Ingredients & Easy Recipes For Your Vacation Rental

When you’re staying in a vacation rental, you might feel limited by the size of your kitchen and its lack of standard appliances. But that doesn’t mean you can’t whip up some great meals. In fact, renting a cabin or cottage for your next getaway can give you an opportunity to get creative and use up what may be surplus produce from your garden or fruit trees. Here are some super easy recipes that won’t take much prep time, meaning more time to relax with friends or family on your vacation!

1. Ingredients you should bring from home to your vacation


When planning your trip, make sure you pack some key ingredients from home. That way, you can make these recipes on vacation and not have to worry about finding the right ingredients. These are, of course, the ones that you love and are hard to find in other cuisines.

2. Ingredients you should buy on your vacation


On paper, these ingredients might seem out of place, but they are staples in many cultures. If you’re staying in a vacation rental, it might be difficult to find these ingredients, but it’s worth checking out your local grocery store before you leave. These can be Noodles or Pasta – most people love a good noodle recipe. You can easily make a pasta sauce with tomatoes and parmesan or a Thai peanut sauce. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, try making a noodle. Rice, eggs, basically anything that can be fond in other cultures’ cuisine.

3. Instant pots


The Instant Pot has been a huge hit over the past few years, and for good reason. It’s a one-pot wonder that can make everything from rice to desserts. If you have one at your vacation rental, try making one of these recipes.

Beef and broccoli – This is a really simple recipe that’s full of protein and veggies. You can serve it with white rice or egg noodles, so it’s perfect for a quick one-dish meal.

Indian chicken curry – This is another great one-pot meal. It’s full of spices and flavor, so it’s perfect for getting together a quick Indian meal.

4. Toasts and breads


Toasts are a super healthy snack that’s great for all times of day. If you find yourself needing some quick energy on your vacation, make one of these recipes.

Avocado toast – Avocado toast is a classic brunch item and a great way to get some healthy fats and fiber in the morning. You can use any bread for this recipe, but sourdough bread works best with avocado.

Banana bread – This is a fun twist on banana bread. You can add in some coconut or almonds for a different texture and flavor. You can also add some chocolate chips for a sweet treat.

5. Salads


Salads don’t have to just be for lunch. You can make a delicious salad for dinner by adding some protein like bacon or chicken and some hearty toppings like nuts or croutons.

Asian chicken salad – This salad has a little bit of everything. It’s an Asian-inspired salad with a tangy dressing. You can use chicken or tofu as the protein in this salad and add some edamame beans to bulk up the dish.

Bacon and blue cheese salad – This salad has a rich and creamy dressing that’s full of blue cheese flavor. You can use any type of lettuce for this salad, but try to go for something hearty like romaine or iceberg lettuce. Make sure to add some croutons for crunch.

6. Soups


Soups are a great meal to make on vacation. They are hearty and full of nutrients, but also easy to make. It’s also easy to make a healthy soup by adding in some veggies and taking out some fat.

Broccoli cheddar soup – Broccoli cheddar soup is a classic dish that has been around for years. It’s usually made with full-fat cheese and cream, but you can make a healthier version by using a low-fat cheese and evaporated milk instead of regular milk.

Minestrone soup – This recipe is super easy to make, and you can add in whatever veggies you have on hand. Make sure to use lean ground beef for a healthy version of this dish.

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