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Questions About Your Plan

You can ask any detailed questions to your trip designer; they have the answers. You can ask him or her whether the location is more crowded in another hour, any other recommendations in that restaurant he or she has, or any easier way to make the reservation.

Start the Conversation Before the Trip

Starting from a week ago, you will be able to chat with your trip designer for eight days (7 days beforehand + during your Tripster day) straight! Keep it cool, you have your pal with you for more than enough!

Easy Way of Communication

To make it easier for you and your trip designer to stay in touch, we’ll create an Instagram group chat including you, us, and the trip designer.



Do you want live chat or not? We assure you that every itinerary in our arsenal will be recommended to you by our beloved *AI* regarding your results in our evaluation form. After our intelligent elimination system, you will be able to see the summary of your trip before buying. You can continue and get your day. To conclude, our itinerary fits perfectly to you since you purchase it! A local friend can sometimes be beneficial, but if you don’t want to have one, there is no problem.
PS: If you want to chat with your trip designer, please check the box before purchase!