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The 5 Best Ice Cream Shops in Istanbul

Especially on hot summer days, everyone wants to have delicious Turkish ice cream while continuing their trip to Istanbul. When you come to Istanbul it’s wise to choose the ice cream shops most popular among the locals. There are many places in Istanbul, especially in the seaside neighbourhoods. They are famous for their excellent ice cream. Most of these boutique venues serve ice cream specialties. Moreover, they produce ice creams themselves.

If you want to have the best Turkish ice cream in Istanbul while having a pleasant walk in the city, check out this informative article about The 5 Best Ice Cream Shops in Istanbul.

1. Dondurmacı Ali Usta (Ice Cream Shop of Ali Usta) – Moda

Ice Cream Ali Usta

When you’re enjoying a walk along the seafront, you may want to have a huge Turkish ice cream cone with plenty of portions. You may also want tasty ice cream with real fruits. In this boutique ice cream shop in Istanbul, you’ll discover delicious homemade ice creams made with the freshest fruits. Portion sizes are generous. There is a huge range of flavours, many of which you won’t find anywhere other than Dondurmacı Ali Usta’s place!

More Information

Open Hours: 10.00 – 03.00
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0216) 414 18 80
Foursquare: View

2. Dondurmacı Yaşar Usta (Ice Cream Shop of Yaşar Usta) – Kadıköy

Ice Cream Yasar Usta

If you’re looking for a wide variety of ice cream flavours, this is the place for you. Yasar Usta, an ice cream maker, prepares 70 different types of ice cream with his hands and offers a paradise for those who love to taste ice creams of different flavours. Even those who don’t like ice cream will surely like one of the many flavours on offer here. You can stop by this place with your family.

Wondering how ice cream sellers manage to make such a perfect scoop? Well, they use a unique Ice Cream Scoop. If you need one, this long handle easy-grip ice cream scoop may solve your problem.

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Open Hours: 12.00 – 01.00
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0216) 550 09 00
Website: View
Foursquare: View

3. Bebek Mini Dondurma


A summer breeze brings with it the sweetest fragrance. As we approach that familiar venue, we feel the wave of nostalgia wash over us. A small sign reveals our destination: Bebek Mini Dondurma. Istanbul Bebek Mini Dondurma offers the best ice cream in Istanbul since 1968.

It is a small shop that makes big flavours! They have an amazing variety of flavours and toppings, including fresh fruits. Moreover, they have some unique tastes, like Bodrum Mandarin or Raspberry Cheesecake. It has a very cozy feel. The venue is open only during summer. Therefore, Bebek Mini Dondurma starting selling its Turkish ice cream remarks in the summer!

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Open Hours: 09:00 – 02:00 (Open only from Feb to Dec)
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0216) 369 9198
Instagram: View
Foursquare: View


4. Büyükdere Dondurmacısı – Büyükdere

Buyukdere Ice Cream Istanbul

The ice cream offered here has spread all over Istanbul from this tiny boutique shop. If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable shop offering high-quality, natural ice cream, Büyükdere Ice Cream Shop is the place to go. The venue has been operating in Istanbul since 1935.

In case you are wondering ‘if there is Turkish ice cream near me’ then there is some good news! Currently, there are branches of this ice cream shop both in Büyükdere and Sarıyer. You can enjoy this delicious Istanbul ice cream experience by visiting the region of your choice.

The ice cream produced in this venue depends on the season because only fresh fruit is used. Ice cream production is carried out without any additives. If you come here in summer, you can taste the unique Istanbul ice cream flavour of watermelon with melon particles.

And in case you want to try to make your own ice cream at home, you will not only need seasonal fruits but a good ice cream maker too. With this easy-to-use ice cream maker you will be able to make not only ice cream but your own frozen yoghurts and sorbets!

More Information

Open Hours: 08.00 – 00.00
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0212) 242 62 63
Foursquare: View

5. Büyükada Yunus Dondurmacısı

Yunus Usta Ice Cream Buyukada Istanbul

If you’re having a beautiful day in Büyükada, why not make it even better with delicious Turkish ice cream? As you can imagine, there are many ice cream shops in Büyükada. But Yunus Usta sells delicious ice cream varieties from a wheelbarrow. He doesn’t stop at any particular place. You can buy his ice cream anywhere on the island–perfect for having the best Turkish ice cream near you! So when you come to the island, keep an eye out, and try to meet Yunus Usta!

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