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I Wanna Dance With Somebody!

As a fan of biography movies, it’s always fascinating to learn more about the life and career of iconic and influential artists – they offer a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the world of one of the greatest creators of all time. Being one of those icons, it is exciting to reveal that Whitney Houston‘s biography movie “I Wanna Dance Somebody” will be on the big screen starting today!

Named after one of her biggest hits, the movie will bring the story of the singer’s rise to stardom to the big screen. Directed by Kasi Lemmons, the British actress Naomi Ackie is playing the world-class artist’s part who has won 6 Grammys, 2 Emmys, 16 Billboard Music Awards and 22 American Music Awards in her music career. Stanley Tucci and Ashton Sanders accompanied the young actor.

I advise you to see this movie if you enjoy music and biographical movies. But because the film deals with sensitive topics (like addiction), it can be unpleasant for certain viewers. The movie has a “PG-13” rating and is exactly 146 minutes long! It’s helpful to be aware of this information if you tend to fall asleep during long movies 🙂

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” is out in the US on 23 December and 26 December in the UK and Australia! The film is also on the screens in Türkiye today! You can check the blog and get detailed information about the movie theaters in Istanbul to decide where to watch!

About Whitney Houston

From her powerful and emotive ballads to her upbeat and energetic pop hits, Whitney Houston was an American singer, actress, and model who was one of the most successful and influential artists of her time. Born on August 9, 1963, in Newark, New Jersey, she began singing in church choirs as a child. Houston’s powerful voice and captivating stage presence made her a popular choice for television and film appearances, and she appeared in several movies and television shows throughout her career. She was more than just a singer – she was an icon, a trailblazer, and a role model for millions worldwide.


Houston rose to fame in the 1980s with hit songs such as “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” “The Greatest Love of All,” and “I Will Always Love You,” which became one of the best-selling singles of all time. She earned numerous awards and accolades, including 6 Grammy Awards and 22 American Music Awards.

Unfortunately, Houston’s life was cut short in 2012, when she passed away at 48. Fans and fellow artists widely mourned her death, and her legacy as one of the greatest singers of all time will never be forgotten.

Whitney in Cinema 

Over the years, several movies and documentaries have been made about the life and career of Whitney Houston. These films offer a unique opportunity to learn more about the iconic singer and actress and provide a deeper understanding of her impact on the entertainment industry.

One of the most recent and comprehensive films about Houston is the 2018 documentary “Whitney,” directed by Kevin Macdonald. This film provides an in-depth look at Houston’s life, from her childhood in Newark, New Jersey, to her rise to fame in the 1980s and beyond. It features interviews with Houston’s family and friends, as well as previously unreleased recordings of her music, and offers a nuanced and nuanced view of Houston’s life and career.


Another powerful and revealing film about Houston is “Whitney Houston: Can I Be Me” (2017), directed by Nick Broomfield. This documentary takes a more critical look at Houston’s life, exploring her challenges and struggles throughout her career. From her struggles with addiction to her tumultuous relationship with her husband, Bobby Brown, this film offers a candid and unflinching look at Houston’s life and legacy.

A final Note!

While these movies and documentaries provide valuable insights into the life and career of many artists, it’s important to remember that they are just a small part of the story. Many of these icons were incredibly talented and influential artists who left an indelible mark on the industries, and their impact will be felt for years to come. But, do not forget that they are also human beings trying to lift the burden of their talents. Still, If you’re a fan and want to learn more about their life and career, these movies and documentaries are a great place to start!

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