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Where to Visit With a Day Trip – Near London: Most Adorable English Towns and Villages

London is a vibrant and exciting city that is well worth visiting for so many reasons. Home to some of the most famous tourist sites in the world, it boasts an impressive and instantly recognizable skyline. But there is a different side to England not far from this sprawling metropolis – a side that is quaint, delightful, and an absolute must-see when visiting London. At HeyTripster we provide trip plans to the famous historic and momentous sights the city has to offer, but we think it’s important to visit some of the beautiful towns near London too. Each of the places in this article has its own unique character, history, and points of interest. And they have been attracting pilgrims, tourists, and visitors for many, many years. London has fantastic transport links with the rest of England via train or car, and there are some wonderful places to visit near London that you can reach within a few hours or less and will introduce you to other quintessentially English towns and cities. While using London Underground to get around the city is relatively inexpensive (you can normally do a whole day on the Tube for around £5 using your contactless card, mainline trains in England are notoriously expensive – particularly if you travel between the peak hours of between 06.30 - 09.30 in the morning or 15.30 – 18.30 in the evening. The best way to save on train tickets when traveling to England is to travel off-peak and book in advance if possible. During off-peak hours, use the ‘Kids for a Quid’ offer which sees children travel for £1. If traveling in a group of 3-9 people, you may be able to get a group discount of up to 34%. Please note: There are several train operators that travel to and from London with prices and offers subject to change without notice but all information is correct at the time of publication. If you’re traveling by car and looking for things to do near London, the M25 motorway is your friend. The M25 is a ring road around London with access to major routes in and out of the city.


1 Day Itinerary for London: Must-See Landmarks, Shopping Tips, Things to Do & More

London is a vibrant multicultural city that attracts over 21 million visitors every year. There is something for everyone in this 24/7 city which never stops. From ancient history to modern-day architecture, adrenalin-fuelled days out to gentle strolls in the royal parks, and some of the finest cuisine in the world to a thriving theatre scene, there are so many places to visit in London.In truth, a one-day visit will only scratch the surface of things to do in London, but it’s long enough to see some of the most famous London sights and fall in love with the place. But with HeyTripsters’s trip plans for London, you can make the most of your time there and see some of the most iconic London sights – and maybe a few hidden gems too.