Ayşe Vuslat Erdoğan

Best things to do in Antalya: Best Beaches, Attractions & More

Antalya is a wonderful city to make an all-inclusive travel plan with its history, natural beauties, fun activities, nightlife, beaches, museums, and aquaparks. Antalya, which is also one of the cities where HeyTripster locals prepare trip plans, is one of the favorite cities of tourists, too. If you are thinking about what to do and where to go in Antalya, this blog, where I share with you the activities in Antalya that will become popular in 2021 and places to visit in Antalya, is just for you.


Be Ready to Taste the Local Delicacies of Izmir – Smyrna

Izmir, which is known as Smyrna in antique, is a big city located on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Thanks to the history which is dated B.C. 3000, Izmir has significant historic and cultural aspects. These aspects have affected the food culture, too. From boyoz to kumru, Izmir has various local delicacies. Also, besides the Turkish names, natives of Izmir call some foods with names special to Izmir. With both historic structure and idiosyncratic tastes, Izmir is a wonderful choice to make comprehensive travel. In this article, you can see the worth seeing and tasting local restaurants but before that, if you want to create a trip plan which is most enable to you, you can use The Traveller Evolution Form which is prepared for you by HeyTripster and you learn the best plan for what to do in Izmir. Here, the best delicacies to taste Izmir cuisine, best places in Izmir and what you need to know about them according to 2021. The first local delicacy that comes to mind when Izmir cuisine is mentioned is boyoz.


Ancient Cities That are Waiting to Be Discovered in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries that witnessed important historical events in the past. Thanks to its geopolitical location and fertile lands, Anatolian lands have been the birthplace of many civilizations. These lands which host the major ancient civilizations from Hittites to Ionians, Lydians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans have very historical and cultural aspects.