Istanbul’s Best Antique and Vintage Shops

Antiquity, objects of historical importance. Some say that the value of an object can’t rise because of its age. But we all know stuff from the past, especially from the important moments can and should be very valuable. And the antique shops are breath-taking just for that. Imagine many objects from different eras, cultures and histories of the past, sitting in one place. Even its thought is overwhelming, and surely a person who has no interest in antique objects will fill with awe once they get in these stores. But what makes an antique shop remarkable? Mostly the collections they have and connections the owners have. And in Istanbul, most of these conditions exist for antique shops to flourish. Its location and housing many cultures over the years make this city a living museum. It’s no surprise that antique collectors from all over the world come to this city. From Christianity relics to Islamic objects, outfits of old German, Russian and Ottoman nations and even objects of Egyptian and Arabic cultures can be found in Istanbul easily.

1. Mozk

Mozk Vintage shop resides in Cihangir, Istanbul. With its interesting décor and quantity of different antique objects, you can go there even if you’re not shopping for anything. It contains mostly more recent antiques like from the early times of Turkey, and outfits from old European styles. Many have bought just a purse or dress for daily use. And others can fill their house with couches, wardrobes and paintings from this vintage shop. With their helpful and sincere workers, Mozk Vintage shop is a must-see vintage store in Istanbul.



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2. By Retro

Specialized in old outfits, By Retro is one the best place for vintage shops in Istanbul. When we think of antique in Istanbul, mostly old maps, books or house decors comes to mind. By Retro shifts that thought by the diversity and quantity of the outfit antiques it houses. Most of the TV shows in Turkey and even from Hollywood parties use decors and costumes from this vintage store. It contains over thirty thousand objects, mostly outfits. Their antıques mostly available to rent, and they also make restoration and repair for antique outfits. Apart from organizations and events, you can simply go there and buy an outfit for daily use. Glasses, trench coats and dresses are the most bought objects of By Retro. Lastly, they’re known for their help for students who want to fashion themselves with retro clothes. They have a sincere and helpful attitude for all customers.

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3. Galeri Sah

Any collector who knows Istanbul very well goes to Galeri Sah periodically. This store has its place in important Istanbul antique shops. Apart from collecting and selling historical objects, they also design antiques. This antique shop in Istanbul takes pride in its industrial antiques and old clocks. Old miniature cars, maps, drawings, plates, tobacco pipes and much more can be found here. Their ability to design old-styled objects is also remarkable. Either buying an antique décor for your house or ordering a unique design, this antique shop in Istanbul is your next stop.

4. Kashif Sofa

Antiques in Istanbul are mainly from Ottoman and Middle Eastern cultures. But Kashif Sofa is a place where you can find European styled paintings, illuminations and art books. More like a museum than an antique shop, Kashif Sofa has many western and eastern objects. You can find a lot of Christian antiques if you are into it. Some customers say that they can be a little confused with the antiques’ correct date. But because of the high number of objects, it is tolerable, for they try to help the customers for their wishes. Of course, none of the objects are cheap, but if you are looking for an antique you must be ready for high prices. Even you are not going to buy anything, this antique store is a must-visit place for the owner’s own collection. The owner always tries to collect old Islamic and Ottoman relics, while the shop has a high number of European and Christian antiques. Sights like the old Christian drawings sits in the near of an Ottoman sultans ring is a sight to see if you are into history.



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5. Onsekiz Vintage Industrial Lighting and Accessories

This vintage store is popular for industrial antiques and designs. Onsekiz Vintage store is a once hidden paradise, now known by many. For decorations, small or huge, you can always find something to buy here. Sculptures, paintings, tables, bar stools, signs, lambs and much more in industrial styles can be found here. Almost every object draws attention, and always every time you come out with a vintage thing you just bought.

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6. The Works, ”Objects of Desire”

Maybe the most intriguing store, The Works, ‘Objects of Desire’ is a place you can’t leave easily. As the owners named it, it is literally an artistic chaos. You can find Turkish porn magazines from the 1950s inside of a bathtub. Or a mafia encyclopedia next to some old maps. It is not because of the laziness of the workers. It is by the design of the owner, for he likes that everything presented together. For this chaotic design he made for his store, the customers feel like they are in a maze of history. No one knows what they may find in this confused-museum like antique shop, for that anyone can sate their hunger for mystery.

7. Aslı Günşiray

For the high-quality antiques, Aslı Günşiray is your antique dealer. Ms. Günşiray spent most of her life collecting antiques over the standard quality. She started to deal her high-quality antiques in her store over the years. With the asligunsirayinteriors user name, you can see some of her stuff on Instagram. She has a collection that includes objects from the Ottoman era and Anatolian art as well as antique furniture, coffee sets, liqueur bottles, and vases from the French, Far East, or Turkish regions. If you wish to put down some good money, she is your next stop.

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8. A La Turca House

Last but not least, for beautiful antique Anatolian carpets, Ottoman textiles, furniture, pottery, kaftans, ceramics and more, A La Turca House is a must-visit antique shop in Istanbul. The owner Erkal Aksoy designed his store to maintain the looks of an Ottoman house with his collection. Some say that this antique shop is the richest in the neighbourhood. If you are into Anatolian and Ottoman culture antiques, or even if you want to see what kind of style an Ottoman house has, you must definitely visit this shop.



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