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Mykonos which is the most famous one of the party island in Greece is a legend. On the island, you can imagine yourself in an MTV music video. Drinking and dancing anywhere, any time of the day, is totally an ordinary event. Beach bars of Mykonos are the best in the world. You might say that everyone knows them, however; did you know that Mykonos is also a gastronomic paradise and a fashion attraction centered on the clothes and jewels of Greek designers?

Mykonos' Most Popular Places

You can smell the melon-scented hookah in the Queen of Mykonos champagne and cocktail bar located right next to Agios Georgios Church. The ones who enjoy here are either those who are very rich (we are talking about those who can give a bottle of champagne € 35,000) or young people in their 20s. Queen’s Secret Caviar Champagne bar is another attempt by the same businessman. This bar opens after midnight. The bar’s target audience consists of those who want to end the fun night with different caviar types and 15 champagne types.
The bars in the Hora area are constantly renewed and it is possible to see a different style and decoration every year. However, The Astra region hosts a nightlife that hasn’t changed much in 32 years. Thanks to its whitewashed courtyard, this area is the best place for everyone to relax and sip a drink. The best parties of Mykonos are organized in the interior design of famous jewelry designer Minas. Kastro region responds to the entertainment demands of those who want to get away from the main trend. In this area, you can watch the drag queen Priscilla’s Jackie O ’performance which celebrates its 10th anniversary this season or other colorful and entertaining shows. Other options include music shows reminiscent of New York cabaret shows at the Montparnasse Piyan Bar. The unique windmills and the view of the yachts that harbors to Little Venice when the south wind blows can be admired from the windows of the place.

Young people flow to Paradise Beach, which is home to parties that are very generous in using UV body paint for fun. Entertainment at these parties starts later in the evening and continues until the first light of the morning. Located on the upper edge of the beach and the edge of the rocky area, Cavo Paradiso which is a famous outdoor club with hosting world-famous DJs such as David Morales, Tiesto, Louie Vega, and Paul Oakenfold. If you want to cool off in the club’s pool after the party, remember to bring your bikinis.

Flavors of Mykonos

In the town of Madoupas, dating back to the 1930s, employees can offer you a local flavor of Louza, which the Mykonos people admire. This meat, prepared with passion and care, is processed by salting the pork fillet and then desalting and flavoring with savory, allspice and black pepper.

Keep in mind that this place is more than a coffee shop on your way to the Gioras Bakery. This building, dating back to the 1420s, has managed to preserve both its ancient medieval texture and its profitability. This place which is the oldest wood oven in the Cyclades focused exclusively on cafes. So, bread demand is reduced. Take your seats at the small tables, order cappuccino freddo and taste homemade biscuits and baklava.

The last traditional Mykonos caféio in Hora has been working continuously since 1978. Although the sign above the door says ‘’Yialos ”, everyone knows this place as “stou Bakogia” (“Bakogias’s Place”). Every Sunday, after the church, the locals gather here, drink tsipouro, discuss football and politics, laugh together and sing. During the most popular summer months, 200 eggs are prepared daily in this kitchen. Until four years ago, Kyria Vasiliki (Kyria was used for “Mrs.” in Greek) entered the kitchen, but her daughter Asimina and her grandchild Vasiliki took over the business. Appetizer plates, ouzo and tsipouro go and return between kitchen tables. Local delicacies that you should try include Louza and Mostra which is prepared with local kopanisti cheese, tomatoes, and capers.

Arts & Culture in Mykonos

The famous Armenistis Lighthouse of Mykonos was one of the largest lighthouses in the Mediterranean. This lantern was awarded the 1889 Universal Exhibition in Paris for its mechanical workmanship. It served until 1983, allowing numerous ships to safely cross the narrow sea route between Mykonos and Tinos. Today, the lighthouse is a part of the Aegean Maritime Museum. To get to the courtyard, visitors must pass through the traditional Cycladic captain’s house. Among the exhibits in the courtyard are tombstones and copies of items found in Delos and Mykonos. There are ship models, ancient nautical vehicles and marine-themed coins dating from the 5th century BC in the museum. It is also possible to see ombrellino or parasols of Manto Mavrogenous, the hero of the Greek War of Independence in 1821.

Explore the “Saints of Mykonos” workshop near Mikri Venetia. Merkourios Dimopoulos, a self-taught Athenian icon painter, is known as Saint of the Mykonos by the islanders. Dimopoulos, whose grandmother is a native of Mykonos, has been living on the island since 1987. Unimpressed by the modern world rhythm that surrounds him, Dimopoulos reproduces icons with the iconography of Crete, Russian and Heptane schools. This process includes grinding wood using sandpaper, filling with Bologna chalk and coating with 22K gold leaf. Tourists are ordering his works. The most popular ones are Saint Joel and Michael, the angels of Gabriel and Raphael. “People are trying to find their guardian angels.” the artist says.

Beaches of Mykonos

Until a few years ago, beach bars were closing with the sunset. But now these hours have become the most popular hours on the island. Between the beaches of Paraga and Ftelia, those who enjoy the sun every day secretly go home and refresh themselves. At 19:00, they become part of the fun by ordering cocktails with trendy robes and cool clothes or enjoying a glass of better-chilled rosé wine.

You can see Mastic Passion cocktails in everywhere from 5 pm in the famous Nammos located in Psarro. The same ritual continues in SantAnna, the largest swimming pool in Europe. Here, people sip Mykonos Never Sleeps cocktails, which are prepared with sous vide technique, containing rum and porcini mushrooms.
At Paraga Beach, the party starts with music. As the hours go by, people move to the ‘’sunset area’’ in Scorpios, where there are poofs and only reserved for sunset rituals. Everyone being there will enjoy guest DJ performances, live music and the mysterious atmosphere created by the fireplace, with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea in the background. At Ftelia Beach, everyone gathers at an African-style Alemagou bar and uses the Shazam app to find the track the DJ plays, while they also order Pornstars (a coconut cocktail). The party continues until midnight.

Although Mykonos is known for its dozens of beaches, not all beaches are crowded. You can swim from the sandy or stony areas that you can stay on your own, in the hidden corner. One such place is between Elia and Agrari. As you walk along the muddy road that connects the two beaches, you will discover another side of the island: the face that is still intact and unspoiled and allows you to stay with nature – no apps, no music, no cocktails, just nature.

Mykonos Activities

Make an appointment to visit the property of Nikos Asimomitis’ Vioma, where you can wander through the vineyards listening to classical music for wine tasting tours. You can also taste wine and local food on your trips to this vineyard. If you visit in the harvest time in September, you can be part of the grapes crushed in traditional presses and the evenings’ dances accompanied by food, drinks, and tambourines (tulum) and toumbakia (drum).
Mikonos also owns a microbrewery called Mikonu, run by two young brewers Angelos Ferous and Jano Bakı, in collaboration with wine producer Yiannis Paraskevopoulo. You can visit the premises by appointment and taste unique, fresh and unpasteurized beers, which are also served in the bars and restaurants on the island.

With Yummy Pedals, you can explore Mykonos’ countryside, take the sunny routes of Ano Mera, leave fields and farms behind, and take breaks in the stunning church landscape. The tour ends at the vineyards of Vioma with lunch featuring local ingredients and wines. Dimitra, the daughter of the owner of the vineyard, who speaks English, French, Spanish or Turkish, plans a bike tour based on the participants’ level of fit.
You can feel closer to nature by riding horses. Horseland takes you to the shores of the island, where you can enjoy the golden Fokos Beach where you can watch birds. The round trip takes two hours (three hours if you include swimming and dinner). You can also choose special experiences such as romantic picnics and photo-shooting on the beach.
The beauty of Mykonos is not only the beaches. Clean, warm waters (24 degrees in summer) and unique clarity (up to 50 meters) are ideal for underwater fun. The most popular scuba diving sites are the Lia Reef and Aghia Anna Beach offshore, where multicolored sea rabbits swim by the Lia Reef and islands. During the dive, you can explore the caves of Tragonisi or the rocks at the Kalafakiona Reef and see fragments of ancient pottery. Another important point is the 62-meter ANNA II cargo shipwreck that sank off Lia Beach in 1995. GoDive Mykonos is accredited by Mykonos Diving Center and W-Diving PADI.
If you want to stay above the water, trips by Mykonos Kayak Tours and Trails will show you a different side of the island. Fascinating rocks are coming out of the surface of the sea, and the only thing that disturbs the silence is the sound of wild nature. The routes of these trips vary depending on the weather conditions. With the wind blowing from the north, you can enjoy the reef and Aghios Sostis sea cave. You can paddle to Korfos with the south or west wind, leave windmills and Little Venice behind and explore the island of Baos. A picnic tour on the beach is included. Excursions are conducted under the guidance of the British Canoe Association certified guides.

Shopping & Fashion in Mykonos

When we say fashion, we think of Paris, Milan, London, and New York. Also, Mykonos: Mykonos is a podium in the middle of the Aegean Sea with white houses.
Not only private collections, designer sarongs, luxury sandals, white tops or other island-specific clothing are on display but also Mikonos Miks luxury boutiques exhibit works by avant-garde designers such as Rick Owens and Comme des Garçons, while at the same time it is possible to find autumn collections of famous brands in mid-summer.

As if the island’s shopping scene wasn’t exaggerated, the newcomers are taking things even further. Head to Nammos Village, the island’s first open-air shopping center, set on a 12,000-square-meter area by the sea. In the shopping center, you can find Gucci (the brand’s first store in Greece), Loro Piana, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Christian Louboutin (first store in Greece), Kiton and more. Partially Cycladic partially Mexican breezes, this little universe resembles Mediterranean tropical gardens. You can imagine Kim Kardashian or Gigi Hadid taking a short walk on Psarou Beach with cocktails, stopping at boutiques on LUISA Beach and looking at the latest collection of Missoni Mara or Dolce & Gabbana.

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