How To Entertain Yourselves At Home During 2021 New Year’s Eve?

This year, we cannot celebrate the arrival of 2021 outside. So why not have fun at home? This year we had more difficult times than any year. Did we not deserve a celebration? Shouldn’t we welcome the next year even more cheerfully? Shouldn’t we say over and over again that we have not lost our hope despite all that we have experienced while counting down in the last seconds of the year?
Yes, we will be even more cheerful and hopeful this year. As we welcome 2021 in our homes, we will draw it to ourselves faster and send 2020 with all its curses. So how do we celebrate New Year’s Eve in our homes?

Motivation Matters

Being at home all the time means repeating the same things, getting used to a routine. New Year’s Eve is more special and important than any evening. For this reason, it is necessary to put aside routines and prepare for morale first. What are the things that will make that evening special? It is necessary to think about them, maybe to list them. Remember the preparations you made while hosting your guests, now it is necessary to make these preparations for the great guest 2021. Bring out the dinnerware you have never used. Prepare your table as if your most important guests are coming. Decorate your table with a Christmas concept cover and napkin set. Speaking of decorating: If you have children, give them the task of “decorating the house for the new year’s eve”. If not, let your inner child show up and decorate the house!



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Prepare Your Dining Table

On New Year’s Eve, we will have a special evening at our home with our family. To prepare for tonight, take paper and pen and start making lists. What do you want to eat that night? What will you serve before and after the main course? Maybe you don’t want to bother with preparing food by ordering it. Whether you cook the food or order it, you should organize a meal list that you will enjoy for that evening. It is important to pamper yourself with your favorite dishes, desserts, appetizers, and drinks.

And Here’s Fun Time!

What are the activities to do at home? You can also sit together and watch a fun movie. However, there are many good activities to do together.

Are you alone? No, you are not!

If you live alone at home, you can experience the most fun New Year’s Eve. As the number of people increases, wishes, preferences, and needs change, but if you are alone at home, it means: You are the boss! If you are tired of having fun with DIY products, here are the best games for you: Online games. You can play many games from the browser that you can access without downloading. You can play games like 8 ball pool, with Miniclip Geoguessr ( where you can play on Google Maps or Town of Salem ( or ( where you can play with your friends.) are waiting for you!

Activities for 2 People

You can play card games for two or backgammon, Yahtzee, or maybe chess. If you want to play a different board game, games such as Monopoly and Reversi are just for you.

Activities for 3 People

You can play the game known as Stadt Land Fluss at the moment in Germany. There are also board games played with three people. But the best is word and counting games that you can play together. The most popular of word games is deriving new words with the last syllable of the spoken word. Counting games are also more enjoyable when you are more crowded than 3 people. The simplest and most fun counting game is “boom”. A person starts counting and whenever the number comes to 5 and its multiples, you say “Boom” instead of 5. And you are starting to speed up counting!

4 Person Activities

In 4-person games, you can play single or in pairs by creating a group of 2 people. Taboo is a very fun game, when it is played with 4 people. Guessing games are also very enjoyable with 4 people. Alternatives to card games also increase. Poker stands out in the 4-player card games as an inevitable card game.



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Did You Say Party?

First of all, there should be a playlist. You can choose the best songs to dance to and create a Spotify playlist. Then Zoom parties! You can have a party with your friends or you can join someone else’s party together. There are many ways to do this. Let’s say you, your large and crowded friends, want to spend a nice New Year’s Eve together. Virtual parties are for you. How is a virtual party designed?

1.Choose activity: Your options are very wide, right? You can make trivia, karaoke, tarot, bingo according to the guest list. You can hire an entertainer, DJ, comedian, singer to virtually join your party.

2.Send motivating gifts to guests along with their invitations: Before the party, you can send your guests fun and motivating gifts such as crowns and New Year whistles. The organizers recommend that you pay attention to keeping the guest list at 20 people. And ask everyone for RSVP.

3.Choose a theme: Dress code is important, which helps everyone to connect with each other. That way, all your guests are prepared and feel like they’re attending a real party. You can talk to your friends about a dress code suitable for the party theme. You can even get a raffle among the best-dressed ones and gift a store’s discount card.

4.Balance your budget: No one believes that much fun is prepared for a 45-minute party. Complete the necessary application and program purchases in order to decide the party duration yourself. Understand exactly how to manage the process and make sure there are no technical difficulties.

5.Create a team: You can organize the party alone, but you can make it even more colorful with a team. The team will make your party unforgettable by directing not only entertainment but also all activities. The crew is also a good idea for a dress rehearsal before the party!

Film Marathon on Digital Platforms

The movie marathon is a unique entertainment tool for New Year’s Eve and beyond. Get ready for a good movie marathon with your loved ones this year. Say goodbye to sleep to watch your entire favorite movie series with popcorn, chips, drinks, and nuts. You can be sure that you will welcome 2021 in a very different way. Here are some suggestions:

1.Back to the Future:

One of the most entertaining movies of 1985. You will enjoy watching Brown and Marty travel back in time, almost trying to fix the mistakes that would prevent him from giving birth.

2.The Lord of the Rings:

2001 series, you can watch Frodo and his friends in pursuit of the ring as they try to change the destiny of Middle-earth.


If you want to watch the series, btw which started shooting in 2004, on New Year’s Eve. Entering 2021 with images of horror, fear, blood, and bones is also a different style of entertainment. (is it?)

4.Pirates of the Caribbean:

Jack Sparrow, a mysterious pearl, a gold coin, and a girl waiting to be rescued. Is the popcorn ready?


Realities experienced and facts beyond what is experienced… Actually, which can we say for 2020? Anyway. It’s a good idea to say hello to 2021 by watching The Matrix movies.

6.Harry Potter:

Poor Harry. He too, thought he was weak and weak. Yet what did happen? After the age of 11, he realized that he was as good (perhaps a little more) as others and sometimes as a hero as any student at the Wizarding School. Don’t Harry’s experiences fill you with hope, happiness, and compassion?
There are many more movie series, you can choose yourself and start the marathon with your friends.

2021 is waiting for you, and you have it. Let’s get up to prepare for the most fun reunion!



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