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Private Yacht Charters in Turkiye 2023

Sailing through the beautiful bays and islands of Türkiye is an unparalleled delight. Private yacht tours are highly preferred if you wish to explore the natural feast for the eyes. Either as a small or a large group of friends, you can rent a boat of your choice and have a luxurious trip through the bays. Here are the answers to the questions that you might have:

1. Gulets or Yachts?


Gulet or motor yacht preferences must be selected according to the likes of the guests. Motor yachts are most suitable for groups of 2-8, who prefer short, 2- 3 night tours to make the best of their weekends; gulet type boats are better for groups of 6-16, who are considering weekly rentals.

2. Which bays should you travel to?


The decision of which bay to go to might be left entirely to the yacht’s captain after the guests have declared their wishes to the captain. However, if the guest groups have a path in mind and are more detail-oriented, their desired route will be taken. The most crucial point here is to determine the starting and ending points of the tour.

Your tour can begin from different regions of Türkiye. Each one has its own famous bays and islands. For example, it is a must to visit Yassıca Islands, Martı Bay, Hamam Bay and Bedri Rahmi Bay in tours that begin from Göcek. There are also luxury yacht charter Bodrum and luxury yacht charter Türkiye in general. If your tour starts from Kaş, Antalya, you should definitely visit Kekova; take a look at the yacht charter in Antalya.

If guests are unsure of what they want to do, once they decide on the starting point of the tour, they can visit the most popular bays of that area.

3. When is the best time to tour?


While all seasons have their beauty, the yachting season starts at the beginning of April and lasts until the end of November. For those who prefer tranquillity and staying away from the hot weather, spring and fall is the optimal choice, whereas, for summer lovers, the summer season will be the best option. According to our taste, May, September, and October usually make for the most enjoyable times of the season.

4. Gulet’s top features


The most prominent features of the gulet are that they have a wide area of usage and a high capacity for hosting guests. Even though they are not common, there are gulets on the market that have the capacity to host up to 30 guests. The luxury gulet charter Türkiye is also economical; the rent cost per person will be financially optimal for the guests.

5. Yacht’s top features


The prominent features of motor yachts are speed and durability. There is a certain standard for comfort and quality regarding the prestige of luxury yacht charter in Türkiye. In this case, there is less chance for surprise, and guests can decide with more ease in their choice of yachts. If you are looking for a place where you can rent a motor yacht, check out this link.

6. How many people are on board?


Aside from the crew, there can be up to 30 guests on board. The boat crew is made up of at least 2 people, although this number can be up to 7.

7. Seasickness


Unfortunately, whether or not you will be seasick is only possible to know through experience. Seasickness differs from person to person, and sometimes people get seasick after some time on the tour. However, on a short route through safe bays, seasickness is rarely experienced.

8. What should I bring with me for the Yacht Tour?


The guests should primarily opt for small or medium-sized luggage that will not clutter the cabin. Pack some light clothing and personal hygiene products. Aside from those, you can take any other personal belongings you will need during the tour.


How much time is enough for a yacht tour?

We recommend at least three days for a yacht tour.

Are yacht tours safe?

Yacht tours are very safe, and the maintenance of yachts is regularly checked by a professional yacht crew.

Is it possible to eat on the yacht?

Not only is it possible, but there are yacht tours where cooks provide the guests with colourful menus for three courses a day, and guests are able to enjoy the meals with appetite; check out this link for this type of yacht tour.

Is it possible to sleep on a yacht?

There are fully equipped cabins provided on the yacht for the guests to sleep in.

Shopping on the boat

If the guests wish to shop during the tour, there are supermarket boats that can be visited while on board. In addition to all of these, there are coffee shops, bakeries, meze shops and other mini boat stores that offer delivery service on your boat.

Can I steer the boat?

Aside from that, If you wish to rent a boat without the captain, you ought to have an internationally accredited IYT bareboat skipper licence. Those who are qualified should not have any problems steering the boat. However, you don't need to steer the boat if you rent a boat with the crew included.
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