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Best Places to Visit in London with Kids

Few cities boast as many exciting attractions for children like London. If London is where Harry Potter took his first steps to Hogwarts, or where Paddington Bear found a new home, then the same city is guaranteed to offer a day of a lifetime for your children. So, to make the most of this city, look no further than HeyTripster’s locally written trip plans by experienced travellers.  Loaded with cultural charms, history, heritage, endless parks and adrenaline-filled adventures, London is the city to take on if you want to give your kids an adventure. In simpler words - London is exploding with fun places to take your kids. Intense, thrill-seeking, swashbuckling and enlightening, the selection is far too wide to list in a single article or visit in a weekend. Whether it’s branded toy stores, theme parks or cultural attractions, London is a playground from another universe. As a result, finding the best places to take your kids can be a daunting challenge! But worry not, keep reading, and the process for finding fun things for kids in London will take a turn for the “easy”!