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Top 6 Social Media Accounts to Follow Before Visiting Istanbul!

Pictures, videos, comments and likes…The social media is always a good idea to spend your time. There are countless forms of social media that you can be part of. You can watch videos, look over pictures, read blogs, and even comments in these platforms. Yet, this integral part of your life is not only for fun but also for the quality of your trip to Istanbul!

Here we compile the most useful social media accounts for the tourists who currently intend to visit Istanbul.
P.S. You will find a logo of every social media page as you scroll down, so you will be able to find them easily on social media!

1. Istanbul Etkinlik

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Istanbul Etkinlik which is available on Facebook and Instagram offers you the least known, yet precious places of Istanbul. This page also tells you the unknown stories of Istanbul from the East to the West!


2. Zomato

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Zomato is mostly used to find the best places for food and beverages. This page basically tells you many things about the restaurants, cafes, and bars from prices to qualities. While Zomato is highly popular as a mobile app, it is also available on Facebook and Instagram. The best thing about this page is that you can see the comments, pictures of food, and atmosphere of the place from previous visitors!
After looking over the pictures and comments, therefore, you can decide easily whether the place is for you or not!

P.S. You can also order food and beverages through the Zomato App if you wish to spend your time in your place, enjoying the different tastes!

3. Istanbul Street Art

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Can the graffiti lovers come here for a second? We find a page for you on which you will spend hours! This page basically shows you the best graffiti pieces in hidden places of Istanbul.You can have a look at the Instagram page and take your feet directly to the address to see precious pieces of art one more time in real!


4. Zorlu PSM

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Zorlu PSM is located in Zorlu Shopping Mall. This is basically an art center where you can watch the most famous and popular shows, theaters, and musicals in one of the most-visited shopping mall in Istanbul. You can follow the upcoming shows on the social media pages and even get a ticket through the relevant links!


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This page basically shares the restaurants, cafes, and bars for food and beverages with details. If you need to be recommended for your favorite cuisine, is the page that you should definitely visit!

6. Istanbul

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Istanbul is basically a Picture-based page where you can find the precious beauties of Istanbul! These pictures can also give you an idea about where to find the best picturesque places in Istanbul. All you need is to have a quick look over the page, grab your camera and come to Istanbul!


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