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All You Need to Know about Best Hairstylists in Turkiye

Anyone who has ever visited or lived in a new city knows the dilemma of trying to find a good hairstylist. In a new place, you visit for the first time, finding a hairdresser you can connect with and trust is not easy. Even if you have your friends as references, a particular salon will not be guaranteed to suit you.

It’s always best to do research before going to a new salon. Read on to discover how to find a great hairstylist in Türkiye and tips on how you can find the right one just for you.

1. Are hairstylists cheaper in Turkiye?


If you’re in search of stylists who are real professionals and can create a style tailored to you at a lower price compared to the USA and Europe, Turkiye is a perfect destination. You can expect to pay about 30-50$ for a haircut for long hair.

To have a haircut at a barber shop is much cheaper; the prices start at 5$ for a haircut and often include a mask or facial treatment. Keep an eye out for these deals and make sure you ask about them when you walk into a hair salon.

2. How to find a good hairdresser in Turkiye?


Finding a good hairdresser in a new city can be a difficult process. You’ll want to start by asking your friends and acquaintances if they have any recommendations. You can also try asking people at the reception of your hotel.

Another good way to find a hairdresser is by looking online. There are many review sites where customers leave comments about their experiences at various hair salons in your city. Make sure you read reviews from both locals and tourists.

You might also want to consider searching for a hairstylist who specializes in a certain hair type. If you have curly hair, you might want to avoid going to someone who specializes in straight hair.

In some cities such as Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir, it is easy to find an English-speaking staff at most of the salons and barber shops.

3. Tips for finding the right hairdresser in Turkiye


You want to keep a few things in mind when searching for a new hairdresser in Türkiye. The first thing you want to make sure you ask about is their experience. It’s better to visit someone who has been in the business for a few years than a new stylist without experience.

You also want to consider the environment of the hair salon. Avoid hairdressers that feel like a factory. You want a stylist that is focused on you and your hair, not the next person on their schedule.

You also want to ensure the hairdresser is someone you feel comfortable talking with. Trust your gut and don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Also, try avoiding tourist areas to get better quality at lower prices.

4. What is the difference between a hairstylist and a hairdresser?


The main difference between a hairstylist and a hairdresser is that a stylist is a person who creates new hairstyles and cuts, while a hairdresser is someone who specializes in shampooing, cutting and colouring hair as well various hair and scalp treatments. But the difference between these two professions has almost disappeared nowadays.

5. The benefits of visiting a hairstylist in Turkiye


Visiting a hairstylist in Turkiye has many benefits. The first is that you have a stylist you can trust and rely on to do your hair since hairstylists in Istanbul and in Turkiye, in general, are experienced professionals.

The prices of a haircut in Turkiye will also surprise you. Because of the exchange rate, this service is more affordable compared to many other countries.

Last but not least, when visiting Turkiye, you will find many stunning historical attractions and places to visit. You will experience diverse Turkish cuisine. And meet friendly people.

6. Hairstylist costs in Istanbul


Hairdresser or hairstylist costs in Istanbul can vary depending on the stylist and their level of experience. Prices for long hair cut start at 30$, and barbers in Istanbul as little as 5$ for short man hair cut at.

However, it’s important to remember that a hairstylist in Istanbul can help you with more than just hair cut. They can be a great source of advice and tell you if you need treatment and what colour will suit your skin tone. Hair treatments such as keratin treatments start at 50$ for long hair. However, the consultation is free.

Bonus: Hairdressers & Hair Salons in Istanbul

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