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Aura Contemporary Turkish Art – Netherlands (Lahey)


Dear art lovers and exhibition followers, we have great news coming from the Netherlands this time. On December 3, the Pulchri Studio Art Center in Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands, will host the opening of the Aura/Contemporary Turkish Art exhibition. The exhibition, which aims to promote Turkish Contemporary Art, will remain open until January 1, 2023. The visitors will be able to see 18 living Turkish contemporary artists’ works that are outstanding. Being held with the organization of the Independent Art Foundation, the exhibition is coordinated by Independent Art Foundation President Hülya Yazıcı and curated by Ahmet Özel.

As known, the history of the cultural ties between Türkiye and the Netherlands is long. Therefore, the exhibition aims to strengthen the bridge of friendship between the two countries by accelerating the long-standing Turkish-Dutch cultural relations through contemporary art. Despite all the negatives in the world, Aura/Contemporary Turkish Art seeks to dissolve international borders by highlighting the discourse of “friendship” and “peace” through the powerful language of art. The exhibition can be visited free of charge.

Participating artists are: Ahmet Özel, Bahar Kocaman, Bahri Genç, Berna Erkün, Engin Beyaz, Erhan Özdilek, Feride Binicioğlu, Figen Bati, Hülya Yazizci, Kerim Kiliçarslan, Korkut Tiryaki, Mehtap Özdemir, Müfit Ïsler, Nur Özalp, Ruşen Eşref Yılmaz, Sabahat Çıkıntaş en Şeniz Aksoy.

Dates and Times of Pulchri Studio

3 December – 30 December
12:00 – 17:00
12:00 – 17:00
12:00 – 17:00
12:00 – 17:00
12:00 – 17:00
12:00 – 17:00


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