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Best Travel Movies to Watch at Home

We all are having a hard time in quarantine. Staying home all day makes most of us irritated and we constantly try to make something that passes time. The most accessible and easy way to do this is watching movies. While staying at home, which we all should, we can watch some of the films we wanted to when we couldn’t find any time. We gathered some films in this writing, for specially travel lovers. So that you may still remember what it was like to travel, urban or natural hiking. If you are bored with cooking different meals, home exercising or simply just want to watch some films but run out of them, we listed some travel films just for you.

1. Into the Wild

Of course, this film will be included. Made in the year 2007, and in the USA, this film took much attention from viewers. Based on a book, this screenplay wrote and directed by Sean Penn. A young man hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness while leaving all his savings and possessions behind. The film is based on his journey and the things he encounters. It is a film about leaving society, the system behind to become one with nature and living without the world he cannot fit. Every free-spirited person should watch this film. You can also see Kristin Steward on the cast.


2. The Beach

Made in 2000, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, this film made with USA-England cooperation and centres a man who searches something meaningful. He learns that there is an island that is hard to get, and it is truly a paradise. Only a handful of travellers resides on it with everyone who knows this island keeps its location hidden to protect from world. Keeping it clear of pollution from everyone. Sadly while this Drama- Psychological thriller film is about keeping this ‘Beach’ clean, fans in the real world trashed the filming location, Maya Beach.

3. Catch Me If You Can

Another film starring DiCaprio and Tom Hanks made in 2002. It is an American biographical crime film. A seasoned FBI agent pursues Frank Abagnale Jr. who forged millions of dollars’ worth checks, posing as a pilot, a doctor and a legal prosecutor. They travel all around the world in this cat and mouse game. Though we strongly advise you shouldn’t do so, the character DiCaprio played is having the best time of his life with all the money he steals may make you feel like you should do the same to travel all around the Earth.

4. Spectre

All of the James Bond films include many countries. We always can expect to see beautiful places all around to world when we watch these films. And the latest film of this series provides no below of that expectation. Starting in Mexico City with the Dia de los Muertos parade this film provides very good travel sightseeing. From Austria to Italy and even to Morocco this film can be considered as a good travel film, except for all of the secret agent businesses. Made in 2015 and starring Daniel Craig with Lea Seydoux, you can enjoy this good film with scenes includes beautiful touristic sites.


5. Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road

With a small budget and a good cast with names like Gary Oldman, Christopher Lloyd, Amy Stewart, director and writer Bob Gale made an excellent travel film. Made in 2002 in the USA, this film is all about travelling and searching for something along the way. Main character Neal Oliver, an artist who stuck between expectations of his family and girlfriend gets a job from a mysterious man. He must deliver a package using a road that doesn’t exist in any map while visiting places in this road that never heard of. With every person and place he discovers, he learns something about life and himself. To make dreams he doesn’t even know, he takes on this journey. As every traveller in the real world. You should definitely watch this film, but don’t expect to meet O. W. Grant in real life.

6. Due Date

Made in 2010, in the USA, this film’s stars are Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.) is a hitchhiker who tries to make it to his child’s birth and Ethan Tremblay (Zach Galifianakis) takes him to his car along his road. Their journey throughout the film is filled with comedy and drama. Many people said that this film has a natural scenario, watching it feels like they almost lived it in real life. And with these two good actors working on the project, it is a truly must-see travel film.

7. Dolittle

Considered as a child movie, Dolittle is watched and liked by many adults. The film’s star is Robert Downey Jr. and made in 2020. The story of Dolittle is an animal doctor who can talk with animals. Previously it was filmed with Eddie Murphy in 1998 and before that with Rex Harrison in 1967. The third time it is filmed with Robert Downey Jr. and collected some positive comments from the viewers. In this film, Dolittle embarks on an adventure to find a legendary island, with his apprentice and crew of different animals. With family or alone, this is a sweet and funny film you can watch.

8. Alice in Wonderland

Of course, when we said travel films, this includes every form of travel. Even to the places that only can be found with imagination. The popular story of a girl named Alice which goes after a white bunny and finds herself in the Wonderland comes up to the screen. In this film slightly older Alice returns to Wonderland, and with her old friends, they try to rescue Wonderland from the evil Red Queen. Film’s stars are Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska and Helena Bonham Carter. With this cast, and story of a more older Alice makes this children’s story into a film that can be enjoyed by adults. If you are bored by the real world you must definitely watch this fantastic travel film.


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