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New Year 2023 in Turkiye: Complete Guide

New Year’s is a family holiday, and everyone tries to get together and congratulate each other. The New Year’s Eve table is always lavish and plentiful with traditional dishes, fruits and sweets.

The holiday program in Türkiye is quite traditional: concerts in city squares, beautifully decorated houses and shop windows on New Year’s Eve, brightly coloured streets, and midnight fireworks. In Istanbul, the Kadikoy and Pera districts in the Asian part of the city, as well as Taksim and Sultanahmet Squares in the European part, become focal points for mass celebrations.

On the Mediterranean coast, tourists who have chosen Türkiye as a meeting place for the new year are welcomed by luxurious hotels whose staff will make every effort to make the holiday a success.

And the ski resorts in Türkiye provide high-quality service as well as relaxed skiing on gentle slopes. You can visit this link to find the most suitable hotel for your stay!

In this complete guide, you will definitely find the way to celebrate the New Year that you like and learn all the details of the winter holidays in Türkiye. Considering you want to visit to spend the new year’s eve in Istanbul, check out our blog about where to find the Christmas markets, the events including various concerts, the best restaurants in Istanbul and more!

1. Ski Resorts and Winter Sports


In Türkiye, the most “New Year’s” New Year is celebrated at ski resorts. From December to March, the local hotels welcome guests on an all-inclusive basis and offer skiing on panoramic slopes. And the prices are more than reasonable when compared to European ski resorts.

You are going to need to visit these resorts by renting a car, you can rent one through this link that I trust.



Uludağ is regarded as one of Türkiye’s most popular winter resorts. This ski slope, like all others, is located far from major cities. After flying to Istanbul, tourists can either take a half-hour flight to Bursa on local airlines or travel four hours by bus. The resort is 35 kilometres from Bursa. You can take a taxi or rent a car to get to the resort.

Uludağ’s slopes are appropriate for both experienced and inexperienced snowboarders and skiers. The trails are surrounded by coniferous forest, providing visitors with not only sports but also aesthetic pleasure.

You could stay in Bursa and drive to the ski slope. As a result, the trip budget will be saved, but getting to the track will be more difficult. Hotels near the slopes with their own lifts are an excellent alternative. Lifts are available to all guests because the service is included in the price.

The mountain’s height is approximately 2300 meters, and the total length of the ski slopes is 17 kilometers. The season runs from late December to late March, but this may vary depending on weather conditions. The “green” and “blue” beginner trails predominate here, with only a few “red” intermediate trails and only one “black” trail located outside the forest.



Palandöken is Türkiye’s newest ski resort. It is located in the country’s northeast, 4 kilometers from the ancient city of Erzurum, and can be reached by plane, bus, or rented car. Tourists in Palandöken can expect not only Turkish hospitality, but also beautiful landscapes, modern resort infrastructure, and excellent ski slope equipment aimed at skiers of various levels of training.

Palandöken is the ideal place to learn to ski if you are starting out. Experienced instructors provide beginners with step-by-step instruction, and classes are held in specially designated “corridors” away from general slopes.

Extreme lovers and free-riders will be drawn to the “black” slopes with the unrolled, untouched surface.

Lifts provide the ascent to the starting point. The cost of the lift is already included in the price for hotel guests.

Excursions to the nearby cities of Erzurum and Trabzon, where history has preserved many sights, are available in addition to the standard resort entertainment.

Palandoken, like all Turkish resorts, has the most stable snow from mid-December to March. The most diverse routes in terms of complexity can be found on the mountain’s slopes, with a total length of 30 km.



Erciyes is a modern ski center with a developed infrastructure on the Anatolian Plateau’s southeastern territory. On the slopes of the same-named hill (3916 m high) is a small tourist town. Erciyes’ summit is an extinct volcano. The optimal depth of the snow cover ensures that fans of active recreation can enjoy exciting skiing on a variety of tracks. There are excellent conditions for winter recreation.

The hotels also offer a number of restaurants, shops, sports equipment rentals, and health clubs. Tourists can take a bus from Kayseri’s airport to Erciyes. The distance between them is approximately 30 kilometers.

Because of the lack of dense forest here, the area provides excellent visibility of the surrounding landscapes. The trails are more than 40 kilometers long. Skiers with more experience prefer fast red and black slopes with twisty turns. For new skiers, there are wide and moderate spaces. Erciyes has rock climbing, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding available.

2. New Year’s Eve Tours to Fancy Resorts


Instead of Christmas decorations, holidaymakers on the sunny coast are surrounded by palms, and instead of snow, sand crunches underfoot. Prices are cheaper and there are fewer visitors during the off-season. During the low season, Turkish beach resorts provide heated saltwater pools, spa treatments, and a traditional hammam, all of which will bring total relaxation to your body and soul.

In addition, you will have the chance to thoroughly take in the pure sea air and enjoy its salty flavour and scent. On December 31, a special meal in the hotel restaurant is usually accompanied by a performance program.

When selecting a hotel for New Year’s Eve in Türkiye, consider the following factors: if a festive program, gala dinner, and fireworks are planned, how diverse the hotel’s entertainment options are, and the range of cuisine available. It is also important to know that swimming in the sea will not work, so look for a hotel with heated pools.

A mini-club will be relevant for families with children. Hotels prepare a wonderful holiday for youngsters on New Year’s Eve, complete with presents, active activities, competitions, and cartoon viewing.

Nadas Kazdağları


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Публикация от Nadas Kazdağları (@nadaskazdaglari)

For those, who are looking for an adults-only hotel and want to connect with nature, Nadas Kazdağları, would be a great choice for a winter holiday in Türkiye. The hotel is located in Çanakkale and offers 14 unique rooms where you can take a deep breath, slow down and open your chakras for well-being.

Yalıçapkını Boutique Hotel


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Публикация от Yalıçapkını Butik Hotel (@yalicapkinihotel)

Yalıçapkın Boutique Hotel, located in the Muğla district, offers both special prizes for accommodation and dinner during New Year’s Eve 2023. In addition to this offer, you will be able to enjoy the unique nature of the Bosphorus, its geography that smells of history, the combined scent of olive trees and clean air, all this accompanied by indescribable sunset and sunrise.

3. Thermal Springs and Thalasso


Healing Springs are not uncommon in Türkiye, and may be found in almost every region. Trips to thermal spa resorts will ease the stress of the year and get you in shape.


Pamukkale has almost 20 distinct keys. The water contains dissolved calcium carbonate, which settles to the stream’s bottom and turns the water white. Visitors to Pammukale wander around the terraces and swim in the Cleopatra pool.

Some water sources are safe to drink. However, you need to check out the diseases for which the water would be beneficial.

Pamukkale is Denizli’s most well-known thermal spring resort. However, there are less well-known but equally effective thermal springs in the vicinity that are readily accessible by rented vehicle or public transportation: Ortakçi, Ilıcası, İnaltı, Kabaağac, and Tepeköy, for example.


Tourists know little about this beautiful location, and the Turkish people value the beneficial properties of the mineral water in Karahayıt. Water’s composition is dominated by iron salts, giving it a brown-yellow colour. Liquid flows into pools or bursts out of the ground in a fountain. In Karahayit, there are 5 such keys. Swimming here is uncomfortable since the pools are roughly 60 degrees Celsius. The healing procedure is as follows: dip into the water, smear yourself with healing mud, wash it off, and then dip into the water again.

4. Gala Dinner at Luxurious Restaurants

Türkiye has a long- history of making high-quality traditional food. Istanbul, in particular, has many restaurants that successfully represent Türkiye’s food culture. And this year was significant for the culinary community since Michelin revealed the first selection of Michelin restaurants in Istanbul you can visit our blog to read more!

Celebrating the New Year at a restaurant is usually an exciting and memorable experience. Such a gathering will undoubtedly stand out among the holidays in a cozy setting. Restaurants providing entertainment events from December 31 to January 1 will assist in remembering the New Year 2023. Everyone will discover a venue to their liking among the range of urban offerings. Spending New Year’s Eve at a restaurant is a fantastic way to spend this wonderful occasion with family or friends.

Here are some of our suggestions for new year dinner in Istanbul:

Lacivert – The Best Restaurants in Istanbul

Lacivert Restaurant combines Mediterranean flavors with organic products from Anatolia. It’s well-known for its laid-back and family-friendly atmosphere, as well as its extensive seafood menu. Lacivert, which has a unique view of the Bosphorus, is sure to provide a great dining experience at any time of day, and if you are a late riser, you will discover that they do an excellent brunch. Because of its atmosphere, view, and delicious food, Lacivert is one of the best fine dining restaurants Istanbul.

Spago – For a Real Fine-Dine Experience

Spago was founded by the master chef of the same-named 2-star Michelin restaurant in Beverly Hills. The master chef, Wolfgang Puck, is so good at his job that he has organized the Academy Awards parties for the past 25 years. Spago’s eclectic tastes will undoubtedly delight you. With a farm-to-table philosophy that combines Californian, Asian, and Italian cuisines, the menu changes seasonally to reflect fresh ingredients.

360 Istanbul – One of Istanbul’s Top 5 Rooftops

360Istanbul, which has received numerous international awards, greets you on the top floor of this historical and ancient Egyptian Apartment with a breathtaking 360-degree view of Istanbul. It serves both international and modern Turkish cuisine. On weekends, 360 Istanbul transforms into a club with live shows, hosting famous international artists and DJs. This concept strikes an ideal balance between its four fundamental elements: food, atmosphere, entertainment, and ambience.

Mikla – Shining with its brand-new Michelin Star

Mikla’s Turkish and Scandinavian fusion dishes will take you on a culinary journey you’ll never forget. Mikla elevates the best Istanbul restaurant experience with refined “New Anatolian Cuisine” cuisine and breathtaking views. Choose Mikla for the best views of Istanbul from the dazzling rooftop of the Marmara Pera. It is an unrivaled setting for celebrating special occasions with family and friends. The daily-changing fine dining menu features various aspects of Anatolian cuisine, allowing you to sample Anatolia’s rich cuisine from the best.

Zuma – The Best Fine Dining Luxury Restaurant in Istanbul

In one of Istanbul’s most elite and sophisticated venues, we have the ideal setting for a glamorous dinner. This luxurious restaurant, which opened in 2016 and serves dishes from all over the world, will make you feel like a VIP. Zuma is well-known for its Japanese cuisine, and it’s the place to go in Istanbul for a good sushi meal. Make a reservation; please keep in mind that reservations are not available online and must be made by phone.

5. Great Shopping With Big Discounts


Shopping in modern shopping centers and colorful oriental bazaars will give you unusual purchases and incredible experiences. And well-known brands that arrange big sales will help you choose the best gifts for your loved ones. Christmas gift card is the best idea when you are not sure about what to gift!

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Публикация от Kiğılı (@kigiligiyim)

Kiğılı is an innovative men’s clothing brand from Türkiye that is well-known for its wide range of clothing options, particularly for business and events. The brand represents fantastic gift ideas such as clothing and accessories. You can buy a gift from Kiğılı for yourself or your loved ones. The good news is that if you’re not sure what to get, the brand offers a Gift Card that you can purchase and use to decide on your gift later! That could be the finishing touch you need for the New Year!

Kiğılı’s non-iron shirt with the slogan “Brilliant New Year that suits us” will make a great New Year’s gift for your loved ones. Wool touch knitwear, which reduces pilling, is already on the HeyTripster team’s list of long-lasting Christmas gifts.

If you are looking for a gift alternative for your loved ones and business partners, you can look at



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Публикация от Ipekyol (@ipekyoltr)

With its timeless, simple character, striking lines, and assertive colors, the Ipekyol 2022-23 Fall/Winter Collection is a celebration of the season… The Collection, which offers a modern interpretation of the 1980s and 1990s, features timeless and classic designs. Trench coats, with their distinct characteristics, are this season’s go-to wardrobe piece. Tweed jackets keep their classic vibes while elegant dresses and blouses feature drape details. One of the collection’s highlights is transparent knitwear, which has a feminine feel thanks to foil print details and embroidery. Knitwear dresses that stand out with their vibrant yet timeless colors, and jackets designed with meticulous attention to detail, highlight a modern and timeless style that is elegant and free…



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Публикация от Machka (@machkaturkiye)

The Machka 2022-23 Fall/Winter Collection combines elegant and sophisticated designs with modern splendor to create a new world of dreams inspired by striking symbols. Machka frequently employs rich embroidery details on dresses and in various product lines, elevating the most elegant silhouettes by modernizing traditional handcraft with one-of-a-kind materials. Bows used as a classic touch in dresses and blouses, as well as beadwork and elegant details emphasizing the waistline, continue their style journey in Machka’s Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection. Knitwear that can withstand the unpredictable fall weather is adorned with appliques of sparkling stones to reflect elegance, and sequins added to sweatshirts, the season’s go-to wardrobe piece, will steal the show.



Boyner, the address of the gift, offers special options to those who want to make their loved ones happy in the new year as well. With only a few days left until 2023, everyone in search of gifts visits Boyner stores. This photo of their Bagdat Avenue branch is so colorful, and big! Perfumes that always make you feel good, skin care products with natural ingredients for those who care about 360-degree care, moisturizers, masks, elegant, colorful and sparkling earrings for those who love accessories, necklaces, bracelets and wristwatches are offered in Boyner with wide selection of brands.

6. Mesmering Sightseeing Tours – How New Year is Celebrated in Türkiye


Many people identify Türkiye with hotels and beach vacations. However, they risk missing the most significant point. Türkiye is rich in attractions, historical history, and breathtaking landscapes.

There are numerous tours available, many of which are abandoned by visitors in the summer in favor of the sea or due to the extreme heat. Consider the Cappadocian valleys: not everyone can walk through them in the sweltering June heat, but in winter you may experience the unique natural environment at your leisure, without hurrying.

Of course, Istanbul is a popular location for New Year’s Eve trips. A New Year’s Eve tour of Istanbul’s highlights should be accompanied by a New Year’s Eve meal in a restaurant or on a boat cruising the Bosphorus. The greatest place to see the celebratory fireworks is from one of the seafronts.

Do you want to see Türkiye through the eyes of locals? Then pay close attention to the plans designed by them. Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Mugla, and Canakkale – all these destinations have prepared spectacular surprises and fantastic scenery. You will fall in love with Türkiye and wish to return again and again.


Turkcell brings “accessible” projects to life in every field. Türkiye’s largest telecommunications company Turkcell prioritizes “equal opportunity” in accessibility solutions and social responsibility projects to ensure disabled people’s full participation in social life. The company implements accessible solutions and social responsibility projects in a wide range of fields, from sports to culture and arts, education to communication, using cutting-edge technologies for people with disabilities.

7. Weather in Türkiye during Winter Months


Winter in Antalya, Mugla, and Izmir has the most pleasant weather. Temperatures in these areas average no lower than +15°C during the day and dip closer to zero at night. It often rains, so if you plan on walking a lot, bring an umbrella and dress warmly, since the humidity of the air may be unusual for you.

Other regions are no less attractive due to unique offers for tourists. The only thing to keep in mind while planning a vacation is that the temperature here might dip below zero and snow can fall. Therefore, remember to pack warm clothing and snow-appropriate footwear.

Although the average daily temperature in Istanbul rarely surpasses +10°C, we must keep in mind that it may suddenly change to frost (especially at night).

The average temperature in the ski resorts during the day is +4°C, while the thermometer goes below 0°C at night.

8. Prices during Winter Season in Türkiye


The most enjoyable aspect of selecting a winter vacation to Türkiye is the prices. They are much less expensive than during the summer season. However, it is important to know that New Year’s Eve pricing is not often low. New Year is a significant celebration, and many people strive to make the most of it. However, if you think about it, you may save even more money by going abroad compared to celebrating the New Year at home, if you take into account the cost of decorations, feasts, entertainment and trips to visit during the weekend.

A beach holiday or ski tour is a fantastic option. Excellent service, lack of crowds of tourists, and the ability to get away from organizational concerns. However, keep in mind that the number of hotels operating on the shore during the low season, as well as the number of hotels high in the mountains, are restricted.

And, if you decide not to stay in an all-inclusive hotel or ski resort, below are the estimated costs for spending in the city.

  • Breakfast costs between $3 and $5, depending on the cafe.
  • Hotel rooms start at $50 per night (prices may rise on New Year’s Eve).
  • 2-3 $ for a cup of coffee or tea
  • New Year’s Eve meal (at a restaurant) – from $30
  • Museum Pass – prices start at 35$ and more detailed information may be found here.

9. Other fascinating facts about New Year in Türkiye


The major streets, big malls, restaurants, and hotels are decked with different garlands and decorations for the New Year festivities. Christmas market Istanbul and bazaars are getting underway, and outdoor performances are being planned.

Turkish people also love to celebrate the New Year by visiting concerts and theatres! You can visit biletix guide page to see New Year’s events in Türkiye.

On pre-holiday days, Turkish people are actively buying lottery tickets. You can try your luck in the traditional Milli Piyango lottery. This lottery is held every year, and the rewards may be substantial.


Hop is an environmentally friendly urban transportation alternative that, due to its ease of use and performance, is a true time saver! You can help to reduce carbon emissions, which cause pollution and climate change, by using hop! By using hop for your daily commute, you are assisting in the fight against environmental pollution by lowering carbon emissions. You can download the app and use it in English; red scooters can be found all over the city! Also, don’t forget about the New Year’s Eve campaign in Istanbul.

In the Hop app, simply pay the opening fee for each ride and enter the “keyfinisür” code in the wallet > promotions field before clicking the “add” button to earn 5 TL per ride for a total of 100 TL. The code can only be used once and is valid for one month after it is entered. If you’re curious about currencies, read our blog post Everything You Must Know About Currencies Before Visiting Istanbul right away!

Sea voyages offer live music performances with hits from many eras, as well as rich feasts.

Salep is a viscous, scorching drink that will keep you warm. It is made from powdered orchid tubers that have been brewed with milk and flavored with cloves, ginger, or cinnamon to taste.

On New Year’s Eve, you may wish your loved ones “Mutlu Yıllar!” which translates to “Happy New Year!” in Turkish.  And Santa Claus is known as Noel Baba in Türkiye.

We wish that Santa Claus brings you the desired gifts and that your New Year holiday in Türkiye remains unforgettable for you. Happy New Year!

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