Most Used Turkish Words Every Tourist Should Know 2022

So you’ve booked a holiday to Türkiye, which is great because there’s so much to discover about this beautiful country. But before you jet off, you want to make sure that you’re not going to be left feeling like an outsider when it comes to understanding the locals and also being able to chat with them about their traditions and culture. So what should you do? Do your research! The more words in Turkish that you know, the better equipped you are for your travels. Let us give you a hand. Below are some of the most used Turkish words every tourist should know…

1. Hello / Good morning / Good day / Good evening / Good night


First words that you will need, when you come to Türkiye are of course greetings. Here are the most common ones:

Hello – Merhaba

Good morning – Günaydın

Good day – İyi günler

Good evening – İyi akşamlar

Good night – İyi geceler

İyi günler/ İyi akşamlar/ İyi geceler can also be used as a wish when you end oof conversation with someone (the meanşng would be I wish you a good day/evening/night).

2. What is your name? My name is


If you’ve met someone for the first time you will want to know their name.

What is your name? – Senin adın ne?

What is your name (formal)? – Sizin adınız ne?

My name is… – Benim adım …

3. How are you? Fine, how are you?


To ask someone “how are you” you literally ask how that person is. “Nasıl” means how, and the appropriate ending depending on the formality of the question, and the number of people asked is added.

How are you? – Nasılsın?

How are you (formal) – Nasılsınız?

Fine, how are you? – İyiyim, sen?

Fine, how are you (formal) – İyiyim, siz?

4. Thank you

Thank you

Let’s thank a person who has asked how are we doing?

Thank you – Teşekkürler

Thank you very much – Çok Teşekkürler

You can use these words whenever you want to thank a person.

5. Please / I’m sorry/ You’re welcome


Another group of words that will express your respect to Turkish culture.

You’re welcome – Rica ederim

Sorry – Pardon (if you want to ask for something or accidentally step on someone’s foot etc.)

Excuse me – Affedersin

Excuse me (formal) – Affedersiniz

I’m sorry – Özür dilerim

Please – Lütfen (if you are asking for something)

6. Kolay gelsin / Ellerine sağlık


Kolay Gelsin – You will often hear this expression in Türkiye. It is used to express a wish for somebody who is working on something. It literally means may it come easily. So, basically you wish that the work that is being done would not be hard for the person that you wish it for.

Ellerine (Ellerinize – formal) sağlık – literally means health to your hands. This expression is used when you want to thank someone for the food they prepared for you or a handcrafted item being gift, or for anything made by hands.

7. Bon Appetit

bon appetite

Turkish cuisine is very wide. If you visit Türkiye, you will try a lot of various food, and probably often hear “Afiyet olsun”!

Bon appetit – Afiyet olsun

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