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Get full day plan recommendations designed by locals based on your requirements.

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Describe your dream trip and get free full day plan suggestions designed by locals.

Complete Tripster’s 30 second online evaluation.

  • Tell us what you want from your trip.
  • Save up to 30 hours or more.
  • Skip logistical nightmares.
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You’ll receive full day plans, based on your responses, within 24 hours.

Nothing. It’s free to complete Tripster’s 30 second online evaluation and browse our existing plans. You only pay when you unlock the details for your plan.

Of course you can. But why do the donkey work yourself when it’s quicker and easier to let us take the hassle out of planning it for you? We’re here to help people who love to travel but don’t have the time to spend hours scouring the web for the things which will make their trip special, to search for somewhere that little bit different, or who want to go off the beaten track and not just do ‘tourist stuff’. Our plans are designed to make sure you don’t just see the place you visit - you experience it. Our plans are based on information from local people who know and love their hometowns and want you to fall in love with it too. For us, travel is about broadening your horizons and seeing the world differently. If you feel the same and want to make your next trip unforgettable click here to complete your free evaluation and let us find your perfect holiday.


We’ll find and narrow down the plans based on your preferences.

The Tripster community is made up of trip designers and travellers sharing their local knowledge and experience to help us provide you with a full day plan for the perfect getaway.


Receive full plans based on evaluation of your requirements, designed by real local people who live in your destination.


It’s like your well-travelled friend suggesting hidden gems no matter where you choose to visit. Browse our plans for ideas and suggestions. All of our plans are:

  • Full of authentic experiences.
  • Designed by local people living in the town/village/city you’re visiting.
  • Selected and narrowed down based on your preferences.
  • Crammed full of amazing local details you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

We have a community of local people, living in destinations all around the world. Real people of all ages and walks of life with a few things in common; the most important one being they know and love the place where they live. They design and upload a full day plans for you to enjoy an authentic experience of the place where they live. And yes, our plans are kept up to date by our trip designers. But we know things change so if you find any of the information in your plan inaccurate or misleading we offer a no quibble refund.

Anything and everything. Your recommended plans are based on your requirements. After checking your 30 second online evaluation we’ll search our bank of plans designed by expert local trip designers and suggest a plan to meet your expectations. It could be a romantic day in the city with a candlelit dinner, an adrenaline-filled day of activities followed by a sunset barbecue and a bottle of local beer, or anything in between. Our plans include everything you need for your perfect day. Click here to check out a sample plan.

It’s simple. You select the plans you want and pay €25 for each one. There’s nothing more to pay.

Trip designer

Unlock your world to travellers, and earn money by designing plans and spreading the word via Tripster.

  • Design as many plans as you wish.
  • Get paid for every happy traveller.
  • Be part of the Tripster community.
  • Put your hometown on the map.

If you want to share your love for your hometown, join our community of trip designers. Registration is simple and free. After approval you’ll be asked to upload full day plans for our travellers who want to experience an authentic trip to the place you know best. Our travellers want to know the intricate details and unique places to visit that make your hometown their perfect day. You know better than anyone how to help them get the best out of their day.If you have any problems registering we’re here to help you complete the process.

Sure! You don’t need to be a computer whizz - it’s your expertise and local knowledge we’re interested in. Our support staff are always on hand to help you create a plan. And every submitted plan is assessed with feedback provided to the trip designer, so the more plans you submit the better you’ll get - and the more money you’ll make.

There is no upper limit to what you can earn. Your earnings are based on how many travellers unlock your plan and the ratings they provide, with the potential to earn 35% of total earnings for every unlocked plan.

There sure is! Make sure your plans are kept up to date. If a new restaurant opens offering local cuisine make sure it’s added to your plan. The same goes for new tourist attractions or galleries/displays at your local museum or art gallery. If it’s something people will want to see or do, it can be added to your plan. You can also improve your ratings by maintaining a good relationship with your travellers. If there is a one off event such as a big Champions League game or a concert, include it in the plan. Remember - happy travellers means high ratings and more money in your pocket. And don’t forget, there are millions of travellers coming to your city every year 😉

Millions of people travel to all parts of the world every year, which has many upsides but also some downsides. One major impact is pollution. We’re taking a stand on that issue, so for every plan that’s unlocked we’ll plant a tree in the heart of the city. The more unlocked plans, the more trees. Our aim is to plant 100,000 trees in 2 years. But we need your help to do it. As we grow we’ll be tackling other issues such as ethical tourism and inequality.

You can design as many plans as you want but they all need to be great. We have a commitment to our travellers to ensure the plans they unlock make their day unforgettable, so low ratings may mean we have to suspend your plan for a review. But different travellers want different things so if you can design more than one great day in your city then go ahead and create as many as you like!


Your plan is ready! Now just enjoy your trip.

So you’ve downloaded your plan and the day has arrived! Now it’s time to make it real. And we’ve got a great way for you to get the best out of it!

Can you suggest a different spot for this evening?
You may try the Rooftop.
Great! Thanks!

We use an app to share detailed plans with you and setup a chat channel between you and your trip designer. The only information we share is your name and the number of people travelling.

It’s not something we recommend but ultimately the decision is totally down to you and your trip designer.

Once you have received your plans, you will be able to ask questions to the trip designer who designed the plan by messaging through the app we provided for you.

All trip designers make money from the plans you unlock, with different payment rates based on the rating you provide, so it’s in the interests of both parties to maintain good communication.

Every plan you receive should contain all the information you need for a great day. This way you’ll be able to check details and ask questions before you travel. But if you do have any issues to do with the plan, you can always reach our support between 09.00 and 21.00 +3 GMT.

You can discuss details about the plan and ask any questions. Your trip designer is obliged to answer queries but not required to take action on things such as reservations, bookings, payments, or any other issues not related to the plan. If you need help with any of these, please get in touch with our support team by clicking here.

No surprises, no additional fees!

Live like a local

Have contact with the local who designed your plan.

Do good and help the earth to breath.

Help us make the world a better place. We plant 1 tree for every day you unlock.

Free evaluation

Complete Tripster’s 30 second online evaluation. Take a look our trip designers and their plans for free

No quibble refund

If there’s anything you think we can do better, tell us. And if you’re not entirely satisfied contact us for a no quibble refund.

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