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The Trend Everyone Is Chasing: Staycation

Staycation became popular in the USA during the 2007 – 2010 economic recession. A new word formed by the combination of stay and vacation. It is a form of holiday adopted by those who advocate the philosophy that “You don’t need to go anywhere else for the holiday, you can bring the holiday home”. Staycation or holistay (which is a combination of the words holiday and stay) is all about enjoying the home and the city where you live. Recently, those living in New York and London have preferred staycation.

While working, life flows very fast, and generally, vacation time is escaped from the city and time is spent elsewhere. Most people do not know the treasures, secrets, secret places and escape points in the city where they live. Are we considered to have lived in that city without knowing the places to be discovered and participating in local entertainment, artistic and cultural events?
It is time to get to know a completely different side of the city we live in: it is possible and very enjoyable with Staycation.

How staycation came out?

Due to the economic recession, holiday spending with the family was minimized. Discounted hostels, places to go by car, and time spent with relatives were replaced by vacations by plane and luxury hotels. As the budget allocated for the holiday decreased, people preferred to spend their holidays in their homes. The staycation was born like this. We are at the beginning of the summer and this year seems to be a staycation because of both the pandemic and the economic recession!

A new sector is born!

The best part of being on vacation is that you are not dealing with housework and food, right? You can do the same thing in a staycation. The number of companies providing a staycation service is increasing every day. The companies that will come to your home and use your home like a hotel bring you a comprehensive service consisting of thousands of details such as cleaning, eating, massage, skincare, selection of food music.

What can we do in staycation?

What happens in the city we live in when we are busy with our work? Here is the best way to see the city with another eye. Moreover, is there a better holiday than the holiday without travel and accommodation costs?

1. Read a book: Identify an author and read all his books in chronological order. Or set a topic and read all the books that interest you.
2. Sleep: Is the weather bad? Who cares! Cover with a blanket over you and take a nap, because you’re on vacation.
3. Become a tourist in your city: What do you do to see the historical and touristic areas of a city? You look at the city’s website and plan. So why not do this for the city where you live now?
4. Walk the streets of the city: There are places you have never seen in the city, now you should visit them. You can even take a guided tour and listen to all the details about the city you live in.
5. Go to the cinema: There were movies you always wanted to see and you didn’t have time to go to the cinema, right? Now you have time.
6. Participate in the city’s local events: Every city has local events. It is also very fun. Did you know that a scene was set up in the park in the neighborhood and people were making theaters? It is the right time to learn them.
7. Ride the bike: The best time to cycle around your city.
8. Go to the beach: Go to the beach nearest you and immerse yourself in the water. If there is no beach, there may be a swimming pool. There are many beaches for this in Istanbul: Kilyos, Poyrazköy, Polonezköy, Şile, Riva, Ağva…
9. Walk in the forest: Go to the park or forest closest to your home, take a long walk here. Focus on your surroundings while walking, you can discover plants and insects you have never seen.
10. Take a course: You can connect online from your home, or you can go there by yourself. Yoga, pilates courses are very relaxing and fun.
11. Spend time with children: Children are a natural therapy resource. Do not try to direct them at the time you spend, think like them. You will have so much fun.
12. Organize tasting days at home: Be hung up on a country’s food. Equip your dinner with the dishes of this country. If you want, take your friends to this delicious journey together by calling your friends.
13. Organize a tasting day in the city: Take the tasting day in the city. List the places where you can eat the best food in your city and order home. In these lists, budget planning is very important.

Those living in Istanbul are very lucky. Because they can make a new discovery every day, go to another beach every day, or have a full vacation while traveling like a tourist.

Advantages of staycation

Staycation is very advantageous for you, especially when you consider the amount you pay for travel and accommodation. Because you don’t pay any of these! You do not have to eat in an unfamiliar place, you are not in the same environment with people you do not know. During your holiday, everything is under your control: the planes are not delayed, there are no problems with the hotel you book, your luggage is not lost and your intestines do not deteriorate due to meals on the first day of the holiday! Also, a staycation can benefit local businesses economically. Instead of going to another place and shopping from there, you are bringing it to the business in your own neighborhood. Moreover, since you do not travel long distances, you have a low carbon footprint. Isn’t this a small step for you but a big step for the world?

Does staycation have any risk?

If you are at home, you can come to work!” Perhaps the biggest risk of Staycation will be for the bosses to think, “If my employee is in the city, then he can come to work.” The biggest risk for you is to reach your e-mails, your phone, and your messages, and the news that will stress yourself are just a click away.

Attention to the budget!

You also face the same major danger as you travel around your city like a tourist: Unplanned spending. Believe me, marketers in the city are working just like on holiday. You can catch yourself while getting something with all the money in your pocket at a time. It is best not to go out of the plan.

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