The Best Food and Grocery Delivery Apps You Can Use in Istanbul

This post’s last update check: 20 Aug 2021

As in every other megacity, you can order food almost no matter where you are in Istanbul. Having a huge population and tourists that impelled to come to this city makes an unbelievable competition for the food industry. You can almost find every food from every cuisine, in every region in Istanbul. And because of that competition, almost all of them can be found in food delivery apps. Especially tourists using Airbnb can use these apps. High-quality food at low prices can be found easily with these apps. But like everything else, it is not perfect. Users should pay attention to the average points the restaurants get and more importantly, the comments customers made. We are going to list some of the best apps you can use in Istanbul, so you can use them on your Istanbul trip easily. Some of these apps include not just food delivery, the also provide market products of any kind.

1. Yemeksepeti

Turkey’s most famous food delivery app is Yemeksepeti. Since there is no Uber Eats Istanbul, or anywhere in Turkey, this app is almost like Uber Eats. This app divides by regions, cities and their regions for more precise choices. Especially Yemeksepeti Istanbul branch is filled with countless restaurants. With having the best customer services in the country, people who got their delivery wrong can be assured for compensating the restaurant’s fault. With this customer care with the precise comments and points given by customers, Yemeksepeti is your number one choice in Istanbul food delivery apps.

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2. Banabi

This app belongs to the Yemeksepeti as an alternate choice for apps in its kind. While Yemeksepeti is for ordering food Banabi is for ordering market products. This list may be mainly for food delivery apps in Istanbul, but Banabi is worth including in it. Almost every customer comment says it is usable without hesitation. And they are mostly right, even this app is new among its peers. There were other apps for market products delivery before Banabi, but Yemeksepeti keeps its high quality in this app, making it the number one choice in the market shopping app in Istanbul. With the same high customer care, they bring your order as fast as they could. You can access Banabi in the Yemeksepeti app.

3. Getir/Getir Yemek

Not the most used app in the industry, Getir is the biggest alternate for Yemeksepeti. Getting mostly bad comments with high prices as the customers says, this app should be used carefully. Knowing this kind of app can’t exist only with bad comments we searched deeper. This market and food ordering app in Istanbul is constantly doing discounts on many things. Users always say to watch an eye for these discounts, for they are highly profitable. Among order cancellations and high prices you can find a nice, cheap and clean order delivery time after time. They’re really good at getting you market products with Getir app. But Getir Yemek app used for food delivery in Istanbul, not so great. Still new and in the development phase this app can cause some trouble.

4. istegelsin

istegelsin is one of the most popular ordering apps in Istanbul. They take pride in having over seven thousand products you can order. Their name, Iste Gelsin means ‘Order and it will arrive’ holds their company policy. The diversity of products makes a popular app among users, for they can have grocery products along with office stuff or makeup products. Snacks, vegetables, books, outfits, technological equipment and much more can be ordered with the same prices or even less than market shelves. They have a good reputation, apart from ordering food in Istanbul you can use this app if you forgot your cold-weather outfits or your charger without hesitation.



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5. Migros Sanal Market / Migros Hemen

One of the biggest market companies Migros made an app for shopping called Migros Sanal Market. Like Starbucks, they have a store in almost every neighborhood and that makes their shopping app usable almost everywhere. Though their markets have very good prices for the goods they sell, their apps don’t bring that much appreciation. They got a lot of bad comments for their apps; lately, they were improving their services. For a basic market shopping, this can be used in Istanbul.

Migros Sanal Market

Migros Hemen

6. Sarıyer Sanal Market

One of the oldest shopping apps in Turkey and Istanbul, Sarıyer Sanal Market is still available for use. According to people who use these apps they were the best, but recently not good enough. Apps like Banabi, Getir and istegelsin raised the quality of these services. Sarıyer Sanal Market left behind in this race, but not beaten. It still has its own customers buying from this app and tries to improve its services. But not the best one, frankly they have troubles with customer care. Still, it is usable if you have a near branch of this market chains.7

7. Macrocenter

One of the best markets in Turkey has an app too. Macrocenter best known for their imported products. Drinks, sauces, foods and much more imported stuff can be found here especially from Europe. People who like to cook food from different cuisines with their own foods, or tourist who wants to feel like they are in their own country always choose this market. And tourists using Airbnb, or rented an apartment for long periods can use this markets app without having a second thought. They always have the best quality products, and even their prices high it is not high enough for their taste. We strongly recommend this app for tourists and citizens alike.

8. CarrefourSA: Online Market

Carrefour is a popular market company you can run into in Istanbul. They have branches all over Turkey and reviewed as a good market by the customers. And they also started an app for their markets. But it didn’t go as good as their market success. Their lack of customer care and daily changing prices draw too many complaints from the customers. Lately, they tried to improve their online shopping app, but still, customers didn’t find it enough. In usual they have good products with imported stuff and nice discounts in their markets. But in their app, it is still on working progress. If you choose to use this app, as customers’ comments say, look out for some discounts and the proximity of the market that will deliver your order to you.



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    Thank you for providing the list. As new in Istanbul, this list is very important for me. When I was living in the USA there were many apps for grocery delivery that I loved to use even got inspired by this my company in the USA developed an on-demand Grocery delivery app which is running successfully there.

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