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Başka Sinema – December Movie Screenings

Cinephiles and independent movie lovers in Türkiye are probably refreshing the main page of “Başka Sinema” at least once a week to see what films will be screened that day. Başka Sinema is a great foundation that takes the movie-watching experience every movie-goer misses to another level by bringing multinational indie movies from different genres together. You can also browse the website to learn more about the movies that are currently screening and have previously been screened, as well as the program of the month. Since the site is in Turkish, it would be better to use a browser that has a translation plugin.

If you regret not watching enough movies this year, there is still a chance to see some of the good ones. Here are 3 films I chose from Başka Sinema’s December list that I highly recommend so that you will have watched a few good movies before the year ends. After this, you will agree that the cinema is getting cooler again!

1. Kurak Günler (Burning Days) – (2022)


Directed by Emin Alper, Burning Days tells the story of Emre, a young prosecutor recently sent to the village of Balkaya, who finds himself drawn into a political controversy while looking into his first murder case. The film is a co-production involving Türkiye, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece and Croatia, selected in the Un Certain Regard section of the 75th Cannes Film Festival. Emphasizing that the starting point is “to show how neo-populist or neo-fascist people can exploit individuals’ most basic needs and maintain their corrupt systems,” Emin Alper tries to turn the heads to the issues of political manipulation and Turkish homophobia.

The film will be on screens starting from 9th December. To access the screen times and choose movie theatres in your current city, you can take a look at Başka Sinema’s site.

Director: Emin Alper
Cast: Selahattin Pasali, Ekin Koç, Erol Babaoglu, Erdem Senocak, Selin Yeninci, Si̇nan Demirer
Country: Türkiye, France, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Croatia
Production: Ay Yapım, Liman Film

2. National Theatre Live: Prima Facie (2022)


Tessa is a youthful, smart, and competitive lawyer. From humble beginnings in the working class, she has worked her way up to the top of her game, defending, cross-examining, and, in any case, illuminating the shadows of doubt. She is forced to confront the distinctions between morality, the burden of proof, and the patriarchal power of the law as a result of an unforeseen event. Jodie Comer delivers a powerful performance that won the Best Debut Award in Suzie Miller’s award-winning one-man play, Prima Facie. Making its Broadway debut in 2023, Prima Facie will be on the big screen with its performance at the Harold Pinter Theatre.

The film will be on screens starting from 15th December. To access the screen times and choose movie theatres in your current city, you can take a look at Başka Sinema’s site.

Director: Justin Martin
Cast: Jodie Comer
Country: UK
Production: National Theater Live

3. Corsage (2022)


Elisabeth, Duchess of Bavaria, is rumoured to have maintained a waist measurement of just 45 cm over the years. But it is not just because of her custom-made corsets that slim her waist but also due to her mute and dysfunctional duty at the palace of Vienna. Elisabeth’s 40th birthday celebrations serve as a turning point in Corsage, which made its international premiere in Un Certain Regard at Cannes in 2022. Corsage shows the uprising of a woman who is eager for information and life and determined to free herself at last. For her breathtaking performance, Vicky Krieps was awarded the Best Actor Award at Cannes as a gentle yet irate, delicate yet toothy Empress. The film is  Austria’s  Oscar nominee this year.

The film will be on screens starting from 16th December. To access the screen times and choose movie theatres in your current city, you can take a look at Başka Sinema’s site.

Director: Marie Kreutzer
Cast: Vicky Krieps, Colin Morgan, Finnegan Oldfield
Country: Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, France
Production: Alexander Glehr, Johanna Scherz, Bernard Michaux

Although online streaming platforms seem to take over the industry and going to a cinema might be heard like listening to an old person, nothing can compare to the feeling of watching amazing actors and actresses on the big screen and being involved in their life. I personally do not want to imagine a world where movie theatres are not in it. Since my childhood, theatres were the perfect way for me to move away from the boredom and annoying problems of the real world. As long as I am there, I always feel that I am included in other lives and that I also find something of myself. I wish you to leave the hall with a smile on your face and full of emotions. Here’s to the cinema!

To learn everything about cinemas in Türkiye, you can check out this blog post about movie theaters Istanbul. 
It is a great guide to choosing the movie theatre that can satisfy your wishes while watching a movie you have been waiting for.

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