Things You Need to Know About The Best Istanbul Boat Rentals

The waters of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn are famous for their breathtaking beauty, which is why so many people enjoy renting a boat, yacht, or even a luxury cabin cruiser to enjoy all of these views from the water. In Istanbul, there are numerous options for renting a boat. Visitors who want to explore these waterways and see the sights from the water can opt for private rental services, charter companies, or traditional fishermen who will take you out for a fee.

1. What is the cost of renting a boat or a yacht in Istanbul?


A small motorboat will cost between $20 and $60 per hour, while a much larger cabin cruiser will cost between $200 and $500 per hour. These prices include the boat, a skipper/captain, and fuel. There may also be additional fees for cleaning the boat after use, as well as a security deposit. Expect to pay $3,000-$6,000 per day to charter a yacht. The cost will be determined by the size and amenities of the yacht you wish to rent. In Istanbul, luxury yacht charters can cost up to $25,000 per day. In case you would like to rent a private boat in Istanbul, the cost would be much more higher.

2. Why should you rent a yacht?


Renting a yacht is the most expensive, but also the most luxurious way to explore the Bosphorus. When you charter a yacht, you have the entire vessel to yourself, and you can travel at your own pace. You can swim in the beautiful water for as long as you want, or you can make a day trip out of it and return to shore when you’re ready to sleep. Chartering a yacht gives you a lot of freedom. You can travel to any part of the Bosphorus, change your itinerary as you go, and stop wherever you want for as long as you want. You also get to travel in style, so you can enjoy stunning views of Istanbul from the water in opulence.

3. What exactly is a yacht charter?


A private rental of a privately owned yacht is referred to as a yacht charter. In this case, you rent the yacht and the crew and can sail to any location you want. You’ll be on the boat with only your fellow passengers, so it’s a great way to spend time with the ones love or want to know better. A yacht can also be chartered for special occasions such as a honeymoon or a birthday party. If you want to charter a yacht, you should book as far in advance as possible. Between April and November is the best time to charter a yacht because the weather is mild and the seas are calm. Istanbul boat charters are in many different places of the city, but the most popular places are without a question Kadikoy and Beşiktas.

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