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Get Spooked Together: Halloween in London for Families

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to indulge in some of the best things with your little ones during October Half Term, especially on 30th October. London offers a variety of activities and events that cater to kids of all ages. From pumpkin patches to haunted tours, Halloween-themed museums and gardens to Harry Potter specials, there’s something for everyone during half-term. In this blog post, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on all the fun things you can do with your children during Halloween in London. We’ll take you through various kid-friendly activities, such as picking pumpkins, exploring haunted places and taking part in Halloween-themed workshops. So, let’s dive in and start planning your perfect Halloween adventure with your kids!

An Overview of Halloween Celebrations in London

London is the ideal place for a family Halloween. Enjoy trick-or-treating in popular spots like Covent Garden and Notting Hill. Join family-friendly events such as the Spooky Zoo at London Zoo and Halloween at the Houses of Parliament. Get creative with costume ideas like Harry Potter characters or zombies. Don’t forget to visit haunted attractions like the Tower of London or The London Dungeon for spooky stories. Indulge in delicious Halloween treats like pumpkin pies or candy apples. London offers the best for a spooktacular family Halloween experience.

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin: Family-friendly Pumpkin Farms

In London, you have various options for picking the perfect pumpkin. Look for pumpkin patches, farms, community gardens, or local parks. You can also find pumpkin vendors at farmer’s markets and street fairs. Consider factors like size, shape, and color when choosing your pumpkin. Explore nearby countryside villages like Westminster Abbey for a unique experience. London offers plenty of options to find the perfect pumpkin for Halloween festivities.

North London’s pumpkin farms, which grow pumpkin plants, offer a fun and interactive experience for families during Halloween. In addition to pumpkin picking, these farms have attractions like corn mazes and hayrides. Some farms even have cafes and gift shops. Pumpkin picking is not just about having fun; it also teaches children about agriculture and food origins. Visit a pumpkin farm for lasting family memories during the spooky season.

Halloween Themed Tours: A Spooky Experience in October

halloween themed pumpkins

Experience the haunted places of London with Halloween-themed tours. Learn about the dark history and spine-chilling stories behind famous landmarks like the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace. Choose from family-friendly tours or more intense experiences for adults, where you can dress up in Halloween costumes. Immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere and create unforgettable memories with your older kids and the whole family.

The Ghost Bus Tour

Experience London’s haunted history on The Ghost Bus Tour. Step aboard a vintage 1960s Routemaster bus and explore the eerie stories of haunted buildings, famous graveyards, and chilling locations in the city. Live actors bring London’s spooky past to life, making this family-friendly activity perfect for Halloween. Immerse yourself in the dark arts of London with The Ghost Bus Tour, including a cautionary tale about pumpkin carving safety.

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

Embark on a guided walking tour through Victorian London’s dark alleys and streets to explore the chilling world of Jack the Ripper. Led by experienced guides, this tour offers insights into the era’s police investigation techniques and public reaction to the gruesome murders. Perfect for history enthusiasts or those seeking a spooky adventure, the family-friendly Jack the Ripper Walking Tour is a unique way to experience London’s haunted past and get into the Halloween spirit. You can also receive a tournament card for exclusive discounts and perks by joining specific guides!

Exploring the Eerie: London’s Haunted Places

London has a variety of haunted places that will send shivers down your spine, especially on 31st October. The Tower of London, with its dark history of ghosts, executions, and torture, is one of the most haunted locations. For a theatrical twist, visit The London Dungeon to experience infamous events like Jack the Ripper. The Grenadier Pub is haunted by a cheating soldier’s ghost. Highgate Cemetery is famous for its Gothic architecture and vampire legends. The Old Bailey, England’s central criminal court, has a chilling history of high-profile trials and executions, making it a perfect location for fancy dress parties.

Hampton Court Palace: A Historic Halloween in London For Families

Hampton Court Palace in Richmond upon Thames is the perfect destination for a historic Halloween adventure. Rumored to be haunted by King Henry VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymour, the palace offers spooky tours and activities during Halloween season. From ghost hunts to pumpkin carving, visitors can enjoy the eerie atmosphere while exploring the palace’s gardens and architecture, including the stunning Art Deco interiors of Eltham Palace. Whether you’re interested in history or family-friendly Halloween fun, Hampton Court Palace is a must-visit attraction in London.

Tower of London: Centuries of Spookiness

The Tower of London, a historic landmark over 900 years old, is one of London’s most haunted places. Visitors can explore its dark past and encounter its ghostly inhabitants on a guided tour. From Anne Boleyn to the Headless Ghost, the Tower is haunted by many spirits, including the haunted palace. For a spookier experience, brave souls can attend a ghost tour or sleepover event at the Tower on October 31st after nightfall.

Halloween Events at Kid-Friendly Museums and Gardens

Last year, London offered a variety of family-friendly Halloween events. Kid-friendly museums and gardens such as the Natural History Museum, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Horniman Museum and Gardens, and London Zoo hosted Halloween-themed activities like trails, crafts, storytelling, animal talks, and tours. The Tower of London also provided Halloween-themed tours suitable for the whole family. These events are perfect for creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

Spooky Discoveries at Horniman Museum and Gardens

Experience a hair-raising adventure at the Horniman Museum and Gardens this Halloween season. From the Halloween Late event with music, dancing, and costume contests, to the interactive Ghostly Grotto for spooky tales and howling, there’s something for everyone. Explore the Halloween trail in the Horniman Gardens and discover creepy clues. It’s a perfect family outing to learn about bats, spiders, and other creepy crawlies.

Frightening Fun at Chiswick House & Gardens

Enjoy a spooktacular Halloween at Chiswick House & Gardens. This family-friendly event offers pumpkin carving, face painting, and an eerie garden trail. Explore the historic gardens and learn about the unique house architecture. Suitable for all ages, tickets can be purchased online or at the gate for a memorable Halloween experience.

Hyde Park’s Hair-Raising Halloween Discovery Day near Thames

Hyde Park’s Halloween Discovery Day is a family-friendly event held in autumn. It features pumpkin carving, storytelling, a scarecrow trail, and a costume parade. The event is free and offers a festive atmosphere in one of London’s most beautiful parks near the river Thames.

Making Memories at London’s Halloween Festivals

London’s Halloween festivals offer a range of activities for families. From spooky tours to pumpkin carving, there is something for everyone in October. The London Dungeon’s Halloween special is perfect for thrill-seekers and history buffs. The Science Museum’s Spooky Science Late combines Halloween fun with educational experiences. For a memorable night, kids can camp out among the exhibits at the Natural History Museum’s Dino Snores event. Local parks and attractions like Legoland and Chessington World of Adventures also have Halloween-themed activities, including celebrations of Day of the Dead. Don’t forget to check out the Witches of Greenwich, a spooky walking tour that explores the dark history of the area.

KidZania London Festival of Fright

Kids aged 4-14 can enjoy the KidZania London Festival of Fright, a Halloween-themed experience. Activities include pumpkin carving, spooky storytelling, and a costume parade. Parents can relax at the on-site café while the kids have fun. It’s a great way for the whole family to celebrate Halloween in London.

Syon Park’s Halloween Spooktacular Fun

Experience spine-chilling excitement at Syon Park’s Halloween Spooktacular Fun. This family-friendly event offers spooky activities for all ages. Enjoy pumpkin carving, face painting, Halloween crafts, live shows, and games. Held in the historic Syon Park, the atmosphere is perfectly eerie. Dress up in your best Halloween costumes for a chance to win prizes!

The Magic of Harry Potter: A Halloween Special

Experience the magic of Harry Potter at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London with special Halloween activities. Explore eerie attractions like the London Dungeon or the Tower of London for a thrilling adventure. Enjoy family-friendly festivities including pumpkin carving and craft workshops throughout the city. Treat yourself to a magical Halloween afternoon tea at hotels and cafes in London. Join the annual Halloween parade in Greenwich dressed in your favorite costume.

Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden: The Dark Arts Tour

Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden offers an immersive Harry Potter experience. The Dark Arts Tour includes exploring the Forbidden Forest, seeing Death Eaters’ costumes, and learning wand combat. Halloween enhancements include pumpkin carving and spooky cocktails. Kids can dress up in Hogwarts robes and take photos with movie props. It’s a delightful destination for families visiting London in October.

Unique Halloween Experiences in London

Discover a world of unique Halloween experiences in London. Visit the Tower of London to delve into its spooky history and uncover chilling tales. Immerse yourself in interactive scary shows at the London Dungeon that will send shivers down your spine. Embark on ghost tours and explore haunted places all around the city. Join in on the fun at Halloween-themed events held at popular attractions like the Natural History Museum and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Engage in pumpkin carving workshops, costume contests, and other delightful family-friendly activities. London offers unforgettable Halloween adventures for the whole family.

Spine-Chilling Experience at the London Dungeons

London Dungeon

Photo Credit: @londondungeons

Immerse yourself in the dark history of London at the spine-chilling London Dungeons. With live actors, thrilling rides, and special effects, this immersive attraction offers a truly interactive experience. During the Halloween season, the dungeons come alive with spooky surprises and exclusive events for visitors of all ages. It’s the perfect destination for families seeking a fun and thrilling Halloween adventure. It’s no wonder that the London Dungeons have received multiple awards for their outstanding guided tours. Experience the frightful atmosphere and discover the city’s eerie past at this must-visit attraction.

Ghoulish Tales at the Cutty Sark

Experience a spooky and educational Halloween adventure for kids at the historic Cutty Sark. The Ghoulish Tales event offers interactive storytelling, creepy crafts, and a thrilling treasure hunt. Dive into the ship’s fascinating history and discover the spooky myths and legends surrounding it. Suitable for children aged 4-11, pre-booking is required for this family-friendly Halloween experience. Explore Greenwich, a beautiful and historic area of London, while immersing yourself in the Halloween fun at the Cutty Sark.

Halloween Crafts and Workshops for Kids

Experience Halloween in London with a variety of crafts and workshops for kids. Learn pumpkin carving, costume-making, and creepy baking. Explore haunted history with ghost tours. Get creative with arts and crafts workshops to make fun decorations and accessories.

Pumpkin Carving Workshop at Chelsea Physic Garden

Get into the Halloween spirit with the Pumpkin Carving Workshop at Chelsea Physic Garden. This workshop is perfect for both kids and adults, offering a fun and educational experience. Led by experienced garden educators, participants can learn how to carve spooky faces and designs on their pumpkins using all the necessary tools and materials provided. It’s a great opportunity for families to get creative and take their carved pumpkins home as Halloween decorations. Don’t miss out on this fantastic activity in the heart of London.

Broomstick Workshop at Covent Garden

At Covent Garden’s Broomstick Workshop, kids can unleash their creativity and embrace the Halloween spirit. Led by professional artists, this craft activity provides step-by-step guidance for making personalized broomsticks. Children can add spooky accessories and decorations to suit their style. This family-friendly workshop offers a fun and educational opportunity for kids of all ages. They can take their broomsticks home as a treasured Halloween souvenir and use them for trick-or-treating. Let your little ones immerse themselves in the magical world of witches and wizards at Covent Garden’s Broomstick Workshop.

Wrapping Up Halloween: Final Thoughts on Celebrating Halloween in London with Kids

In conclusion, London offers a plethora of fun and exciting activities for kids to enjoy during Halloween. From picking the perfect pumpkin at family-friendly farms to exploring the eerie and haunted places like Hampton Court Palace and Tower of London, there is something for everyone. Kids can also participate in Halloween-themed tours, visit kid-friendly museums and gardens for spooky discoveries, and even experience the magic of Harry Potter with a special Halloween tour at Warner Bros Studios. Unique experiences like the London Dungeons and ghoulish tales at the Cutty Sark are sure to send shivers down their spines. And for those who enjoy crafting, there are pumpkin carving and broomstick workshops available. So, make this Halloween unforgettable for your kids by indulging in these top fun activities in London. Happy Halloween!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do kids in London trick or treat? Trick or treating in London is gaining popularity, although it's not as common as in the US. Some neighborhoods may have more trick or treaters than others. Many families prefer attending Halloween-themed events instead. Safety measures should always be practiced when trick or treating or attending events with children.

How do you celebrate Halloween in London?

Halloween in London is a popular and fun celebration for all ages. From trick-or-treating to visiting haunted houses, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. Families with kids can also explore Halloween-themed events at museums and parks. Don't miss the spooky tours, pumpkin carving contests, and ghost walks that add to the Halloween spirit in the city.

What are some safety tips for trick or treating in London?

When trick or treating in London, it's important to prioritize safety. Always have adult supervision and stick to well-lit areas. Wear reflective clothing or carry a flashlight for visibility. Only visit homes with porch lights on and never enter anyone's house. Before eating any treats, make sure to check them for anything suspicious.

What are the best places to go for Halloween in London?

Celebrate Halloween in London with spooky experiences at The London Dungeon, the Tower of London, and the Harry Potter Studio Tour's Dark Arts event. For a unique sleepover, check out the Natural History Museum's torch-lit tour and creepy-crawly handling. Other popular options include the Ghost Bus Tour and the Jack the Ripper Walking Tour.
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