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In December, it is felt that the air starts to cool down in Istanbul. Cold days of December are added to remaining warm days from November. You can visit more and more indoor activities. As the weather starts to darken early, it is possible to see the glamorous beauty of Istanbul in the early hours.

If you don’t like very hot weather and humidity, December is the best time to be in Istanbul. The Bosphorus is ideal for romantic walks on rainy days. Watching the rainy streets while sipping your coffee or wine is also a pleasure. In sunny weather, Istanbul parks and streets will always be waiting for you!

Istanbul Weather in December


December is the month in which Istanbul begins to prepare for winter. The temperature, which sometimes increases and decreases in November, starts to decrease continuously in December. The temperature drops from 20 degrees at the beginning of the month to 15 degrees towards the end of the month. This means you will see Istanbul’s transition from autumn to winter.

The average temperature in Istanbul in December is 11.7 degrees. The average temperature is 14.9 ° C and the lowest temperature is 9 ° C. During the day you can see the sun for a total of 4 hours. The average number of rainy days in the month is estimated to be 12.9 days. This means that you should not leave your raincoats with you.

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Next 7 Days Weather Forecast for Istanbul


Shopping in Istanbul in December


When the weather gets cold, entertainment increases in Istanbul’s shopping malls. Each shopping center organizes various activities to reach all customers from 7 to 70. You can see all events on the shopping malls’ websites. In addition to these activities, you also have the opportunity to shop in December in rainy weather. Here are the most beautiful shopping places in Istanbul:


Best Things to Do in Istanbul in December

1. Have Breakfast In Emirgan

The breakfast places in Emirgan are very pleasant places with sea views. They are ideal places for breakfast especially in the warm weather of the early winter. The sound of the waves merges with the scent of the sea and creates a beautiful scene for a romantic morning breakfast. At the end of the breakfast, you will feel more energetic with a walk along the sea.

2.Walking in the Park After the Rain


There’s a world running around just outside the border, and you’re taking a stroll under the big trees and the wonderful bird sounds. The most beautiful colors of the early winter are laid under your feet and the rain is now gone. A slight scent of the sea is mixed with the fresh smell of grass. You will not believe your eyes when you see how the day gets better with the sun shining through the tree branches. Yildiz Park and Gulhane Park are ideal for these walks.

3.Take a Ferry Ride

Taking a ferry trip between two continents in Istanbul is not dependent on weather conditions. In December, you can drink your tea in the closed area of the ferry and watch the Bosphorus view and pass by the Maiden’s Tower. You can also watch Haydarpaşa Train Station, Dolmabahçe and Topkapı Palaces and Galata Tower while you are visiting the Bosphorus by ferry. It is a bit hard to tell the romanticism you will experience when you go up to the deck to throw pieces of bagels to the seagulls!

4. Discover Istanbul at Night

It would not be wrong to say that Istanbul is one of the cities that never sleeps. The city, which is different from night and day, offers many opportunities both as visual beauty and entertainment. There are many bars and nightclubs in Istanbul. To have a pleasant time, just plan.

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Places to Visit in Istanbul in December

1. Visit the Palaces


The cultures that came to Istanbul for centuries were very impressed by the beauty of this city and built various buildings and presented them to the city. Palaces are also the most spectacular buildings. There are 11 palaces and pavilions in Istanbul. Four of these palaces and palaces are in Besiktas. Note: All museums and palaces are closed on Monday.

2. Visit Churches and Cathedrals

There are 158 registered churches in Istanbul. Some of these churches attract more attention with their magnificent structure. These churches are among the places that must be visited even if you have faith or not. Don’t forget to look at the historical information before you see the churches in the old Istanbul.

3. Visit Parks in Istanbul

Istanbul is known mostly for its historical places and landscapes, but believe me, it has more than that! There are many undeveloped parts of the city which offer a great way to escape from the crowds and just relax with your own thoughts – and maybe even a picnic!

4. Visit Museums in Istanbul


December is an important month especially for museums. People prefer to travel indoors as soon as the weather cools. These interiors can be for sitting or eating, as well as for historical or cultural excursions. Museum exhibitions are prepared for a growing number of guests. In fact, Istanbul itself is like a museum.


Istanbul’s Events & Festivals, Public Holidays in December

Istanbul is hosting many events and festivals in December. Music and performing arts, workshops and fairs invite everyone in Istanbul in December.

Opus Amadeus Organ Festival


Opus Amadeus Istanbul Organ Festival is a first in Turkey! Since the Middle Ages, magnificent works for the church organ have been and continue to be composed throughout the history of music.

During the festival, a rich organ repertoire will be waiting for you. You will listen with great emotions and great pleasure, and the organ, whose history dates back to the seventh century, is a medieval instrument.

04 December 2019
Emmanuel Arakelian
Saint Esprit Cathedral, Harbiye

10 December 2019
Emanuele Cardi
Saint Esprit Cathedral, Harbiye

Tickets: Click here

Fame The Musical


Under the sponsorship of Yapı Kredi, Fame the Musical is coming to Istanbul from the world well known melodic scene of London’s West End with its unique staff to rouse everybody to seek after their fantasies! In its 30th year visit, the 80’s exceptional melodic symbol will meet the group of spectators at Zorlu PSM Turkcell Stage for just 8 exhibitions between 10-15 December 2019. Click here for tickets.

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Istanbul’s Travel Tips & More

Istanbul has a different beauty every month. But in the early winter romance culminates. Lovers, cats and kids cuddles more. Birds come and drink water to the small puddles left by the rain. The streets of Istanbul are covered with yellow leaves in the beginning of winter, and a wet sky welcomes you. The outdoor melancholic atmosphere is accompanied by hot teas, salepes, coffees and hot wine in cafes. Everyone who comes to Istanbul in December falls in love with the city.

What to wear?

What you should wear in Istanbul in December depends on which country you came from. If you come from cold places you will definitely find a warmer weather. Nevertheless, if the air cools above normal, you might think that small particles of ice pass through your body. You should bring a thick coat just in case. But you may not need this thick coat at all. Istanbul is generally warm if there is a normal weather in December. It’il be rainy. At night the weather will be cool, comfortable during the day.

A warm jacket or sweater and windbreaker would be good to avoid the coolness of the evenings. If you plan to go to other cities in Turkey outside of Istanbul, IN Northeastern and Eastern Turkey, prepare for near-winter conditions.

About Transportation in Istanbul

As the rain increases in December, the traffic in the city becomes more complicated. Therefore, if there is rain, you should prefer to reach by metro, metrobus or tram. Transportation by bus or taxi will always be more difficult. In fact, never try taxis. Some drivers may not take you because they are not going in your direction. Moreover, it will not make sense to take a taxi in a traffic jam.

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