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In Istanbul, there’s always something to do, no matter what the season. When the weather is warm, you’ll find cultural and artistic events outdoors in parks and open spaces to enjoy. The first days of October can often feel like spring all over again but towards the middle of the month the weather starts to cool. You’ll be amazed at the difference in temperature from one hour to the next, and may find yourself asking why it is you’re chilly and trembling when just a short while ago you were enjoying the sun. If you do, don’t worry, you’re in good company, many people have asked the same question before. In fact, poets have written poems comparing Istanbul to a beautiful woman full of mystery because of its changeable weather.

Weather in Istanbul in October

weather in istanbul in october

October is the beginning of autumn in Istanbul. Temperatures drop fundamentally and precipitation midpoints increment. While it’s still commonly generally warm and wonderful in Istanbul, it is a lot colder and wetter than the late spring months and never again seashore climate.

The normal temperature in Istanbul in October is 16°C, with highs of simply 19°C. The most noteworthy temperature at any point recorded in the region right now.

Next 7 Days Weather Forecast for Istanbul


Shopping in Istanbul in October


When it comes to shopping, Istanbul offers quality local designs and brands as well as world famous brands. You can visit numerous shopping malls around the city and find all your needs. Also don’t forget to read our article for shopping in Istanbul. You can visit:

  • Istinye Park
  • Forum Istanbul
  • Istanbul Cevahir Mall
  • The Grand Bazaar
  • The Spice Bazaar
  • Nişantaşı
  • Galata
  • Terkos Passage
  • Atlas Passage

Best Things to Do in Istanbul in October

1. Drink Turkish Coffee

turkish coffee

There is a saying in Turkey: “A bitter coffee forms a bond lasting 40 years” This can be from the bitterness of the coffee or from its deliciousness. And if it’s delicious coffee you want, you need to know it’s been made properly.

Turkish coffee is usually drunk without sugar, but of course you can add sugar according to your own taste. When you buy a Turkish coffee you can ask for it without sugar (sade), sugary (orta) or very sugary (şekerli). Now, let’s find out some of the best places to drink Turkish coffee in Istanbul: Where to Drink Turkish Coffee in Istanbul?

2. Play Backgammon in a Local Tea Shop


Backgammon is a pleasant game that promotes friendship and community. It’s one of the oldest games in the world and is popular in Istanbul with people of all ages. If you prefer, you can just sit and watch old people playing backgammon. If one of them turns their backgammon board to you, they’re inviting you to play. But beware, they might ‘Mars’ you. ‘Mars’ means to convincingly beat you.

3. Take a Bath in the Hammam


Hammam culture no longer thrives, as everyone can have a bath in their own house. However, hammams are an experience that should be experienced not only by visitors to Istanbul but also for those who live in the city.If you’re wondering which Turkish baths to visit when you’re in Istanbul then we’ve produced this guide to help you: Best Turkish Baths in Istanbul

4. Eat Baklava


You can eat numerous desserts in Istanbul but baklava has a special place in the heart of this city. Baklava is one of Turkey’s special desserts. Made from very thin layers of phyllo and flavoured with walnuts and pistachios among others. It takes various names according to how it’s made: carrot slice baklava, milky Nuriye, home baklava…. When ”baklava” is mentioned in Istanbul, several addresses come to mind. Here are those addresses.

5. Experience Istanbul Nightlife

istanbul nightlife

Istanbul, with a population of over 17 million, is rich in nightlife and bars. For this reason, the city is a great attraction for those looking for fun and entertainment in the night. Istanbul offers what suits everyone, whether you want to have coffee with friends or want to spend an unforgettable night full of music. Istanbul is divided into two parts: Asian and European. Both are rich in cafés, night clubs, and restaurants. The most famous night places in Istanbul: Best Nightclubs in Istanbul

Places to Visit in Istanbul in October

1. Visit Art Galleries

istanbul art gallery

Istanbul, as a point where historical and modern values combine, is a city rich in art and artistic activities. Modern art galleries in Istanbul, and halls where different branches of art can be exhibited at the same time allow for this. If you come to Istanbul at the right times you may have the chance to participate in these art activities almost every day. If you’re curious about the top 5 art galleries in Istanbul which will give you the chance to see the most up to date works of art then read on.

2. Visit Top Places of Worship in Istanbul

Top Places Of Worship in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that connects two continents and hosts many different empires. Every civilization that lived in the city made its mark and today Istanbul bears the traces of its culture. There are so many historical monuments to visit in this city which has been home to many different religions and cultures for centuries. It has many beautiful and magnificent mosques, churches and synagogues, significant for their architectural and cultural value. Christianity dates back to the 4th century in Istanbul. Here are the top places of worship in Istanbul.

3. Visit Parks in Istanbul

Parks in Istanbul

Istanbul is known mostly for its historical places and landscapes, but believe me, it has more than that! There are many undeveloped parts of the city which offer a great way to escape from the crowds and just relax with your own thoughts – and maybe even a picnic!

4. Visit Museums in Istanbul

Istanbul Archeology Museum

Istanbul is full of wonders that have been standing since Byzantium, magnificent palaces inhabited by the Ottoman sultans, private museums where the city’s leading collections are exhibited and modern art shrines.

5. Top Monuments to Visit in Istanbul

Taksim Republic Monument

Istanbul is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world; and has been for centuries. As a strategic location and an epicentre of civilization, many nations chose to establish themselves in Istanbul for many years leaving behind numerous monuments. You can read more about them here to get detailed information about the monuments in Istanbul: Top Monuments to Visit in Istanbul


Istanbul’s Events & Festivals, Public Holidays in October

There are three major events in Istanbul in October: Istanbul Biennial, Akbank Jazz Festival and Filmekimi. There are also many concerts and shows.

Istanbul Biennial

biennial istanbul

The Istanbul Biennial is a comprehensive art and culture event held in October. Cultural and art events are organised all over the city bringing together works of artists from all around the world. This years’ biennial, entitled ‘7th Continent’ has 56 artists from 25 different countries participating. The Biennial, is organised biannually by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts. You can visit the Biennial with guides, all of whom are art history students. This year’s biennial includes 7 sites across the city:

  1. MSGSU (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University) Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum: Beyoglu
  2. Pera Museum: Beyoglu
  3. Anatolian Club (Yellow House): Buyukada
  4. Hacopulo Pavilion: Buyukada
  5. Mizzi Mansion: Buyukada
  6. Stone School: Buyukada
  7. Pier Square: Buyukada

For more detailed information about venues and programmes read the previous article about the Biennial.

Akbank Jazz Festival

akbank jazz festival

The Jazz Festival began in 1991 with concerts organised in various parts of Istanbul, and over time has become a huge festival. The festival is held every year, with its motto “The Jazz State of the City.” The annual festival is celebrating its 29th anniversary this year. During the festival, the mysterious charms of jazz music reach everyone from 7 to 70 via events organised to introduce jazz to children, to concerts for existing jazz fans; the city is alive with jazz from mid-October.

The Jazz festival is not only for jazz enthusiasts, but also for those who like modern and electronic music. Since 2006, the Akbank Jazz Festival committee has been organising jazz concerts at several universities in the country, introducing jazz music to many Turkish cities, and bringing it to new and existing fans. In the festival in Istanbul, jazz music greets listeners in various places from museums to cisterns, steamboats to large concert halls.

Isn’t it pleasant to hear the seagulls accompany the jazz you listen to at the seaside? Akbank Jazz Festival, a member of the European Jazz Network, invites you to enjoy this pleasure every year. Click here for more information and this year’s programme.

Filmekimi (Filmoctober)


Filmekimi is organised by Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation and is held in the first half of October every year. This years’ event opened with the Turkish premiere of The Joker; the highly acclaimed American psychological thriller which won the Golden Lion at the 76th Venice International Film Festival. Throughout Filmekimi, many local and international award-winning films are screened, including festival films, artistic films and documentaries. For each film, you can buy tickets at the cinema hall before the movie, or get tickets online. The full film programme can be seen here.

Throughout the course of Filmekimi, there are film screenings not only in Istanbul but also in theatres in Ankara and Izmir. This year’s Filmekimi programme features prominent films from summer festivals, particularly Cannes, Venice and Toronto. In addition, local films, selected as Oscar nominees in their countries, are screened. This year there is a film about the legendary Argentinian footballer Diego Armando Maradona. The film tells the story of his life from the 1980’s to the present. Asif Kapadia’s latest film, directed by Senna and Amy, has never been seen before and focuses on his time in Naples.

Istanbul’s Travel Tips & More

Here are a few things to help you before you visit Istanbul in October:

What to wear?

October brings all weathers to Istanbul – from very hot to very cold. So remember to pack suitable clothes for warm weather and cold weather. After the first week of October the rain and winds begin and you may get extremely wet so it’s best to wear waterproof jacket and boots and it’s best to have spare clothes with you in case you get caught in one of the particularly heavy downpours and get soaked through.

About Transportation in Istanbul

One of the best ways to get to know a city is to use public transport. It gives a feeling that of living there and adds an air of authenticity. Istanbul is a busy city and traffic can be crowded so planning your journey is important. As in every cosmopolitan city, there are peak times for traffic and these are best avoided if possible. If you’re taking your own car there are parking places all over the city including the Ispark service offered by the municipality. Still, we recommend you get a map.

10 Things to Know Before You Arrive in Istanbul

If you’re visiting Istanbul you’ll want to know what to expect when you arrive. So here are the top 10 Things to Know Before You Arrive in Istanbul.

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