5 Best Indian Restaurants in Istanbul

With having a major cultural weigh in the world stage, India’s kitchen, normally, became a part of many people’s lives. With their spiced foods and desserts it became very popular.. Almost everyone knows the Chicken with Curry Sauce, the most popular meal from Indian Kitchen. And some of us, who likes these spiced meals, may want to eat while travelling around the globe. In this list, we will write some of the best Indian restaurants in Istanbul for travellers of all kinds. We hope you can find it useful.

1. Tandoori Indian Restaurant

Once this restaurant had the title of the first and only Indian Restaurant in Istanbul. Right now, it has the first Indian restaurant title for the city that grew in this kitchen culture. Located in Besiktas, Istanbul this restaurant tries to keep up with the idea of serving a culture. We can say that two customers’ overall meal price is 20€ .

With its simple decoration and small size of the restaurant makes a friendly environment for customers. We sugesst trying Chicken Makhani and Basmati Steamed Rice.

For a full Indian night experience, wearing traditional Indian clothes may be a good idea. There are so many beautiful saris, pick one of your favourite colour and dive into the dazzling atmosphere of Indian dinner.

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Open Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0212) 227 07 37


2. Taj Mahal Hint Restaurant

Opened its doors in 1997, this cute little restaurant is founded by a chef that came from Pakistan. They usually get crowded at weekends, so if you want to visit this place at the weekend you must make reservations. This restaurant is in Beyoglu, Istanbul and its overall price for two people is around 15€.

If you are in your hotel, using Airbnb or staying at a friend’s house you can order some food too. They can be found in Yemeksepeti, an app for ordering food in Türkiye. We suggest trying their Chicken Biryani and Biryani Rice.

And if you want to cook Indian food at home, you will need some spices, for sure. This stainless masala box contains a mix of 7 spices that will add an unforgettable taste to your dishes. In addition, they are easy to maintain as the box includes separate containers.

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Open Hours: 12:00 – 23:00
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0212) 293 66 00

3. Dubb Indian Restaurant

Located in the Sultanahmet, this restaurant is the Istanbul branch of its worldwide restaurant chain. The restaurant has a great view of Bosphorus and the Blue Mosque. It is relatively close to the mosque, makes it more and more easy if your tour includes the Blue Mosque. Dubb Indian restaurant mainly targets the Indian tourists who came to Istanbul. Turkish people come too, but usually, this place is full with tourists and reservations are almost always full. This proves that they are good at their job, the Indian kitchen.

Specialized in Indian grill foods, this restaurant’s overall price of a meal for two people is around 20€. If you are up to spend some money, you can visit this place on your tour of Istanbul. You won’t regret it. Chana Masala is our favourite!



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Open Hours: 12:00 – 22:30
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0212) 513 73 08


4. Musafir Indian Restaurant

Located in Taksim, Istanbul this restaurant with a large array of Indian dishes, the restaurant can also serve up to 100 guests at the same time. Estimated price for two customers is 20€. Its location is great for getting there; Taksim is the central district for tourists.

Their menu contains vegan choices, making this restaurant more modern. Their decoration reflects the Indian culture, as well as their music. To try out this culture, its food and music we recommend you to visit this restaurant. And if you are vegeterian, here you will definitely find something you will like, since vegeterian dishes are very tasty here.

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Open Hours: 13:00 – 23:00
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0544) 503 50 00

5. India Gate Indian Restaurant


If you are looking for a nice place where you can find vegan and gluten-free options, then India Gate is the place to go. There are non-vegetarian dishes too. Apart from Indian cuisine, you can find Asian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi dishes here. India Gate is located near Taksim square. we suggest trying chicken dishes and in particular, tikka masala.

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Open Hours: Mon- Fri 11:30 – 00:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-00:00
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0212) 252 67 24


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