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Bodrum’s Finest: Top Activities & Experiences Await

Bodrum is the address for extravagant parties and the capital of nightlife in Türkiye. It is also famous for its beaches, and the warm Aegean Sea with the purest clear water you can ever see.

Bodrum is one of the most popular resorts in Türkiye, it is also a very popular destination among European tourists since the peninsula offers a huge selection of entertainment for everyone. To help you not to get lost in this huge diversity, we’ve prepared this list of 20 Top-rated Things to Do in Bodrum, Türkiye.

1. St. Peter’s Castle


Bodrum, and Türkiye in general, do not have only all-inclusive hotels and beaches to offer. There are numerous historical places that gain the curiosity of the travellers as well. One of them is the St. Peter’s Castle, and visiting it is one of the best Bodrum things to do. St. Peter’s Castle or, also known as Bodrum Fortress is an attraction that is considered as the main symbol of the city.

The construction of the castle began in 1402 on the site of the former Seljuk Fortress and was led by the German architect Heinrich Schlegenholt. The castle was made using green volcanic stones, and marble left from one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Tomb of the ruler Mausolus. It was unfortunately destroyed by an earthquake and its ruins are now located close to the place of construction of the castle.

The impressive walls of the castle are visible from almost anywhere in the city. And the atmosphere inside the Fortress of Bodrum gives a sense of power and majesty. This is why St. Peter’s Castle is a Bodrum must-see for those visiting the city. Well, and of course breathtaking picturesque views and the Museum of Underwater Archeology, which is located in the castle and is next on our list.

The opening hours are 08:30 – 23:00

You can buy a Museum Card (which is 60TL, if you have a Turkish ID Card), to enter these and other attractions for free and benefit from the discount in the café inside the Museum of Underwater Archeology.

The Museum Card is free for Turkish citizens aged 18-25.

St. Peter’s Castle on Google Maps

Phone Number: 0 252 316 25 16

2. Museum of Underwater Archeology


As we have mentioned above the Museum of Underwater Archeology is located inside St. Peter’s Castle and without any exaggeration, is one of the most visited Bodrum attractions.

As you have probably already understood, you do not need to rent scuba gear in order to visit the Museum of Underwater Archeology in Bodrum. Instead of diving into the depths of the sea, you will have to climb to the top of a small mountain, where the Fortress of Bodrum is located.

Thanks to underwater searchers, completely unique exhibits from sunken ships are exhibited here. The museum collection contains the “Uluburun Treasure” and the world’s only golden seal of Nefertiti ,the Ancient Egyptian Queen.

The museum is open every day from 08:30 – to 23:00 (Box office closing time: 22:30). The entrance fee is 150 TL, and audio guides are available.

HeyTripster also has a perfect plan if you plan to visit Bodrum. It includes the Museum of Underwater Archeology and other top things to see in Bodrum, which you will find below.

Museum of Underwater Archeology on Google Maps

Phone Number: 0 252 316 25 16

3. “Dedeman” Aquapark


The Water Park “Dedeman” in Bodrum is one of the best places to visit in Bodrum where you can have fun with your family and friends. It is considered as the oldest aquapark in the country, its history is older than 20 years. “Dedeman” is also one of the largest parks in Türkiye with an area of approximately 40,000 m2. Here you can find a wide range of entertainment for all ages.

There are 24 different slides, three pools, a jacuzzi, several decorative lakes, and a 350-meters-long artificial river. And all this is surrounded by numerous pines, the smell of which is felt everywhere in the aquapark. In addition, they often have an amazing foam show in the afternoon. Visiting this aquapark is one of the best fun things to do in Bodrum.

Open May to September 10:00 – 17:30.

Bodrum Aquapark on Google Maps

Phone Number: 0 532 342 21 44

4. Bodrum Theatre


The ancient theatre is a “living” witness of the great past of ancient Halicarnassus. Bodrum Antique Theatre is one of the most popular attractions among tourists. It is located almost in the center of the city, on a mountain that has a breathtaking Bodrum view, and it was built in the 4th century BC.

The theatre had two tiers for the spectators. But, unfortunately, only the lower level has reached our time.

Nowadays, it hosts various festivals and concerts, and it also has amazing acoustics.

Everyday 09:00 – 17:00, Closed on mondays. The entrance is free of charge.

Bodrum Theatre on Google Maps

Phone number: 0 252 316 80 61

5. Old Town


The old town of Bodrum is located just behind St. Peter’s Castle. With its narrow cobbled streets surrounded by snow-white houses, it is a perfect place for a walk and a paradise for photographers.

Decorated with flowers of various colours and shades, the old city looks like a postcard.

It is, probably, the only place in the city, where you can still feel the atmosphere of the old fishing village that Bodrum used to be before it became a popular tourist destination.

Here, you can find shopping venues with various souvenirs, clothes, and spices, and cafes where you can take a break and hide from the sun.

6. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus


The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus is one of the seven wonders of the world. At the past, Halicarnassus became famous because of its cruel Carian ruler Mausolus, who ordered the construction of a grandiose tomb for himself while he was alive. The huge tomb was supposed to overshadow all the buildings of the city. The best architects and masters of that time took part in the construction of the tomb.

The structure, the glory of the beauty and grandeur which had spread far beyond the boundaries of the country, stood for almost 2000 years. Unfortunately, nowadays, we are not able to see all the beauty of the magnificent structure as after the terrible earthquake in the 13th century no one restored the tomb, and later it eventually became ruins after the knights of St. John dismantled the tomb for the construction of their temples.

You can visit Halicarnassus Mausoleum between 09:00 – and 19:00 during the summer period and between 09:00 – and 17:30 in the winter period. The entrance fee is 25 TL.

Halicarnassus Mausoleum on Google Maps

Phone number: 0 252 316 12 19


Beaches are Bodrum top attractions. Gumbet Bay and Bitez Bay are a must-see Bodrum since here life is in full swing.

7.  Gumbet Bay


The sandy beach of Gumbet Bay will suit absolutely all tourists. Here, you can just relax if you prefer a “lazy” vacation, or you can try windsurfing, water skiing, parasailing if you like watersports.
The bay, which has become the hallmark of the city, is located a few kilometers away from the centre of Bodrum. Here you can perfectly combine all types of recreation at once.

The season starts in mid-May when the temperature of the water reaches +20-21°С and continues until October. The water usually doesn’t reach more than +24°С, even on hot summer days.

Gumbet Bay on Google Maps

8. Bitez Bay


There are 17 amazing bays on the Bodrum peninsula, and Bitez is one of them. It’s an incredibly peaceful place where you can enjoy a clear blue smooth sea, a beautiful view of gently sloping mountains, and a lot of greenery.

At most beaches of Bitez, the sunbeds and umbrellas are free.

Bitez on Google Maps

9. Yakhshi Beach


Yakhshi beach (Ortakent beach) is located near the village of Ortakent. The length of the beach is only about 1 kilometer, but it is quite wide.

There are much fewer tourists here. The entire beach line is divided between luxurious hotels and restaurants. But there is also a public beach, which is marked with a “blue flag”.

Yakhshi beach on Google Maps

To see all best beaches of Bodrum and Mugla, check out this link.

10. Catamaran


Nightlife is the main goal of many tourists visiting Bodrum. The most famous club is “Catamaran”. Nightclub Catamaran is the largest water disco in Europe. The club is based on a huge floating ship with a transparent main deck, which is made out of very durable glass. The capacity of the ship is about 2500 people.

The world-famous Catamaran nightclub guarantees you an unforgettable experience of dancing right on the water!

For those, who get tired of loud music, there is a chill-out zone on the upper deck.

Nightclub Catamaran on Google Maps

Open Hours: 21:30-03:30
Phone number: 0 533 663 27 29

11. Marina Yacht Club Bodrum


The restaurant and club “Marina Yacht Club” is located at the heart of Bodrum. Here you can taste delicious food and listen to live performances of famous musicians and guest groups. It is also a favorite meeting place for professional yachtsmen and Turkish celebrities.

Open everyday 09:00-01:30
Phone number: 0 252 316 12 28


Marina Yacht Club on Google Maps

12. Bodrum Bar Street


If you are not sure, what to do in Bodrum. Go to Bodrum Bar Street, the epicenter of the nightlife. Here, you can dance your night away

13. Fishing


There are many activities in Bodrum that you can do, but fishing is the one the locals prefer on a daily basis. So, be sure to check out this activity!

Fishing in Bodrum on a yacht is an ideal inexpensive option for a relaxing family leisure time on a motorboat, surrounded by the amazing scenery of the Aegean Sea. Those wishing to try their luck should go to the Turkbuku village, where they offer to rent any equipment.

Turkbuku on Google Maps

14. Bodrum Bazaar


If you come to Bodrum, you must visit the Bodrum Bazaar, since this is a place where you can feel the oriental flavor and make original purchases.

Here is the list of the bazaars in Bodrum:

  • MONDAY – Turbuku, Kumbahce, Guvercinlik
  • TUESDAY – Bodrum city center, Yalikavak , Golkoy
  • WEDNESDAY – Gundogan, Ortakent, Gumusluk, Akcaalan
  • THURSDAY – Yalikavak, Akyalar, Bitez
  • FRIDAY – Bodrum city center, Konacik, Yaliciftlik
  • SATURDAY –Turgutreis
  • SUNDAY -Gumbet, Kyzylaach, Mumdzhular.

You can check out the municipality’s website regarding the bazaars here.

15. Kara Ada (Black Island)


All covered with greenery, the famous Black Island stretches along the Bodrum coast. Actually, the island is not black at all, but emerald green mostly. The island became a popular tourist attraction not just for its beautiful landscape, but also because of the healing mud and mineral springs it offers.

Rumor has it that Cleopatra used the mud from the Black Island to preserve her youth and beauty.

The mud at the Black Island nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and it fights skin diseases too. Moreover, it is said that the “healing” mud reduces pain from sciatica and arthritis. Mud is a basic component of many beauty products.

The island is located 6 kilometers from Bodrum.

Black Island on Google Maps

16. Zeki Muren Arts Museum


Zeki Muren, one of the biggest Turkish singers of all times, spent the last days of his life in his home in Bodrum. After his death in 1996, his home was made into a museum for his fans and admirers to have a glimpse at his glamorous life.

This nostalgic experience is a great way to get to know Zeki Muren, also known as “The Sun of Art” in Türkiye, and his art better. The entrance fee is 20 TL.

Zeki Müren Art Museum on Google Maps
Open Hours: 09:00 – 19:30 (Closed on Mondays)
Phone Number: 0 252 313 19 39

17. Rent a Car and Go for a Ride


The best way to see all the beauty of Bodrum is to rent a car and drive around the peninsula surrounded by citrus groves, olive trees, rocky cliffs, pine forests, and, of course, the azure Aegean sea. We highly recommend you to go for a ride around the city as it is one of the best things to do in Bodrum.

18. Try traditional Turkish Food


Turkish cuisine is famous for its huge variety. And if you visit Bodrum, don’t miss the chance to try all the delicacies, especially the freshest seafood.

19. Windmills


One of the best views of Bodrum can be viewed from windmills. It doesn’t matter at which time of the day you enjoy the view; it is always breathtaking. Visiting windmills is one of the unusual things to do in Bodrum, and definitely, a must do Bodrum.

20. Buy leather sandals


Making sandals is an ancient Bodrum tradition. You can order a custom-made pair of sandals at professional tanners, which will fit your feet in the best way possible. A great souvenir to bring with you from an amazing holiday!

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