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Emerging travel habits in the post-pandemic world: Simple yet fulfilling

2020 was the year of transition and change in every industry. It is even possible to say that the pandemic is an unargued game-changer, especially for the travel industry.

The COVID lockdowns restricted travelers’ options, changing their perspective. We go on trips more carefully, but we want to travel like we used to!

As we are getting close to sunny summer days, there is one specific question in our minds: Is it possible to go back to the days where we travel without any disturbance? Well, the thing is, we experience a major shift in our habits, and this will also affect our travel routine.

Chances are, “optimized” travel experiences will be with us for a long while! But peace to you, it is highly possible that you’ll love the new ways for the travel industry.


So, if you are asking yourself the question of how the travel industry will survive after the pandemic, here are some major post-pandemic travel trends from our perspective:

1. Tailor-made tours

The urge to feel safe and sound changed the habits of people and objectives of their journeys. Ideally, in the COVID-free world, families, and friends would gather and hit the road for long hours to explore the places at most. However, nowadays, minimalism is an emerging trend also! Now, traveling with smaller groups with specific purposes and shorter trips are bigger travel trends because of the restrictions. For instance, taking a private city sightseeing tour designed according to your interests and perception of life is a great choice these days. Not to mention experiencing Airbnb houses that make you feel like a local.

2. Experience-based getaways

HeyTripster trip designers like Ayşenur prepare unique trip plans that appeal to different tastes and different spirits.

Today, many brands base their marketing strategies on the “instinct to experience” we are all born with. Regardless of the product or the service, the goal is more than just buying or receiving; rather, it is experiencing a deeper connection. So, the travel industry, which is already providing experiences to people, focuses on safer, reassuring experiences in line with people’s tendencies. Now, the travel purposes are more likely to be the journey itself! Not the poses for Instagram due to the lack of time and space.
Besides, more people want to travel slower and learn about the local places. Working and joining the classes remotely is part of this. Reserving a longer path and mixing working/school life through a new routine is much simpler.


3. Wildlife travel destinations

It was in the best interests of children for adults to escape from the crowd and embrace nature.

Remember the times when we heard about the word “pandemic”? From this moment on, we start with changing our everyday habits single-mindedly. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for us to find a way out to freedom. The solution was obvious: We had to reconnect with nature which we neglected for years!
For exactly these reasons, camping areas in national parks, glamping resorts, bungalow hotels away from crazy crowds, safari tours, caravans, and charter yachts have become a safe option for those who do not stop exploring during the crisis. Experts anticipate that this intense demand in nature tourism may be permanent in the post-pandemic period.

4. Healing from inside out facilities

Naturally, COVID-19 increased the need for being calm and free from anxiety. Thus, soul-nourishing itineraries combined with nature are the hippest travel experiences in 2021. Yoga and meditation retreats and various spiritual journeys are likely to grab a good slice of the travel industry pie this year.
Local food harvesting trips, purification / anti-aging retreats, and sports-themed camps are also attracting great interest in this period when not only internal recovery but also physical renewal becomes extremely important.

This article is the work of Güney Mermer.


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