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Finding The Best Food Delivery App in Istanbul

Are you someone who craves the taste of Turkish food but finds it difficult to step out? Do you want to know about the best food delivery apps in Istanbul? Look no further, we have got you covered. In this post, we will talk about the top food delivery apps that are widely used in Turkiye. From Yemeksepeti to Getir, we will cover all shopping website tools you can use for food orders. So, sit back, relax, and read on as we give you all the information you need about food delivery in Turkiye.

What Are Top Turkish Food Delivery Apps ?

Introducing the benefits of using food delivery apps, it’s no secret that they save time and make life easier in big cities. With so many options available in Turkiye, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Here you will find great apps that are an email away from creating an account, apps that provide a number of food options ranging from Turkish cuisine to popular chain restaurants such as Burger King, Popeyes and Arbys.

The apps we list below are all on App Store and Google Play, and they have great qualities such as restaurant listing, special promotions, and the option to operate in the English language; all expats looking for delivery from Turkish restaurants will have the best opitons ready for use.

1. Yemeksepeti: Most Widely Used

Yemeksepeti food delivery app turkiye

Photo Credit: @yemeksepeti

With a wide variety of restaurant options and easy-to-use features, Yemeksepeti is the most popular food delivery app for the Turkish society, especially in Istanbul. One of its key advantages is the ability to pay by cash on delivery or credit card online, allowing for flexibility and convenience. Additionally, Yemeksepeti offers discounts, promotions, and loyalty programs for frequent users, making it an attractive option for those who order food regularly.

The real-time tracking feature ensures that customers are always aware of the status of their orders and can plan accordingly. The average delivery time of Yemeksepeti is relatively shorter than most apps for online food orders. There is also the option of Yemeksepeti Market, in case you want to shop for groceries. Overall, Yemeksepeti has established itself as a reliable and user-friendly choice for food delivery in Istanbul.

2. GetirYemek

getir yemek food delivery app

Photo Credit: @getiryemek

GetirYemek is a user-friendly food delivery app that provides a seamless experience for ordering food online. With its wide range of cuisines, users can easily find their favorite dishes and explore new ones. The app’s simple and secure payment system makes it convenient to order food online with a list of restaurants and user ratings readily available, while fast and reliable delivery services ensure quick access to delicious meals.

GetirYemek also offers real-time tracking of orders, so you can know exactly when your food will arrive. The Getir App is also used for ordering market products, such as groceries, cleaning products and more. Its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for food delivery websites in Istanbul.

Is Uber Eats working in Turkey?

UberEats is not currently available but it is at the bring of operating in Turkey. Recently Uber Eats announced that they are going to start covering Istanbul and the rest of the country in a short time.

3. Trendyol Yemek

Trendyol yemek food delivery app turkiye

Photo Credit: @trendyol

Trendyol and Trendyol Yemek are two of the most popular food delivery apps in Turkey. These apps offer a diverse range of cuisines and have customizable options for easy ordering. With real-time updates on the status of deliveries, customers can track their orders with ease. Additionally, both apps provide loyalty rewards to users, earning discounts and exclusive deals for regular orders.

You can also enjoy the convenience of ordering groceries through Trendyol Yemek. Trendyol Yemek is reliable option for food delivery in Turkey, catering to a wide range of culinary preferences.

4. Carrefour

Carrefour SA food delivery app in Turkiye

Photo Credit: @carrefoursa

Carrefour is a popular supermarket chain in Turkey that offers a wide range of products, including groceries, home appliances, electronics, and clothing. With the growing popularity of food delivery apps in Istanbul, Carrefour has also opened its doors to the convenience of online shopping and food delivery. As one of the largest supermarket chains in Turkey, Carrefour ensures that customers have access to their favorite products at affordable prices while offering hassle-free delivery services through their app.

5. Migros


Photo Credit: @migros

Migros is one of the biggest supermarket chains available, a popular food delivery app in Istanbul. Migros has operated in Istanbul since 1996 and has grown to become a well-known grocery company. Migros has around 50 locations in Istanbul and offers a wide variety of products such as fresh produce, bakery items, household goods, and electronics.

The company is dedicated to providing high-quality items at reasonable costs, and it has earned the trust of Istanbul residents. Migros has also introduced sustainability initiatives such as eliminating plastic packaging and promoting organic and locally grown food.

6. Macro Center

macro center food delivery app turkiye

Photo Credit: @macrocenter

Macro Center is a popular Turkish supermarket chain that has now ventured into the food delivery industry. While Macro Center is not as widely used as some of its competitors, it offers a unique advantage for customers looking to purchase groceries and meals in one place. With Macro Center’s food delivery app, customers can browse through a vast selection of groceries and household items, in addition to meal options from their in-house kitchen.

7. Tıkla Gelsin

tikla gelsin food delivery app

Photo Credit: @tiklagelsin

Tıkla Gelsin is a grocery delivery app offered by Macro Center, a popular supermarket chain in Istanbul. With this app, users can easily browse and order from a wide range of grocery items, including fresh produce, meat, dairy products, and more. The app also offers various payment options and allows users to schedule delivery times that suit their convenience.

Additionally, Tıkla Gelsin rewards its users with loyalty points for every purchase made through the app which can be redeemed later for discounts on future orders. In summary, Tıkla Gelsin provides an easy and convenient way to shop for groceries online in Istanbul.

In conclusion, the options for a food delivery app in Istanbul are growing rapidly, with a wide range of options to choose from. Yemeksepeti remains the most widely used app, while GetirYemek offers lightning-fast delivery times, Trendyol and Trendyol Yemek, Carrefour, and Macro Center are other reliable options to consider.

However, Tıkla Gelsin is less preferred application for food delivery in Turkey due to their limited restaurant options and high delivery fees. Don’t want to step out of your house? Download your favorite app now and order in! Also, make sure to check our must have apps to use in Istanbul for more options!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best food delivery app in Istanbul?

Yemeksepeti is the most popular food delivery app in Istanbul, offering a wide variety of restaurants and cuisines to choose from. The best food delivery app for you will depend on your location, cuisine preferences, and budget. It's always a good idea to read reviews and compare prices before choosing a food delivery app.

How can I choose a good food delivery app in Istanbul?

When choosing a food delivery app in Istanbul, consider looking for apps that offer a wide variety of restaurant options to choose from. It's also important to check the app's delivery fees and minimum order requirements before placing an order. Reading reviews from other users can give you some insight into their experiences with the app and help you make a more informed decision. Finally, try out multiple apps to see which one works best for your preferences and needs.

Any place delivering groceries/food to homes in Istanbul?

Yes, there are plenty of food delivery apps and services that deliver groceries/food to homes in Istanbul. Some popular options include Yemek Sepeti, Getir and Migros Sanal Market. These apps offer a wide variety of cuisine options and deliver to most areas of Istanbul. Moreover, many of these apps also provide discounts and promotions for first-time users, making it easier for you to get the groceries or meals you need while staying safe at home.
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