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Best Kunefe in Istanbul Top 10 Places

Künefe is made with spun pastry (called kadayıf) soaked in syrup with cheese or cream inside, added with pistachios depending on the region. Even though Künefe is a traditional Middle Eastern delicacy, originated in Hatay, Istanbul is among the best cities in the world to taste this delicious authentic dessert with traditional spots that have the best chefs in Turkiye.

In this blog, you will find all the information about where to find the best kunefe in Istanbul. You’ll need these best kunefe places in Istanbul while visiting all the best kunefe restaurants in Istanbul to eat that we have listed for you.

1. Hafiz Mustafa

Hafız Mustafa was founded in 1864 and has been serving happy customers delicious dishes ever since. This traditional spot (that precedes the establishment of the Republic of Türkiye, mind you) serves some of the most authentic dishes in Istanbul, and their künefe is the rising star in their rich menu of desserts.

More Information

Open Hours: 06:00-22:30
Location: Hafiz Mustafa
Phone Number: (212) 513 36 10
Website: Visit

2. Şefikoğulları Künefe

If you want to try various authentic types of künefe, look no further; Şefikoğulları Künefe serves four distinct types of künefe! Each künefe will leave you with absolute delight. The complementary fruits and nuts will add to your pleasure in Şefikoğulları Künefe.

More Information

Open Hours: 11:00-02:00
Location: Şefikoğulları Künefe
Phone Number: (0212) 532 91 92
Website: Visit

3. Elzem Künefe

Even though their speciality is their delicious künefe, Elzem künefe offers a distinct menu of desserts that are close to künefe in taste, but different in technique. It is possible to eat traditional desserts that are native to different regions of Turkey in Elzem Künefe. If you are looking for a family-owned, cosy place to taste authentic künefe, this place is for you.

More Information

Open Hours: 12:00-00:00
Location: Elzem Künefe
Phone Number: 0533 740 12 71
Website: Visit

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4. Keyfeder Künefe Katmer


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Keyfeder Künefe Katmer has taken künefe to the next level; they serve 14 different types of künefe! It is a highly sought-after restaurant, and they will make sure to treat you with complimentary tea and other delicious treats to go with the künefe of your choice.

More Information

Open Hours: 11:00-02:00
Location: Keyfeder Künefe Katmer
Phone Number: (212) 251 51 20

5. Tatlıcı Safa


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Tatlıcı Safa is the love project of two brothers who wanted to bring the local delicacies of Gaziantep to the heart of Istanbul. The künefe in Tatlıcı Safa is phenomenal, and the beautiful dessert shop provides a rich menu of authentic Turkish desserts and dessert gift boxes that make a perfect treasure to bring home to your friends and family. They have several branches in Istanbul, and you can find below the contact information for each one of them.


More Information

Open Hours: 08:00-19:00, all week
Location: Tatlıcı Safa Tahtakale
Phone Number: (212) 527 22 77
Website: Visit


More Information

Open Hours: 08:30-02:00
Location: Tatlıcı Safa Sirkeci
Phone Number: (212) 527 22 78


More Information

Open Hours: 09:00-01:30, all week
Location: Tatlıcı Safa Taksim
Phone Number: (530) 209 41 77

6. Ekol Hatay Künefe

Ekol Hatay Künefe might be one of the most ambitious dessert shops in Istanbul. Their limited menu and minimalistic design imply truthfully that the künefe speaks for itself. If you wish to taste a künefe made with pure artistry and is bound to be delicious, look no further and make sure to include Ekol Hatay Künefe in the spots to hit for some of the best künefe in Istanbul. They have several branches all throughout Istanbul and you can find the contact information for all of them below.


More Information

Open Hours: 10:00-02:00, all week
Location: Ekol Hatay Künefe Üsküdar
Phone Number: 216 651 72 73
Website: Visit


More Information

Open Hours: 12:00-01:00
Location: Ekol Hatay Künefe Hasanpaşa
Phone Number: 216 330 23 13


More Information

Open Hours: 09:00-03:00, all week
Location: Ekol Hatay Künefe 4. Levent
Phone Number: 212 279 26 26

Tepeüstü Ümraniye

More Information

Open Hours: 10:00-03:00, all week
Location: Ekol Hatay Künefe Tepeüstü
Phone Number: 216 611 15 65

Örnek Mahallesi/ Ataşehir

More Information

Open Hours: 12:00-00:00, all week
Location: Ekol Hatay Künefe Ataşehir
Phone Number: 216 341 41 71

7. Hatay Gurme

For a local taste, away from a touristy atmosphere, make sure to taste a delicious künefe in Hatay Gurme in Istanbul. Not only are they a true gem for an authentic taste of künefe, but they also provide some of the best dishes in Hatay cuisine. With a creative yet authentic menu, Hatay Gurme is the place for a colorful trip down Turkish cuisine. If you like meat recipes, you are going to fall in love with Hatay cuisine!

More Information

Open Hours: 09:00-22:30
Location: Hatay Gurme
Phone Number: (0216) 572 00 31
Website: Visit

8. Karaköy Güllüoğlu

Be ready to be lured into a traditional atmosphere with one of the best places in Istanbul for a taste of authentic Turkish desserts. Founded by the Güllü family who has been making desserts since the early 19th century, you will get the chance to taste top-quality products rather than künefe, along with several other traditional Turkish desserts like baklava. The history of the Güllü family business tells a lot about the history of the city itself. This authentic shop serves dessert only in two locations, and one taste of their desserts will persuade you that quality far supersedes quantity for the chefs of Karaköy Güllüoğlu. If you wish to delve into the history of Istanbul, here is a trip plan with places you can visit.

More Information

Open Hours:  Mon-Sat; 07:00-01:00, Sun: 08:00-01:00
Location: Karaköy Güllüoğlu
Phone Number: 08503084545
Website: Visit

9. Lezzet-i Şark Antep Sofrası

This restaurant provides excellent meals and desserts at a relatively budget-friendly price. They provide a rich menu of delicious kebabs and künefe, and it is located in a family-friendly and cosy atmosphere. If you wish to find other places to taste some of the best kebabs in Istanbul and Istanbul kebab restaurants, we have prepared a blog post for you here.

More Information

Open Hours: 07:00-20:00, all week
Location: Lezzet-i Şark Antep Sofrası
Phone Number: 2125142763
Website: Visit

10. Akdeniz Hatay Sofrası

Akdeniz Hatay Sofrası is a great place to taste authentic künefe, with its traditional menu and chefs experienced in the local cuisine of Hatay. You can enjoy your food prepared by the experience passed down from past generations in traditional cuisine, and taste delicious künefe. They also serve a delicious breakfast menu as well as the phenomenal künefe.

More Information

Open Hours: 09:00-23:30, all week
Location: Akdeniz Hatay Sofrası
Phone Number: 4447247
Website: Visit

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