2023’s Top Travel Picks for Turkiye

Last two years, we spent two spring seasons at home when the weather was warming and we were full of hope. While at the beginning of the pandemic, we spent our time with online training, personal development, home cooking trials, regular sports, skincare, and healthy nutrition, now most of us feel the monotony of finishing one year with 4 pieces of clothing at home. The to-do list that we prepared to be realized “when the pandemic is over” has changed to “if the pandemic is over”. If you still have a bucket list, if you are full of the energy to do things on this list, you will find the most beautiful travel plans and destinations of 2022 on this page. Please don’t despair, look alive and scroll down to spend a summer vacation that will make you forget last year!

Let’s take a look at the best things to do in Türkiye, where the top travel picks in 2022 are, what events await you, and what tips will be useful for you.


Antalya is a holiday destination that never gets out of popularity. Let’s look at the places where you can go to relieve the stress of the pandemic and have a relaxing holiday both mentally and physically in the city, which is preferred by locals and foreigners every year during the summer season.

Considering you are thinking of camping in Türkiye, you should read the blog we wrote for the campers in Antalya.

1. Visit Adrasan

This place has one of the famous beaches with its clear water and is a stopping point for many people because it is on the Lycian Way.

Why should you visit here?

Surfing and water skiing can be done here, and as the sea is shallow, it is an ideal place for children and those who do not know how to swim. It is very attractive for those who love underwater with its underwater visibility. Since this is one of the old and small settlements, you can enjoy the historical and natural beauties. It has a very warm and friendly atmosphere as most of the facilities here are operated by the village residents.

How to go?

This is about 95 kilometers from Antalya. If you are coming by bus, you can reach the terminal with Çiçek Tour or Kumluca minibusses.

Visiting Hours: 08:00-18:00

Entrance Fee: Free


2. Visit Damlataş Cave

Why should you visit here?

It is known that this cave is good for many diseases and it is thought to be especially good for asthma patients because of its high carbon dioxide and humidity. If you are also experiencing asthma, anxiety, or stress disorders during the pandemic period, you should come to this cave.

How to go?

This place is about 1 kilometer from the Alanya district of Antalya. After you arrive in the Alanya district, you can easily reach this cave.

Visiting Days: Every day of the week

Visiting Hours: 09:00-22:00

Entrance Fee: 15 TL

3. See The Bridge Canyon

Why should you visit here?

This is one of the longest canyons in Türkiye. Activities such as hiking and rafting are in great demand. You can camp or have a picnic here, and thus make you feel in your comfort zone in pandemic conditions.

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How to go?

People who want to go by public transportation from the center of Antalya should take the bus to Manavgat or Alanya and get off at the Bridge Canyon, Beşkonak turnout. From this turn, you can get on the minibus again and get access.

Visiting Days: Every day of the week

Entrance Fee: Free

Tip: You can reach trip plans prepared by locals of the city through HeyTripster to find the best daily trip plan for you.


If you are going to come to Çanakkale by plane, you can go to Çanakkale Airport (only limited flights to here) or Balıkesir Edremit Airport. Various airlines have direct flights from Istanbul. It takes 2.5 hours from Balıkesir Airport to Çanakkale center by car. Do not forget to compare prices before purchasing your flight ticket.

1. Diving

Çanakkale is an excellent place for diving. There are about 175 shipwrecks in Çanakkale from the 1st World War! The ships that once kept the secrets of war now house the moray and lobster families. First-time dives, there is no need to worry; Before diving in all the companies you will dive with, there is a piece of comprehensive information and they guide you.

Some companies providing service for wreck diving:

  • Saros Diving
  • Badim
  • BlackFish

This will be quite extraordinary and enjoyable for you after the pandemic period we have been sitting at home for months.

2. Stay in Bozcaada

There are many villas, hotels or vineyard houses you can rent in Bozcaada and you can find options for every budget. Thus, you can spend a more comfortable holiday with your loved ones.

How to go?

Transportation to Bozcaada is provided by Gestaş by ferry (car ferry). The distance of 4 miles between Bozcaada and Geyikli Yükyeri Ferry Port takes an average of half an hour. Trips that take place every 45 minutes in the summer can go down to three times a day in the winter.


3. Discover Kaz Mountains

Most of the time, you have to go exploring yourself in order to take your dream pictures of the Kaz Mountains. Kaz Mountains National Park is one of the most beautiful places for camping in Türkiye also if you want there are many facilities in the area. Making fires is strictly forbidden in the whole region.

PS: By the way, if you are a camping lover, jump to this page later to get information about camping sites close to Istanbul.

There are many streams and waterfalls flowing from the Kaz Mountains, leaving behind them swimming pools flowing from the terrace. If you’re here in season, one of the best things to do is swim in these pools. You can find more peaceful swimming spots instead of popular picnic areas with barbecue smoke.

Kaz Mountains have also become popular with ecological farming. There are many ecological farms here that are not for profit and support sustainable economic development in the region. Here you can volunteer for food and bed.

How to go?

The distance between Çanakkale and Kaz Mountains is 155 kilometers and approximately 3 hours. You need a car to go to Kaz Mountains and travel comfortably. If you are going through forest and mountain roads, some roads can be rough. If you want to go directly to Kaz Mountains from Istanbul, it takes about 6 hours.

Tip: You can reach trip plans prepared by locals of the city through HeyTripster to find the best daily trip plan for you.


1. Visit Alaçatı

You will understand that Alaçatı is one of the most charming and beautiful places in our country when you walk its streets. Also, try the gummy pudding and gummy cookies. You may not feel comfortable during the pandemic in this destination, whose streets are crowded, but there are also many safe activities you can do here. For instance, Alaçatı is one of the three best windy places in the world and you can experience windsurfing and dive when you are there.

How to go?

You can go to Alaçatı from Izmir city center by two separate buses. After taking the bus number 984 and getting off in Urla, you can take the bus number 760 Urla-Çeşme and get off in Alaçatı.

Don’t forget to take a look at rental car options for your trip.

2. Go to the bays of Karaburun

Bodrum Bay, Dolungaz Bay, and Mimoza Bay are just three of the bays you can go to. Mimoza Bay is one of the most beautiful places for a quiet holiday. There are no waves and no wind. Also, there is never an annoying crowd at all. Bodrum Bay is the most famous of these and there are many facilities here. You can also see a lot of fish under the sea.

How to go?

To reach the bays, you must first come to the district of Karaburun and this place is 3 kilometers from the city center. It is possible to come by your own car or public transportation, and you can come here with many minibusses.

Don’t forget to take a look at rental car options for your trip.

3. Visit Özdere

This is a neighborhood in the Menderes district. Along the Özdere coast, there are summer vacation sites, hotels and pensions, and untouched forests that meet the sea. Welcoming many visitors in the summer months with its blue flag beaches, Özdere is one of the closest holiday destinations to the center of Izmir with its peaceful atmosphere, bays, local producer markets and fresh air. It is a good option for a list of places to visit during the pandemic period with its proximity to the city center and its magnificent nature.

How to go?

Özdere is in an area 70 km south of İzmir center (Konak Square) and you can come by car in about 1 hour. Özdere Town is 45 km away from İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport. You can also come here by minibusses departing from Izmir Bus Terminal. There are also minibus services to Kuşadası-Selçuk-Özdere-Seferihisar in the region. Özdere is also very close to the historical and touristic places around it and is connected to a very convenient transportation network.

Tip: You can reach trip plans prepared by locals of the city through HeyTripster to find the best daily trip plan for you.

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