental implant in Istanbul, you can have a great holiday in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Check out this article on HeyTripster about this amazing city.

5. Why is Türkiye so cheap for dental treatments?


The main reason why Türkiye is relatively affordable for dentistry is the current exchange rates. Because of the exchange rates, tourists can have affordable dental procedures in Türkiye.

If you want to learn more about Turkish currency, check out this article from HeyTripster.

6. Should you go to Türkiye for dental implants?


The answer to this question is: definitely yes! There are many breathtaking places in Türkiye that are worth seeing. You can relax on the wonderful beaches of Antalya and Mugla, go on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, or have a winter holiday on Uludag Mountain. While you are here, you can have the holiday of a lifetime and get a perfect smile!

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7. How long do the teeth you get done in Türkiye last?


The professional dental treatment you get in Türkiye is of the highest quality. Usually, dental implants last between 20-30 years, and veneers last between 10-20 years. This long lifespan is very much dependent on the patient’s use. It is advised to avoid staining foods, smoking, and grinding your teeth. After getting veneers or dental implants, you should regularly brush your teeth with a smooth brush to avoid stains.

8. Can an implant be done in one day?


It is possible to get a temporary dental implant in a single day. A few months later, a permanent denture will be attached. A temporary implant is a fast solution for a great smile.


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