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GoGo Penguin Presented by %100 Music – Istanbul


English band from Manchester, England, featuring pianist Chris Illingworth, bassist Nick Blacka, and drummer Jon Scott, GoGo Penguin, will be at Zorlu PSM- %100 Studio on December 15th! By fusing jazz, electronica, and Nu-jazz with experimental and minimalist techniques, Gogo Penguin will provide music lovers with lifelong memories before the year 2022 comes to a close.

GoGo Penguin is a collective that channels electronic and club culture atmospheres alongside minimalist, jazz and rock influences to create music that pulses and flows from the dancefloor to meditative inner worlds, taking us into entirely new realms. They have received praise from all over the world for their electrifying live performances, inventive soundtrack compositions, and creative stage settings.

The duality frequently present in life’s major moments—moments that can simultaneously make us feel loved and alone, afraid but confident, proud and humbled—inspires their brand-new single, Ascent, their debut for the new label XXIM Records. With optimism rather than dread, Ascent describes the journey through various experiences in life. It also serves as the group’s official introduction of its newest member, drummer Jon Scott, who lends a distinctively propulsive approach to the thrilling music of the Manchester-based trio.

If you want to wrap your last memories with experimental jazz sounds as you enter a new year, don’t miss the band’s performance. Detailed information and tickets are at Passo.


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