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Things to Do in Paris with Kids: Fun and Adventure Guide

Paris, the City of Light, is not just for romance and landmarks. It’s also a fantastic destination to visit with kids. Museums, parks, and attractions make Paris an unforgettable experience for both children and adults. In this post, we’ll share what are the things to do in Paris with kids and why is the city perfect for everyone!

From gardens to amusement parks, museums to River Seine cruises, there’s something for every age. We’ll also suggest kid-friendly restaurants that serve French cuisine while your kids have fun. Lastly, we’ll give tips on where to stay in Paris with your family for a comfortable experience.


Why Paris?

Paris is a city that caters to all kinds of travelers. With stunning architecture and charming neighborhoods, it has been a favorite destination for centuries. From the Arc de Triomphe to Notre Dame cathedral, Parisians are proud of their rich cultural heritage.

Paris’ Latin Quarter is a lively neighborhood with a bohemian vibe. It’s home to historic universities, libraries, and bookshops and is best explored on foot. With hidden courtyards and alleys, the quarter offers plenty of surprises, including the renowned Sorbonne University.


Paris is a haven for art lovers with world-renowned museums like the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay. In Montparnasse, you can find art galleries, cafes, and theaters frequented by artists like Picasso and Hemingway. The Musée d’Orsay houses iconic impressionist and post-impressionist paintings.

Paris is renowned for its beautiful gardens and fountains. The Jardin des Tuileries, located amidst the Louvre Museum, which houses renowned art pieces such as Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo, and Place de la Concorde, presents an opportunity to appreciate sculptures and fountains. Parc de la Villette in the north of Paris features Geode cinema, Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie museum, and Zenith concert hall. It’s a family-friendly park ideal for relaxation and stroll.


Paris is a great destination for families with young children. You can go on a treasure hunt in Jardin des Tuileries or visit Cité des Enfants for hands-on exhibits. A Rainy day won’t be boring with Musée des Arts Forains’ vintage rides and games. Champ de Mars, which is situated in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower, presents an idyllic setting for spending leisurely Sundays indulging in picnics, recreational activities and soaking in the panoramic vista.

Paris never ceases to amaze, whether you’re a first time traveler or a seasoned globetrotter. The lively Latin Quarter and picturesque Montmartre area are just a couple of the many highlights that make the French metropolis an ideal destination for all types of visitors.

Is Paris good for kids?

Paris is a great family destination with parks and playgrounds throughout the city. Several museums, such as the Natural History Museum and Palais de la Découverte, offer kid-friendly exhibits and activities.


Paris is an ideal family destination with parks and playgrounds scattered throughout the city. The Natural History Museum and Palais de la Découverte offer interactive exhibits that are perfect for kids. In addition to cultural experiences, Paris has a range of family-friendly attractions, including Disneyland Paris.

Before Planning Family Holidays in Paris

When planning a trip to Paris with kids, it’s essential to consider several factors that can impact your experience:

  • Safety in a new city is always a concern, but Paris is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, so you don’t have to worry too much.
  • Transportation is another important factor to keep in mind as the city has excellent options like stroller-friendly metro stations and affordable family tickets for public transportation.
  • Planning some outdoor activities like boat rides on the Seine River or bike tours around the city can keep your little ones engaged while exploring the city’s beauty.
  • Booking tickets in advance for popular attractions like Disneyland Paris and the Eiffel Tower can save you time and ensure an enjoyable visit.

When to Go to Paris


The French capital is a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors all year round. When visiting with kids, it’s best to plan ahead. Spring and fall offer mild weather and smaller crowds, making it easier to avoid long lines at popular attractions like the Eiffel Tower or Disneyland Paris. Summer provides warm weather for outdoor activities, while winter may not be ideal due to cold temperatures and shorter days. Ultimately, the right season depends on your itinerary and preferences.

Top Things To Do In Paris With Kids

1. The Jardin des Plantes and the Natural History Museum

The Jardin des Plantes is a must-visit attraction for families with kids in Paris. It boasts a botanical garden, zoo, playground, and the Natural History Museum. The latter features interactive exhibits and an extensive collection of dinosaur skeletons. A visit to this spot is an excellent way to spend a day in Paris with your little ones.


2. Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg is a charming park in Paris that offers a break from the city’s hustle and bustle. It has something for everyone, but it’s especially great for families with young kids. The park features playgrounds, puppet shows, pony rides, an old-fashioned carousel, sailboat rentals, picnic areas, and even a small farm where children can feed and pet animals. It’s an excellent place to relax while keeping your little ones entertained. For more park options, make sure to check out our blog on Paris Parks!


3. Jardin d’Acclimatation

Jardin d’Acclimatation is an amusement park in Bois de Boulogne, Paris that’s perfect for families with kids. Spread over 49 acres, the park has over 40 rides, animal exhibits, and gardens suitable for all ages. Plus, there are play areas like a water play area and playground. The park hosts various events throughout the year, so plan your visit accordingly to discover something new and exciting.

4. Bois de Vincennes

Bois de Vincennes, a vast park on the outskirts of Paris, is an excellent family day trip destination. It offers a range of activities for kids, including playgrounds, zip lines, and climbing walls. Families can also explore the zoo and botanical garden or rent boats on the lake. The park hosts cultural events throughout the year, making it a fun way for children to experience Parisian culture. With its accessible public transportation, Bois de Vincennes is an ideal choice for a memorable family outing.


5. Palais de la Découverte

For an educational and fun experience for your kids in Paris, visit Palais de la Découverte. This science museum offers interactive exhibits catering to children of all ages, from a planetarium to chemistry labs and rooms dedicated to electricity and magnetism. Palais de la Découverte also features live demonstrations like the Foucault pendulum showcasing the Earth’s rotation. Located near Champs-Élysées, this museum is easily accessible by public transportation and is enjoyable for both kids and adults alike.

6. The Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum, or Choco-Story, is a top destination for families visiting Paris. This interactive museum offers a fun and educational experience for both parents and children. Learn about chocolate’s history and how it’s made through exhibits and workshops. Kids can make their own creations, while adults can taste-test chocolates from around the world. It’s one of the best things to do in Paris with kids!

Photo Credit: @Choco-Story Paris

7. Parc Astérix

Parc Astérix, an amusement park located outside Paris, offers over 40 rides and attractions suitable for all ages. Based on the popular French comic book series, Asterix, it features thrilling roller coasters and water rides as well as live shows and parades. With food options for everyone, including kids’ meals, it’s an excellent day trip from Paris. Public transportation makes it easily accessible so you can focus on having fun with your family.

8. France Miniature

France Miniature is a unique destination for all ages. Visitors can explore France’s iconic landmarks and attractions in miniature form, from driving mini cars around the Eiffel Tower to exploring the gardens of Versailles. The park also features interactive exhibits, playgrounds, and rides for children. It’s a perfect day trip outside of Paris for families looking to make memories.

9. Seine River Cruise

A Seine River Cruise is a memorable experience that the whole family can enjoy. Glide along the water and take in Paris’ famous landmarks from a unique perspective. There are numerous cruise options available, including daytime sightseeing cruises and evening dinner cruises with live entertainment. Kids will love seeing the sights from the boat and adults will appreciate the opportunity to relax after a day of exploring Paris. Don’t miss out on this quintessential Parisian experience with our guide for cruise tours in Paris!


10. Musée Grévin

Families visiting Paris must visit Musée Grévin, a wax museum with over 450 life-like figures of celebrities, fictional characters, and historical icons. Kids can interact with their favorite stars, learn about French culture and history through engaging exhibits, and even participate in wax figure making workshops. Don’t miss this unique Parisian attraction – bring your camera to capture the memories!

Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Paris

When it comes to dining out with kids in Paris, finding a restaurant that accommodates little ones can be a challenge. Luckily, there are plenty of kid-friendly restaurants in the city that offer delicious food and welcoming environments for families. French cuisine may not always be synonymous with child-friendly fare, but many restaurants offer classic dishes like crepes and casseroles that are sure to please even picky eaters.

1. Le Café des Chats


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Imagine sipping coffee and nibbling on pastries while surrounded by friendly cats. That’s precisely what you’ll experience at Le Café des Chats, a unique café in Paris that is perfect for families with kids who love felines. The cozy atmosphere of the café makes it an excellent spot to relax and enjoy some quality time with your little ones. Apart from interacting with the cats, visitors can participate in workshops and events such as cat-themed craft making and storytelling. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience in Paris, be sure to add Le Café des Chats to your list of must-visit places.

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2. Les Belle Plantes

Les Belle Plantes is a fantastic kid-friendly restaurant located in Paris. With its wide range of dishes for both children and adults, the menu has something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. The restaurant features a play area for kids with toys and games, ensuring that your little ones are entertained while you indulge in a leisurely meal. Homemade burgers, pasta, and salads are among the many options available on the menu, as well as a selection of delectable desserts. Les Belle Plantes also offers a weekend brunch that includes pancakes, waffles, and other breakfast favorites. This eatery’s laid-back environment and friendly staff make it an excellent choice for families looking for a fun dining experience in Paris.

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3. Bouillon Pigalle


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Bouillon Pigalle is one of the most historic restaurants in Paris, known for its affordable and delicious French cuisine. It offers a children’s menu with options like chicken nuggets and spaghetti bolognese. Besides, the restaurant provides high chairs, changing tables, and coloring activities for kids, making it perfect for families with young children. The lively atmosphere of Bouillon Pigalle adds to the overall experience of dining out with family. The art deco interior design is sure to impress both adults and children alike. For families who want to introduce their children to French cuisine in a fun and enjoyable way, Bouillon Pigalle is an excellent option.

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Tips To Stay in Paris With Kids

Finding the perfect place to stay in Paris with your family can make or break your trip. When selecting accommodations, it’s important to consider all of your family’s needs:

  • Look for hotels or apartments with spacious rooms that can accommodate families comfortably. Additionally, finding a location close to public transportation will make it easier to explore the city’s attractions and activities suitable for kids.
  • It’s also worth researching family-friendly restaurants and cafes nearby to ensure that meal times are stress-free.
  • Look for accommodations that offer family-friendly amenities such as cribs, high chairs, and play areas to keep your little ones entertained while you relax after a long day of exploring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Paris museums free for children?

Several museums in Paris offer free entry to children under 18, although some events may require a fee. Popular museums like The Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, and Centre Pompidou are included. Don't forget to bring identification for your child as proof of age.

How many days is enough for Paris with kids?

The ideal number of days to spend in Paris with kids depends on your family's interests and budget. However, it is recommended to spend at least 3-4 days in the city to see the main attractions. If you plan on visiting Disneyland Paris or other kid-friendly attractions outside the city center, consider adding an extra day or two. To make the most of your trip, plan ahead and book tickets for popular attractions in advance, especially during peak season. This will help ensure that you have a memorable and enjoyable experience in Paris with your family.

What is the most kid friendly area of Paris?

The Marais district is considered one of the most kid-friendly areas in Paris. With many family-friendly attractions, such as the Pompidou Centre and the Musée des Arts et Métiers, there is plenty to explore. The Jardin des Plantes and the Luxembourg Gardens are also great places for kids to run around and play. For an even more magical experience, Disneyland Paris is a popular attraction for families with kids.

What is the best way to take public transportation around Paris (metro, bus)?

The best way to take public transportation around Paris is through the metro system, which has 16 lines and covers most of the city. While buses are also available, they can be slower due to traffic. To make your travels easier, consider getting a Paris Visite pass for unlimited travel on public transportation. This pass will allow you to use both the metro and bus systems without worrying about individual ticket purchases.

What is the best way to get around by foot in Paris (pavements/sidewalks)?

The best way to get around by foot in Paris is to take advantage of the city's many sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly areas. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, as some streets may have uneven pavement or cobblestones. To ensure your safety, always follow pedestrian signals and crosswalks when crossing busy streets. Consider using a map or GPS app to navigate and explore the various neighborhoods of this beautiful city on foot.

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