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PCR Test Centers in Istanbul: Where & How to Find the Best Test Labs in Istanbul?

The PCR test is used in medical and biological research. In the last 2 years, it has been used quite frequently, especially in the diagnosis of coronavirus. PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction. This test can be done in a practical way so that a person can see if there is a virus in their body and how their body is responding to an existing infection. It plays a very important role in determining whether asymptomatic people, people who do not present the symptoms, are a carrier of the coronavirus. Many short copies of DNA from a small genetic sample can be examined. PCR tests are especially important in detecting and isolating asymptomatic carriers and controlling the spread of the virus.

What is the PCR Test?

As defined by the FDA, there are two types of Covid-19 tests: diagnostic test and antibody test. PCR is one of the molecular diagnostic tests.

Diagnostic tests are used to diagnose whether a person has an active Covid-19 infection. This test is used to diagnose not only those who are sick, but also people who are carriers and at risk of transmitting the disease.


What is the Purpose of PCR Testing?

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is the name given to the reaction sequence that enzymatically increases the specific region between two structures which is known in the DNA. It is a very comprehensive diagnostic test and identifies even viruses, bacteria, and microbes that are very few in the body. For this reason, this test is also called “molecular diagnostic test”. In addition to the presence of the virus, the test also diagnoses the antibodies produced by the body, these tests are also called “antibody tests”. Antibody tests look for antibodies produced in the person’s immune system in response to SARS-CoV2 that causes Covid 19.

The PCR test repeatedly produces a copy of a particular DNA sample in multiples with exponential numbers. Scientists reproduce a small sample of DNA into a large amount that they can study in detail. Most of the PCR tests are based on thermal cycling. The thermal cycle reproduces the small piece of DNA cyclically over a series of temperature changes. PCR is used in many fields, including biomedical research and forensics. In the PCR method used in Covid-19 studies, viral RNA is detected instead of DNA. With the RT-PCR variant, the enzyme reverse transcriptase creates a DNA sequence that matches the viral RNA. This DNA is amplified according to the usual PCR method. This method is used to detect the viral genome that causes Covid-19.

What Does a Positive / Negative PCR test result Mean?

If the person’s PCR test is positive, it means that he/she is infected with the virus. Nowadays, this test is done especially for the Covid-19 virus. When you are PCR positive, for today (if there is no other explanation) you are a Covid-19 patient or carrier. If the PCR is negative, it means you do not have an infection with the disease.

If the PCR test is positive,

  • The person has to provide their own isolation.
  • It is important to always wear a mask as before the disease. Everyone in the close environment of the infected person should wear a mask, even if they are in the house.
  • It is important that the room in which the person isolates themselves is frequently ventilated.
  • Other people living in the house should be prohibited from entering and exiting the room, and if it is very necessary, it should be minimized.
  • In all activities, including meals, the patient should be in the isolation room and alone.
  • Quarantine should be continued for 14 days. During this period, all items used by the infected person should be kept separate from items used by other people.
  • The personal belongings of the infected person should be washed and disinfected separately, if there is contact with the infected person, the hands should be washed with soap for 20 seconds.

Is the PCR test reliable?

The PCR test is generally a very reliable test. The reliability of tests at the molecular level, DNA binding, and DNA amplification has been proven many times so far. The PCR test used in the detection of this virus was developed soon after the genome and sequence of the virus was discovered. Especially its success in identifying carriers proves that the test is reliable.

Is the PCR Test Performed to Everyone?

PCR tests are not performed as screening tests for people who do not have any complaints. During normalization periods, people who travel abroad and come to Turkey are definitely required to present PCR and antibody tests. If the person has had some complaints in the past, all tests should be performed, even if they are fine now. The fact that the person is not currently sick may be a sign that they are a carrier or have produced antibodies. Both tests can be performed on everyone who comes to Turkey, and those who are negative can enter the country.

Decisions Taken for Visits to Turkey

The Civil Aviation General Directorate has published some PCR test requirement clauses on flights to Turkey. Accordingly, passengers aged 6 and over (excluding transit passengers) arriving in Turkey as of December 30th, 2020, are required to report the PCR negative test within 72 hours before the scheduled departure time. As of May 15th, 2021, people coming to Turkey from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Israel, Japan, United Kingdom, Latvia, Luxembourg, Ukraine, and Estonia will not need to present a PCR test upon arrival.  However, you may need to follow the website of the Turkish Ministry of Health and the news for the latest information.

Passengers who will enter Turkey as of March 15th, 2021, in local time, must fill in an entry form at the link “” ​​before their flight. The form needs to be printed or downloaded to devices such as phones and tablets. It is important that the airline company checks this form before the flight.

Body temperature measurement at Turkish airports: continues on flights to Canada, Singapore, and Guanzo. Likewise, it continues for passengers using hot connections with transfer passengers with a waiting time of 90 minutes or less. There is no temperature measurement for other destination travelers.

Passengers arriving in Turkey from Brazil and South Africa are temporarily suspended. So, if your home is in Brazil and the South African countries and you are planning to come to Turkey, you have to postpone this plan for a while. For ticket changes and other requests, you need to contact the travel agency or the airline company. If you have traveled from another country to Brazil and South Africa in the last 10 days,

  • All passengers aged 6 and over are required to submit a PCR test with a negative result with a sample taken no more than 72 hours prior to the first flight hour before boarding the plane.
  • After you come to Turkey, you need to be quarantined for 14 days in a place to be determined by the Turkish official authorities. On the tenth day of the quarantine period, a new PCR test will be performed and the quarantine period will be completed if the test result is negative.

You live in India and plan to come to Turkey or you have been in India in the last 10 days. Then:

  • All passengers aged 6 and over are required to submit a PCR test with a negative result with a sample taken no more than 72 hours prior to the first flight hour before boarding the plane.
  • Those who have been in India in the last 10 days will be quarantined for 14 days in a place to be determined by the official authorities of Turkey. At the end of the 14th day, you will be re-tested for a PCR test and if the test result is negative, your quarantine period will be finished.


Traveling the world

When planning travel abroad, it is important to review the travel rules of all countries. You can review the IATA page for the rules applied by countries. Visit the passport, visa, and health information page to check if your conditions comply with the rules of your destination country.

Information about some centers that perform the PCR test in Istanbul are as follows:

1. Istanbul Airport Test Center

Inside Istanbul Airport, go to exit gate number 14, on the arrivals level. There is a 5000 square meter test center. In the 24/7 test center, 3 different health centers work with their laboratories. You don’t need to go to any hospital for the test. In the test center, 10,000 people can be tested daily. The center is approved by the Ministry of Health.

Test times are very short. You get a queue number, make your payment, register, and receive a barcode. To give a sample, you pass the required section and give samples for PCR testing in Istanbul. Then you wait for your test result by getting the sequence number from the “I want to get my test result” button. You can also have your antibody and antigen tests done. Then you can get your PCR test result from Istanbul Airport as a printout without consulting. The test fee was determined as 250 TL, you can learn the current PCR test Istanbul price information here.

More Information

Open Hours: 24/7
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: 444 1 442
Tripadvisor: View
Foursquare: View

2. Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport

At Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, you can have your test done without waiting at the test center on the arrival level. At the test center authorized by the Ministry of Health, PCR tests are in 2.5 hours and rapid antigen, antibody, and Covid-19 tests are performed in 20 minutes. In the test center, which is open 24/7, the results are printed out in English and Turkish. You can get your results with the barcode given to you during registration. PCR test in Istanbul price is 250 TL, which is the amount determined by the Ministry of Health, click here for current prices.

More Information

Open Hours: 24/7
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0216) 588 88 88
Foursquare: View

3. Cihangir Lab

CihangirLab is an international organization that conducts a large number of tests. If you make an appointment the day before, there is a mobile team comes to your location. The location of the center, approved by the Ministry of Health, is in Cihangir. The test fees of the laboratory, which has an agreement with many insurance companies, vary according to the service. The laboratory prefers the mobile service, especially for the Covid-19 tests. After receiving the sample, they send you the test report within the same day. The internationally valid report is suitable for international travel procedures. Click here for fee information and more detailed information about the Istanbul PCR Test in Cihangir.

More Information

Open Hours: 08:30 – 18:00 / Closed on Sundays
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0212) 245 21 99

4. Biruni Laboratories

Biruni Laboratories is a center with many branches in Istanbul. You can have your PCR test done at their branches. While all branches are open on Saturday, only Ataşehir – 3 branch is open on Sunday.Click for detailed information.

More Information

Open Hours: 08:30 – 18:30 on Weekdays / 08:30 – 17:00 on Saturdays
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0212) 217 41 41

5. Kas Medical Center

Kas Medical Center is a medical center located in İstanbul Güneşli. You can go here to have a PCR test or take advantage of the mobile testing service. You can find out by asking the cost of the PCR test performed in the center and the fee of the mobile test service. PCR test results in 1 – 3 hours. Reports are usually delivered to you within 24 hours. You can click here for detailed information.

More Information

Open Hours: 24/7
Location: View on Google Maps
Phone Number: (0212) 550 37 21

6. Hospitals

PCR tests are performed in many private and state hospitals in Turkey.  The cost of PCR test in Istanbul hospitals is usually around 250 TL but still vary from hospital to hospital. Click here to see the list of PCR test centers in Istanbul that have been approved for PCR testing by the Ministry of Health. You can easily see the answer to the question of “Where is the PCR test in Istanbul near me?” and you can find the PCR test Istanbul hospital near to you.


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