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Istanbul’s Airports After Corona: Is It Safe?

After months of pandemic crisis, we are about to be free again to travel the planet earth. Some of us spent this quarantine in a productive way, while some of us spent it just like a vacation. And while we struggled or getting relaxed at these times, travel agencies haven’t spent their time idle. In this article, we will point out some of the things done for us to travel in these strange times. We saw many people wondering online about international travel. Is Istanbul airport safe? Are Istanbul’s Airports open during coronavirus crisis? And mostly many people still ask this question, are air travel safe?

Even before the pandemic, the airports had strict sterilization rules. And then, health ministries and organizations have worked hard to build some ground rules and directories to avoid coronavirus in public places. And they did an excellent job creating a healthier environment for traveling hubs. Right now, airports are usable again because of these directories.

Nevertheless, the virus itself is very, very contagious. So our answer is, it is not entirely safe. They can only minimize the odds with sterilization, administration, and rules. It solely depends on us to be careful and to follow the directories if we wish to avoid any contamination. So as long as you are careful, you will be just fine.

How do you think there will be changes in the way we travel after Coronavirus?

We think that at least in the beginning the trips changed especially in relation to the interaction with other people. We think we will also take hygiene measures on the move and the mask will be one more accessory to carry in the backpack.

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Istanbul and Sabiha Gökçen Airports

To choose the best one, we searched airports sanitation routines. The two airports in Istanbul, Istanbul Airport and Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen, is currently working hard to sanitize their facilities. Istanbul Airport opened after the coronavirus crisis, as well as Sabiha Gokcen. They both seem ready for the coronavirus crisis, according to officials. They both added thermal cameras all around the facility, put hand sanitizer stations on almost every corner, and made one-meter distance warnings and lines, and reshaped every sitting area according to one-meter distance. And even more, Istanbul Airport published a video for how they sanitized the vicinity before these precautions were not necessary by law. You can find its link here. They both trained their staff about the sanitizing and directories for travellers in the past for reopening. Their vehicles are disinfected after every use. And they both clean their facilities 7/24. And of course, every traveller will have to wear the required equipment in order to enter these airports. Masks and gloves are essential. In addition to these, Istanbul Airport announced that they are cleaning their ventilation ducts frequently and filtering every possible air passages. It appears that they increased their sanitation efforts five times more for a disease two times more contagious than anything.

And for the free-spirited travelers, we have a couple of things to say. To travel freely is an addictive thing, we know very well. You must be more careful than anyone, people who likes to travel with sudden decisions about their destinations. Most people travel due to their jobs or family issues, but we certainly know that people are itching to travel the world once again. It would be best if you kept some things in your mind;

Where and when will you go first when the quarantine is over, why?

First, I want to go to Turkey to visit family. It was hard to stay away during the epidemic. Then I want to go to Tibet. I have been living in Shanghai for 7 years, but I postponed Tibet every year. I would like to do this after the epidemic.

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How to protect ourselves and each other?

Gloves and masks provide some protection, but you must still sterilize your hands even with gloves. You may protect yourself, but you also could spread the virus from one place to another from your gloves.

Try to look for one person rooms at hostels and hotels who follow the sterilization rules, with discounts. And make sure to interact with what around you at a minimum.

If you can’t trust anything about sterilization, camping is one of the best choices there is. If you wish to travel alone or with one friend you can always bring a tent aboard. In some allowed places in cities, or of cities with nature around you, you can camp safely with interacting very, very rarely with people.

This necessary explanation about airports in Istanbul may not satisfy some who have more complicated questions. For detailed reports, we suggest that you should contact the facilities. You can check out their websites or contact them directly through their phone services.

And some of the ticket sales businesses can help to inform you about the recent developments.


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