Best Lip Filler Clinics in Istanbul Cost And Guide 2022

When it comes to beauty, Istanbul is at the forefront of cosmetic enhancement. The city has become a global hub for medical tourism where you can access the latest in skin care treatments and procedures that are both safe and effective. Among them is the lip-filling procedure. It has become extremely popular in recent years.

Lip filling is the process of increasing the volume of your lips. Injecting your lips can help improve their shape, restore volume and give them a fuller appearance. Lip filling is popular amongst women who want to restore a youthful appearance. It is also preferred by people who naturally have thin lips. Lip-filling procedures are incredibly popular among people who consider lip augmentation but don’t want their lips to appear fake or unnatural. Since there is little downtime associated with this procedure, you can expect to return to normal activities immediately after your procedure to enjoy an instant boost in confidence!

In this article, we’ll give you the information you need about lip filling in Türkiye, the best lip filler clinics in Türkiye, lip filler cost and treatments in Türkiye.

1. Lip filler cost in Istanbul


Lip filling is a service performed by many physicians to restore both the form and function of your smile. You may wonder about the lip filler cost in Istanbul. Lip filler cost is hard to give a precise cost. A lot of factors are at play. The injectable product itself and the number of syringes used to play a role in deciding the cost. Clinics offer personalised service by analysing the client’s face and determining what suits them best. So, if you want to know the cost of lip filler in Istanbul, it’s best to get in contact with a clinic. Clinics decide how many mm injections are needed after analysing your face. The cost of a 1 mm injection is about 55 -165 , but again, it’s best to contact them yourself. The costs may differ from person to person.

2. Lip filler clinics


There are many quality lip filler clinics in Istanbul doing lip filler treatments. The best way to find a clinic and a doctor that you will like is to ask your friends and acquaintances if they had such an experience. And also to read reviews before you choose where to go. We won’t give any price information. Because the price is given individually after your face and needs are analysed.

3. Lip filler augmentation and injections in Istanbul


Now, we’ll talk about lip filler augmentation in Istanbul. The process is quick and easy. A full lip analysis is performed to assess your facial structure and choose the right filler that gives you long-lasting volume. Anaesthetic is injected into your lips to numb them before injection. The procedure takes about 10-15 minutes. The filler used is typically hyaluronic acid(HA). It is a substance that occurs naturally in the body. It keeps the body lubricated and moist. Most patients can return to work or resume light activities on the same day as the injection. There may be mild swelling and/or some bruises at first. But this will subside within a few days.

4. Lip filler types and enhancements in Istanbul


Lip filler enhancements are a popular cosmetic procedure that can be performed in Istanbul. There are many different types of lip fillers to choose from. Options are Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers (Restylane and Juvederm), Collagen Lip Fillers, Permanent Silicone Lip Fillers, Fat Transfer Lip Injections, and more. Permanent Silicone Lip Injections deliver long-lasting results that make lips permanently plumper. Fat transfer lip injections involve taking fat from a donor site like the belly or thighs and injecting it into the lips.

You may wonder about enhancing your lip fillers after receiving lip filling injections in Türkiye. Lip filler is all the rage, but it’s important to follow aftercare advice to keep your new lips looking and feeling great. Avoid stress, exercise moderately, eat healthily and have regular follow-up appointments during recovery time.

5. How long do effects last


Lip filler permanence is the duration of time that lip filler remains implanted. Lip fillers are non-permanent, long-lasting facial treatments that in no way harm the actual lip tissue. Lip filler permanence is 5-6 months to a year. It needs to be reapplied to maintain the look you’ve created.

6. Who can and can’t have lip fillers?


Lip filler is the perfect solution for anyone who feels that their lips are too small or asymmetric, who has a “gummy smile”-exposure of teeth when smiling, or who wants to accentuate the contour lines of their lips without the need to undergo surgery. 

It is important to note who cannot have lip fillers. People who are allergic to local anaesthetics, people with allergic conditions (such as eczema), and as doctors suggest, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding shouldn’t have lip fillers. Minors can’t have lip filling either.

7. Are lip fillers cheaper in Türkiye?


Lip fillers in Türkiye are cheaper compared to many other countries. But it doesn’t mean low quality. It is because of the exchange rate.

8. How much are fillers for first-time lips?


How much lip filler you need depends on the type and amount of filler, as well as your face and your wants. After consulting your physician, they’ll let you know how many mm’s you need. About the prices of lip filling, there is no set cost. The lip filling procedure is arranged for each individual, thus a difference in the cost. Please see the next section.

9. How much is a full syringe of lip filler?


How many syringes are to be used in lip filler injections differs from person to person, depending on their needs and wants. However, the cost of a 1mm injection is about 55 -165 . Please remember that it’s best to contact the clinic yourself because they need to analyse your face and which filler to use. Therefore, the costs differ from person to person.

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