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How to Buy Tickets for Top London Attractions

Few cities offer you the magical mix of diversity and culture coming together in one place as well as the capital of England London does. Welcoming 30 million visitors from around the world every year, London is one of the world’s most visited cities. The city has something to offer for everyone, from its history that dates back to Roman times to its delicious food.

With its history spanning nearly two millennia and the capital of finance, art, and entertainment, London is loaded with historical landmarks, art museums, and other attractions one must see at least once in their lifetime. If you want to get a sight of human history, the British Museum which houses around eight million artifacts is one of the options. You can also visit Windsor Castle if you want to be to rural England’s highlands.

If you are one of those who thinks London has something to offer for you, HeyTripster is here to help you plan your London experience.

While planning your London experience, one of the questions in your mind could be how to book tickets in a cost-effective way to popular places such as the London Eye or Kew Gardens. There are various ways to buy your ticket for London’s in-demand attractions, some of which will save you both time and money when visiting.

Booking Online

One of the ways to find tickets is by searching up online. It is possible to book your tickets either through the website of the attraction or various aggregator websites.  One advantage of booking online is that it is easily accessible and even though buying tickets from a third-party website may make some think it will be pricier, the prices are almost the same or in some cases cheaper than buying from the attraction directly. It is possible to find discounts on the websites if you buy tickets in advance rather than simply turning up on the day. For instance, the official website offers a 20% discount for London eye tickets if purchased 7 days in advance. Additionally, some of these third-party websites have exclusive agreements with attractions for specific products, only available through these third-party sites or family tickets with discounts. The free cancellation policies of the aggregator websites are also a big convenience. If something comes up or you give up on visiting the attraction, there is also the chance to cancel up your ticket 24 hours in advance.

With more than 60,000 activities it offers all around the world, including tours and attractions, GetYourGuide is one of the aggregator websites. Viator, Tiqets, and Civitatis are other aggregator websites that have so many options to offer during your London experience.

These websites enable you to buy tickets for attractions all around the world. They accept payment in multiple currencies and they are easy to use and navigate. They also provide a mobile ticket option in which the ticket is sent to your phone, getting you out of the jam of carrying a ticket on you while traveling. Besides these websites enable users to find tickets by filtering features like accessibility, price, and cancellation policy. Except for the Tiqets, which filtering system is not as particularly powerful as the other ones we shared with you. On these websites, you can check the reviews of the products from other customers to make it easier for you to decide on booking the ticket.

Here are some popular attraction tickets and their web links listed for you to compare the prices.


1. The London Eye Tickets

London Eye, also known as Millenium Wheel, is Europe’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel and one of the top-visited attractions of London. The London Eye delivers the chance to get a breathtaking view of the city of London.

You can book your tickets online on GetYourGuide and The Official Last Minute London Eye website.

  • GetYourGuide London Eye ticket price (with fast-track option): € 32.17
    Click here to buy.
  • The Official Last Minute London Eye ticket price: £27
    Click here to buy.

As it can be seen from the list above, the prices are quite similar or even cheaper. Buying Family tickets is also a good deal while visiting attractions of London rather than purchasing separate tickets for each member of the family.

  • London Eye Family ticket price £24.50 (Per person)
    Click here to buy.


2. Sea Life London Tickets


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Sea Life London is another top-visited destination in London, especially for families with kids. It offers you and your family the exciting world of sea creatures.

You can book your tickets online on GetyourGuide and The Official Visit SeaLife website.

  • Sea Life London ticket price: £29
    Click here to buy.

As Sea Life London is located close to the London Eye, it is possible to make use of combination tickets and visit both attractions.

  • London Eye & Sea Life London Combination ticket price on getyourguide: £50
    Click here to buy.

3. Madame Tussauds London Tickets

Madame Tussauds is one of the most loved London attractions. Enjoying your day with children getting a close view of influential people is one of the many things that Madamme Tussauds offer to you in your London experience. You can also see Marvel Universe in 4D.

  • Madame Tussauds London ticket price: £30.50
  • Madame Tussauds & Marvel Universe 4D ticket price: £35.50
    Click here to buy.

You can purchase combination tickets that cover two or three more attractions other than Madame Tussauds.

  • Madame Tussauds + London Eye + Sea Life combination ticket price on getyourguide: £60
    Click here to buy.

4. London Dungeon Tickets


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London Dungeon is a unique attraction that offers various thrilling or scary activities to visitors. It is a great opportunity to explore the perilous past of London city.

  • London Dungeon ticket price: £27
    Click here to buy.

As the fun lies within visiting the dungeon with family and friends, you can get a discount by booking family & friends tickets.

  • London Dungeon Family & Friends ticket price: £20 (per person)
    Click here to buy.


5. ZSL London Zoo Tickets


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The ZSL London Zoo, first opened on April 27, 1828, is the world’s oldest scientific zoo. With a wide range of animals, London Zoo is one of the most recommended attractions, especially for visitors with their kids.

Disclaimer: To keep a wild animal caged for display is a contentious act.

  • ZSL London Zoo ticket price: £32.50
    Click here to book.

Make sure you checked key information about ticket features like skipping the line, the cancellation policy, and the validity of the ticket to get rid of any worries. Required information is presented clearly on the websites we mentioned above.

You can also purchase packages or tours from these websites if you plan on doing lots of sightseeing. There are semi-private or private options of the packages or tours from which you can choose by your wish to shape your London experience. HeyTripster is here to make your London experience unforgettable by offering trip plans that are designed by the locals of the city!

Here we listed some semi-private or private tours in London.

6. Private Natural History Museum London Tour Tickets

Natural History Museum is home to life and earth science specimens, exhibiting a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history. It is one of three major museums in London.

  • Private Natural History Museum London tour ticket price: £79.50
    Click here to book.

We recommend you to check other websites to compare prices. The websites generally don’t add extra fees, but it’s better to check the final price to make sure you booked your tickets according to your budget.


Attraction Passes


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For those who want to do a lot of sightseeing in London, here is another option: City or region passes. There are different types of passes that cover various attractions in the city. The passes can normally be purchased online directly from the pass website or the aggregator websites mentioned above. Some also offer passes for sale. There are various passes in London, you should check some factors such as whether the pass covers the attractions that you plan on visiting or the price it offers cost-effective. One disadvantage of the passes is that these passes are limited in the attractions they cover for. Unless you want to spend more money, you are limited to the attractions they cover. Thus, it is important to carefully inspect what the passes cover booked to choose the best option for you.

One of the passes in London is The official London pass. The London Pass not only allows for free admission to more than 80 of the most-visited attractions in London but it also allows you to skip the long entrance lines at several of the attractions. The London Pass covers The View from The Shard, Tower of London ticket, Windsor Castle Tour, Westminster Abbey, London Bridge Experience and London Tombs, Tower Bridge Exhibition, ZSL London Zoo, Kensington Palace, and Royal Observatory in Greenwich. It includes a 1-day free Hop-on Hop-Off Bus Tour ticket and a 1-day River Boat ticket in Thames River, as well.

The Official London Pass is only available virtually by using a special code that you can show on your phone or print out. A smartphone app and downloadable guidebook with attraction information and hours of operation are included within the pass. You can get the official London Pass by clicking here.

The pass is valid for 2 years from the purchase date. The cost of the pass ranges according to the number of days pass, so it is useful to check the price on websites.

The other pass that covers some of the top-visited attractions in London is the London Explorer Pass (You can get more information about the London Explorer Pass by clicking here.

Tour Companies

If you would like to enjoy being a part of a group visiting London and want to learn more about particular attractions from knowledgeable tour guides, there are excellent tour companies to choose from such as Take Walks or Evan Evans Tours.

Apart from tour companies tour aggregator websites we mentioned above offer a wide variety of guided tours of popular London attractions with packages.

There are tour packages that also include transportation which will be a huge convenience for you if you have attractions outside central London such as the Harry Potter studios or Hampton Court Palace on your bucket list. As these tour packages have everything planned and prepared for you, it will remove the stress of finding separate tickets or using public transportation.

    • London full-day bus tour ticket price: £94.12
      Click here to book.

Harry Potter Museum Tickets


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Harry Potter Exhibition in London is one of the most exciting attractions to visit for fans all around the world. The permanent exhibition houses authentic costumes, props, and sets utilized in the production of the Harry Potter Film Series, as well as behind-the-scenes production of visual effects.

  • Harry Potter Exhibition ticket price: £47
    Click here to book.
  • Harry Potter Guided Walking Tour price: £23.83
    Click here to buy.

Do not forget to check which attractions these bus tours cover to make sure the attractions you want to visit during your London tour are included.

If you want to explore the city by yourself while making the most of your London experience, HeyTripster offers you London trip plans created by the locals. With these plans, you don’t have to meet with a guide or a local to learn more about the city.

The various ways you can purchase London attraction tickets are not only cost-effective but easily accessible as well. What is left to you is to consider which is the best option for you and purchase your ticket.

If you are not feeling like pre-researching about your London trip, HeyTripster is here for you. HeyTripster offers you a variety of tour plans created by the locals of the city and updated every month to help you make the most of your experience.


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