How Istanbul is Adapting the Post-Corona Era?

Turkey and the Turkish people, has alarmed Coronavirus from being a global threat. Various measures were taken to overcome this epidemic with the Ministry of Health and municipalities to overcome this epidemic in the least damaged way. The first case was announced by the Minister of Health in Turkey and was established immediately after the pandemic service in many hospitals. Some hospitals served only for COVID patients. Patients who received COVID + in pandemic services transferred to pandemic hospitals by taking quarantine measures. Thus, the combination of healthy patients and COVID patients prevented. Besides, hand disinfectants, high alcohol disinfectant solutions, and masks distributed in every city, especially in Istanbul. An extraordinary information movement has been initiated for the public to take care of social distance. People did not leave their homes, often only cargo workers in the city. This extraordinary effort to Istanbul and all Turkey, the coronavirus outbreak, has tried to circumvent the least damage. During the Corona epidemic, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continued to work, especially when everyone was at home. Tourist areas, mosques, and other crowded places were closed and disinfected by local cleaning teams. Access to these areas was banned and ensured that the public was not affected by the epidemic.

As in all countries, we’re all afraid in Turkey. However, we did not have such problems as other countries. The recovery rates of the patients were at 70-80 percent. However, this situation did not affect anyone. Everyone paid great attention to the rule of social distance and not to go out to the street unless necessary. What happens next, what are the measures taken in the post corona process? We have gathered the information for you:

Insights from travel influencers

What city are you currently living in? What would you say if you had the opportunity to give a local suggestion for those who come to your city?

I live in Istanbul. We evolved from one chaos to the other. It is necessary to repeat the common proposal of the whole world; “Paid attention to hygiene”.

Bestami Köse


Since the first incident, the curfew was initiated by the Ministry of Interior on weekends. Istanbul residents who prefer to wander around the beach rather than stay at home in hot weather, stayed at their homes upon the instructions of the ministry. The curfew was also made during the holidays. Also, intercity trips prevented, and the regional war with the disease continued. In the next process, even if curfews are not repeated, this decision may change according to the course of the disease. However, people over 65 years old who are particularly affected by the disease are required to stay at their homes for a while. Since everyone under the age of 20 can be a carrier in the disease, they are also prohibited from being on the street.

Hotels and Beaches

With the start of the summer season, hotels and other accommodation businesses opened. However, the beaches reorganized according to the social distance rule, and the places where everyone could sunbathe and rest were determined. In hotels, new rules have been added to the usual hygiene rules: Now there are ozonation systems in the rooms. The entrance to the hotels provided with thermal cameras. Hotels switched from 100 percent occupancy to 50 percent occupancy. Thus, the social distance rule can be applied. Health checks are carried out daily for the personnel who will work in the hotels. Ecological and organic services focused on the services provided in the hotels. In addition to big hotels, boutique hotels started to attract more attention. Instead of serving all guests in the common area, new personalized service types developed. This supports the people who will stay at the hotel to protect their isolation. Also, if you think that people over 65 and under 20 will stay at home, you may feel relatively comfortable about isolation because the number of people will be even less. Another striking rule introduced: All animations and organizations will be held outdoors. Thus, guests will be able to have fun by maintaining their own social distance. You can contact the locals for the most suitable accommodation details and special preferences for you.

Insights from travel influencers

What city are you currently living in? What would you say if you had the opportunity to give a local suggestion for those who come to your city?

We are in Istanbul. Our suggestion is to spend a day in a neighborhood and wander around there all day instead of visiting the fixed places they see on the internet. The Anatolian side of the city is especially perfect for this. There are so many beautiful attractions that we don’t want people to limit with standard 9-10 places.

Selva Afacan & Rıdvan Çobanoğlu – Walls Of Istanbul

Museums and Touristic Places

According to the rules set by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, each museum will have a different visitor orientation plan. Accordingly, factors such as “visitor potential, physical condition, social distance, entrance and exit routes, average time spent by visitors in museums and ruins, museum’s collection type” will be taken into consideration. Employees in all museums receive training on the effects of the epidemic and its reflection on social communication. In addition, certain orientation signs have been placed in areas where visitors are concentrated. Hygiene mats, mask and glove waste boxes, hand disinfectants, thermometers with thermal cameras placed at the museum entrances. Visitors will be able to enter museums without contact. In addition, seats and similar furniture in rest areas rearranged according to the social distance rule. Disinfection procedures will be repeated frequently after the museums are opened. Visitors will be admitted to the museum with a mask, and an online reservation method is introduced to limit the number of visitors to the museum. The time that the museums are closed has been added to the accounts of the visitors with the Museumpass card. Thus, the cards deemed unused while the museums were closed. You can contact our locals and get detailed information about the opening of museums and other touristic places connected to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism.

New period measures in Istanbul did not really force anyone. Because all the accommodation and restaurants businesses in Istanbul attach importance to hygiene first of all. The majority of Turkish people take off their shoes when entering the house. As soon as they enter the house, they wash their hands and faces first. Some of them even change the clothes on them so that they do not put anything that smeared on the outside into the house. The sensitivity to cleanliness shows itself even more in accommodation areas and restaurants. Therefore, Turkey will stand out among the countries where you feel very comfortable.

Although it was good for us to stay in our homes during the coronavirus period, we started to miss each other over time. Moreover, the global extent of this disease made us feel the same not only with the people around us but also with people we’ve never met in another continent. This reminded the world of the concept “we” instead of distant concepts such as “you – me”. Because we opposed the disease together. We called each other from our homes all over the world. We were all scared of the same thing. In addition, nature renewed itself as we stayed in our homes. Air and sea were cleared. While we were creating moments that we would be happy in our own little world, nature struggled with all its power to regain everything it has lost. This made us happy too. We are now more sensitive to each other and to the environment. Our awareness of health has increased. Living healthy has become a trend. Everyone understood the importance of their families. We realized that our freedoms were also interdependent. In other words, the post corona period starts with “new awareness” for us, as long as we take care of our health, give importance to hygiene rules and start thinking “we” instead of “I”.



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