What Tripster has to offer?

Our team of local trip designers will plan your trip to offer you a personalized trip, ensuring to provide the best possible experience.

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Tell us about your ideal trip

Briefly tell us how you would like to spend your time on vacation.

  • It only takes a couple minutes to fill out the form.
  • This will help us outline your personalized plan by structuring your needs and preferences.
  • We will be able to help you faster and more accurately by getting to know you beforehand.
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Every detail will be designed and taken care of with the help of our trip designers. You can get assistance from accommodation to transportation, we will manage all your events, restaurant reservations and bookings. Our support team will be available 24/7 during your trip.

The entire personalized design process takes 7-10 days. This period does not include the revisions you may choose to make on your plan.

The standard fee you will be charged is 25 Euros/day.


Get your trip designed by local trip designers.

Work with a team right from the heart of the city, catch the city from its pulse.

Trip Designers

Meet your trip designer, they know you best and will be ready to help you from planning till the end of your designated trip.

  • Your trip designer who will be at your service 24/7.
  • He will contact local trip desginers, manage all your reservations, bookings and tickets.
  • Always a click away in case of an emergency.

Manages and leads the whole process by getting to know your taste and preferences before and during your trip.

Your trip designer helps pick out 3 local trip desginers who are fitting for your taste and preferences. Trip desginers plan out the trip, each day of your vacation. Your trip designer shares the provided plans with you.

HYou pick out the most fitting day plans provided by the trip desginers. The combination of days form your overall trip.

You can view your personalized plan through the link provided by the designer, get access to maps and further information.

Local Trip Desginers

We will get you in touch with whom you will can’t help but love! Thus, we will plan out your ideal vacation with a unique local experience.

  • 20 unique experience categories.
  • Chance to pick a different trip designer for each day.
  • 100% money back guarantee

We have dozens of local trip desginers on our system, enough to satisfy every unique taste! All trip designers own a personal page for you to view their expertise and the experience they can provide. You may pick 3 best fitting trip designers of your preference from the short list your trip designer will provide you.

For each day of your vacation, you pick a plan built by the trip designers. So, you will have 3 different options for each day.

The trip designer you pick from will be helping you and managing your day through WhatsApp. (Your trip designer is always involved in the conversation.)


Your plan is ready! Now just enjoy your trip.

Congrats! You can now start counting down to a vacation that has been personally planned top to bottom for your liking.

  • Your trip designer will update you about the upcoming events and last minute opportunities as they arrive.
  • Your trip designer will always be following up on the weather forecast, special occasions etc.
  • Your plan will be checked and revised once again once you arrive at your destination to make sure everything will be working smoothly.
Can you arrange a different spot for Tuesday evening?
I reserved your spot at Scorpios for Tuesday evening.
Great! Thanks!

All communications will be managed via WhatsApp or on the phone. Your trip designer will start a chat with you and the chosen local trip designer of the day.

This is completely up to you and your trip designer. You may execute this by staying in contact and mutual agreement.

You may discuss revisions you choose to make on the plans provided with your trip designer. They will take care of every detail. There are many additional services you may request from your trip designer.

No surprises, no additional fees!

Plan and Reservation

Get accurate information about transportation & accommodation and manage all your bookings.

Local Experiences

Take part in local events suggested by exclusive guides.

24/7 Support

Feel as if you are traveling with a guide speaking your mother tongue. Communicate through Whatsapp.

Exclusive Guidance

Catch the rhythm of the city the way local trip desginers do.

Have a question?

You can check our FAQ or send us an e mail.

Let's Design Your Travel

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