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“I Am Nobody. Are You Nobody Too?”- Meşher Istanbul


Meşher, which is among the favourite art stops on Istiklal Street and an establishment of the Vehbi Koç Foundation, has opened the group exhibition “I Am Nobody. Are You Nobody Too?” on September 14, 2022. The group exhibition, which Selen Ansen is the curator of, takes its cue from the unfulfilled love stories of Echo and Narcissus in classical Greek mythology. In light of current artistic and social dynamics, this exhibition analyzes the myth’s central themes of reflection, resonance, and change.

Named after Emily Dickinson’s “I Am Nobody. Are You Nobody Too?” poem, the exhibition invites visitors to a space where relationships are woven between countless you(s), me(s), desires, narratives, images and experiences.

The exhibition hosts nearly 120 works of 44 artists from Türkiye and abroad; In addition, there are also works produced in various media in the context of this exhibition with the support of the Vehbi Koç Foundation. From Tuesday through Sunday, 11:00 to 19:00, the collection is open for free public viewing through February 12, 2023. For more information, please visit Meşher’s website.

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